What Are Spongeables?

spongeablesWhat the heck are they, and how are they made?

Good question. They may sound like some bath toy for your kids, but they are actually serious cleaning tools designed for the whole family. They don’t grow into dinosaurs or bugs when you get them wet, but saturation is key to functionality. As soon as you soak them down in the tub or shower, they release the perfect amount of cleaning power for a single use. So what are they exactly? Basically they are soap or body wash and a sponge combined. Instead of adding liquid shower gel to a poof, wash cloth or sponge, these are spa quality cleaning tools with the soap baked in. Continue reading to learn more about the ingredients and manufacturing process, or use the following link to see all of the different styles available for purchase. Spongeables

The Technology

With these fun bath products, simple solutions are born from complex technological processes. Believe it or not, over 90 patent claims have been filed worldwide to protect and make secret the overall concept, manufacturing process and specialized equipment. A unique infusion process is key to the production of these sponges, and it is utilized to combine the soaps and moisturizers with the actual sponge material. The end result is an all in one product that is both highly effective and long lasting. The convenient combo will save time and effort, and the premium ingredients will make your skin look and feel wonderful. Although it is quite complex, constant advances and improvements to the process have reduced cost while improving the end product. This has resulted in a wide range of products to suit multiple needs. There are everyday cleaning sponges, specialized ones for feet and hands, and even one to fight cellulite. Fun duck shapes and other characters are utilized to make versions specifically for kids as well.

The Ingredients

High quality stuff goes into each Spongeables sponge. Forget about low quality cleansers that dry or irritate your skin. When you wash with one of these, the premium ingredients will clean, moisturize, and protect at the same time. Added massaging or exfoliation will be added thanks to the sponge, and the combination will leave you incredibly clean and hydrated all over. Each time you use one you will gain the following benefits thanks to what is inside:

  • A creamy time-released lather that utilizes better ingredients. Results in enhanced skin care benefits that invigorate and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Added fragrances are never overpowering and combine with the creamy buubbles to create a pleasantly scented spa experience.
  • All in one benefits allow you to exfoliate, purify, massage, clean and hydrate in one easy step.
  • The addition of fun shapes and bright colors give great visual appeal, but also add functionality. The larger ergonomic shaping allows for easy handling without strain.
  • The sponge is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial so it is more sanitary and beneficial when compared to other products like natural loofahs.
  • Time released technology delivers the perfect amount of cleaning power with each use, and works for many application before it runs out.
  • Olive Oil is included in all varieties to perfectly hydrate any skin type without risk or irritation.
  • Glycerin is used because it is a gentle cleansing agent that prevents loss of moisture and helps maintain natural oils and good overall moisture balance.
  • Shea Butter adds moisture as you wash, and eliminates any need for lotion after you shower.
  • Vitamins A and E are powerful antioxidants that heal skin, prevent damage, and protect against the effects of aging.
  • Botanical Extracts add great fragrance in a natural way. Special aromatic combinations are hand selected to provide an extra layer of skin care.

Are They Safe?

Of course they are! Perfect for any skin type, the gentle ingredients ensure a good experience no matter what kind of skin you have. The cleansing base is made from natural glycerin and olive oil so it is incredibly safe and self-preserving. The massaging action of the sponge combined with the gentle cleansing power of the soap offers one of the best ways to kill germs and clean dirt without messing with your skin’s natural powers of protection. All varieties are Paraban-free and are never tested on animals. You can be sure that all types are good for any skin and will not irritate or dry you out.

What About Sensitive Skin?

Just because they are fun does not mean they are gimmicky. Real quality stuff is used in the manufacturing process, and they are intended to clean and protect at the same time. The gentle cleansers and added moisturizing agents will keep sensitive or blemish prone skin clear, strong, healthy and hydrated. If the perfume is the problem, then there are fragrance free option for the ultimate in compatibility for the most sensitive skin.

How Do You Know When To Replace? What Do You Do With The Old One?

The packaging will indicate how long each variety should last, but most people find that they get at least a few more uses over the rated amount. Whenever the thick lather runs out, it is time for replacement. You can continue using a sponge that has run out of soap by adding your own each time you wash. Eventually the sponge will wear and become useless even when adding more body wash. When this occurs, you can cut it into pieces and use as a soil amendment for your garden or potted house plants. Simply rinse thoroughly, cut into small pieces and then add to your soil. The advanced pore structure will help to aerate the soil and retain moisture. Now your plants can look as healthy as your skin does!

What Makes Them Different?

More than just a clever combo product, Spongeables take it one step further by offering up a 4-in-1 tool that cleans, exfoliates, protects and hydrates as you wash. The patented process allows for excellent functionality and ensures a certain number of uses depending upon the version. High quality shower gel cleans amazingly well, rich Shea butter to softens your skin, olive oil  hydrates thoroughly, and vitamins A and E strengthen and protect to provide a day’s worth of skin care for the entire body.  At home or away, these small little wonders replace any number of bottles you are using now, but can’t easily bring with you when traveling. This is especially important now for airline passengers, now that bottles and jars have been banned…and with these, there is never any danger of spilling, broken bottles or leaks so there will never be a mess to clean up later.

World class scientists and advisers with years of experience helped to develop this line, and their combined expertise has resulted in highly effective personal care products that are both easy to use and highly effective. Perfect for spa treatments at home or everyday washing, but also ideal when on the go. Because they combine two commonly used products into one, they allow for less bulk when packing for a trip. Also the lack of liquid is great for air travel because you don’t have to worry about bringing too much. Special travel size sponges come in smaller sizes and are intended to last for a single week of use. Larger sizes offer a lower cost per use, and are better used at home where you can take full advantage. Formulated with the finest skin care products available, each Spongeable is designed to enhance your body’s complexion from neck to toe.

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