Your Feet’s New Best Friend

sole mate foot massage toolIntroducing a clever new product to make foot care easy. Your feet will say thank you when you introduce them to the Sole Mate. Once they meet, they will quickly become best friends because your feet will be cleaner and more pampered than ever before. This little device can be hand-held or installed via suction cups to the bottom of your tub or shower. By sticking it to your tub you enable yourself to clean, massage and care for your feet without bending over or using your hands.

It comes with the reflex massage insert pre-installed, but there are three other interchangeable inserts available. Switch it out for the pumice insert, the bar soap insert, or the liquid soap dispenser. With all of these attachments combined, you will have the ultimate foot care device. It is great for people with disabilities, the elderly, or anyone else that normally has trouble cleaning their feet. It is also great for everyone else to get their feet incredibly clean in a short amount of time, and with little effort.

This little foot cleaner can be used to wash your feet, deeply exfoliate, or provide therapeutic massage.  Increase circulation, stimulate, exfoliate and remove dead skin, or just deep clean your dirty feet.  You can use the Sole Mate by itself, or pair it with the Soapy Soles to really scrub and deep clean those feet.

Pamper your feet without setting foot in a salon. This at-home foot treatment system turns your shower or tub into a deluxe foot spa. Just suction it to the bottom and install your desired insert. Powerful suction cups keep your Sole Mate securely in place on the tub or shower floor while you pamper and clean your feet. High quality construction and a great design make this tool incredibly useful and guarantee that it will last for years. With so many uses, and a small size, no bathroom is complete without a sole mate.

Sole Mate

Soapy Soles



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  1. Are any of these items sold in stores? Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond. Are you the only carrier. I like to see what I am purchasing.Your products look very impressive. The bathroom foot massager for the shower looks like a good product. Thank you.

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  2. For the most part, the stuff we sell is not usually available in stores locally. However; we do stand behind everything we sell with a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase from us, simply ship it back for a full refund less s&h. At, we thoroughly test all of our products before they make it to the site. Everything we sell has been proven to work and we only carry high quality products with superior materials and construction.

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  3. I would love to give it a try. Actually I have some foot issues; it becomes very dry and harsh during winter season.

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    • Yes. It is a great product, and really does help to exfoliate to leave feet less dry, and more healthy looking.

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