What’s So Good About a Microfiber Mop?

Why Mop with a Microfiber Mop?

The Power of Microfiber
First of all, microfiber is the best cleaning material available today. It is a super strong, lint-free synthetic fabric comprised of electrostatically-charged fibers. This charge allows it to attract dust particles more efficiently. Each strand is 100 times thinner than a human hair. These strands are then split, and woven into masses consisting of over 90,000 threads per square inch. Each strand has tiny wedges that scrape the surface to lift up dirt and then lock it in the fibers. This is how microfiber makes it possible to clean with only water. The fabric itself cleans so well, you don’t need to waste time, money or brain cells using chemical cleansers. Just get it damp to clean almost any surface.

Recently, microfiber has been incorporated into mops, which has resulted in a re-useable, fast and easy cleaning solution. It is also the best non-toxic and all natural way to mop your floor. When you clean with microfiber and water, you know it is safe for your children and pets. The following is a few more reasons to use a microfiber mop.

Microfiber mops clean better, in less time. You will save time and energy.
The tiny fibers of the microfiber make it extremely absorbent, so that mop pads are able to withhold more liquid without dripping. Thus, the mop head does not need to be replenished as frequently and the floor is damp after cleaning, as opposed to being soaking wet. Plus you don’t need as much water with a microfiber mop anyway. You will be able to clean more space, in less time, with virtually no trips to dunk and rinse.

Microfiber is also extremely effective at cleaning in between the nooks and crannies of tiled floors. Traditional mops require excessive force in order to remove dirt from tile cracks. Microfiber cleaning is different. Instead of having to exert physical force to scrub the floor, microfiber adheres to the surface and electrostatically removes the dirt particles for you. The fibers do the scrubbing so you don’t have to. Just glide it effortlessly across the floor to remove 99% of all dirt, dust and germs.

Microfiber cleaning reduces the risk of injury
Microfiber mopping eliminates the need for excessive “scrubbing” forces, and the need to wring the wet mop head. This effectively reduces the risk of back pain, wrist and hand problems, and work-related injury. As mentioned before, microfiber cleaning also leaves less water on the floor, which reduces the risk of someone slipping on the floors. You also don’t need a heavy bucket of water. No filling or dumping is required.

Microfiber cleaning is environmentally friendly
Microfiber mops require significantly less water to clean entire rooms. In addition, microfiber is extremely effective at digging into nooks and crannies of tiles without the use of chemicals. And unlike disposable mops, Microfiber mop heads can be washed in the laundry. Wash the mop pad hundreds of times before it goes bad. Stop throwing one away every time you mop and you will be cutting down on wasted landfill garbage that accumulates from the use of those disposable mops.

Microfiber cleaning costs less
In the long run, a disposable cleaning product will cost you at least $60 a year for the mop, and all those refills. Standard mops, on the other hand, consume a significant amount of water and tend to not last for more than a year. Plus you have to buy special cleaners for each floor in your home to mop with one The cost of a microfiber mop package is generally under $40, and usually includes everything you need to get started. Microfiber Mops are also guaranteed to last at least 3 years!

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