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Looking for a spot to purchase this amazing cleaner? It may not be as easy as you think. It is not really found in grocery stores, home improvement stores or anywhere else locally, so your best bet is to search online. You will see it in your home town on occasion, but it only shows up at home shows, garden shows or fairs where it can be demonstrated. This is because it is a versatile cleaner that has hundreds of uses. A regular person may not realize all of the different jobs it will work on, and it would look pretty expensive and complicated sitting next to all of those other five dollar bottles. For this reason, you are always better off getting Quick N Brite from a dealer that knows all about it. A faceless big box store would not be able to help you if you are unsure how to do a certain task, and if you call them up, the foreign agent may not even be understandable. Also, even if some big company did start to sell it as an Internet only option, they would probably try and send it to you without the sponge that is key to good results. Why would they do this? Because they are more concerned with collecting your money and pushing smaller businesses to the unemployment line than they are with helping customers use the products they sell.

This is why Quick N Brite does not do well in regular stores, and why it has been sold via face to face transactions for more than 50 years. If you don’t know how to use it, this cleaner may seem expemsive or useless, but if you have seen it work, and know the different techniques for success, it can enable you to save money and eliminate toxic-chemicals from your home.

The Best Place To Buy Quick N Brite:

So where should you go to get your next tub of paste, or jug of liquid. That’s easy. Choose simplygoodstuff.com. We have been selling and using this cleaner for nearly 30 years, and we know everything about it. Want to know if it will work on something specific? Give us a call or send an email, and we would be happy to provide detailed instructions. Stuck on a job that seemed simple at first? Hope you bought it from us because some customer service agent in India may not be able to walk you through it.

What About Price?

Good question. Customer service is important with this versatile substance, but price is important to everyone too. Lucky for you, simplygoodstuff.com also sells it for the lowest price. If you are able to find it anywhere else for less money, we would be happy to meet that price and back it up with our money back guarantee and thirty years of usage experience. Although we make every effort to keep our price tag as low as possible, some monopolistic corporation may decide to pick it up to run us out of business, but chances are, they would try to dupe you into getting it without the proper scrub sponge, leaving you unable to get the results you deserve. They would also simply take your money and leave you to figure out how to use all on your own. Even if this is the case, just give us a call or email and we will provide our best possible price so you can get it from us instead. That way you will save money, help a small business, and have someone to call if you ever need help.

But I Need It Now

We understand. You may want to run out to Walmart to solve your cleaning problem today, but that would just be a waste of gas and money. For now, there are no known local stores or chains that carry this product. We do try to get the cleaner to you as quickly as possible when you order from us, and most packages go by a method that results in delivery within 3 days of shipment at n0 additional charge. We also offer more expedited methods with quicker delivery times, so if you need it now, we should be able to get it to you by tomorrow if you are willing to pay a bit extra.

Bottom Line

Order direct from the manufacturer if you want to pay the highest price. Try and find it somewhere else if you want to pay a bit less than them and then be stranded after the sale.Or make the best choice possible and order from us to pay the lowest price, get it in a reasonable amount of time, actually receive a sponge with your purchase, and retain the confidence that if you need help, we will be there for you. We love this cleaner, and we would love to help you get it for a cheap price. We would also love to help you discover all of the incredible uses it has as you reduce the amount of harsh chemicals used in your home.

Want to deal with the manufacturer if you need to call in the money back guarantee, then shop around to see if any large companies are currently trying to undercut our pricing. Want to deal with the company that you bought it from if you have any toruble? Then once again, simplygoodstuff.com is your single best choice for buying Quick N Brite Cleaner.

Quick N Brite



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  1. I have the Quick’n Brite paste, which is wonderful, but, in reading your cleaning tips, many of the tips call for Q’nB LIQUID, emphasizing the liquid. Do I need to also buy a jug of the liquid–which I prefer not to do but will if necessary–or can I substitute the paste mixed with water? If so, what concentration would equal the liquid called for in your cleaning tips; i.e., how much paste in how much water?

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    • You do not need the liquid, but it can be far more convenient to have both on hand. A bottle of liquid allows for quick dilution and mixture into water. Any time you want to turn paste into liquid simply heat it in the microwave, or on the stove. Use a low setting like melting butter and it will thin out quickly. Be careful because it will be hot, but once pour-able, you can combine with water easily. Once mixed into the water, like in a spray bottle, it will not solidify again, and it makes a cleaning spray that will last until used. This process will take a bit more time, but works just as well or better than bottled liquid for mixing spray, using in a steam cleaner, or anything else similar. Any other questions, feel free to reply here. We are happy to help.

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    • Glad to hear it! Thanks for reporting back to let everyone else know. This stuff can clean some serious amounts of dirt off floor mats. That’s for sure.

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  3. I have leather Sperrys that I dropped a dozen eggs on over a year ago. We tried cleaning them without great success and I just decided to live with the stains. It has been annoying me again and I was wondering if quick n brite would be able to remove a stain so old from leather Sperrys.

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    • It’s quite possible that it’ll work to remove the stains, although due to the age, it may take extra work and applications to remove them completely. One thing is for sure, there’s no harm in trying.

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