Wash Your Fruits & Vegetables The Easy Way

Fruit and Vegetable ScrubberLooking for a fast and easy way to wash your fruits and veggies? You might not be, but we have discovered a neat little gadget that does just that. It not only makes the job easy, but also faster and more convenient. This means that you are far more likely to actually do it, and that is the real key.

We all know that we should be washing our produce before we eat it, but few of us actually do. Over time, ingesting pesticides, and other dirty particles can be quite harmful to your health. Even organic fruits and veggies need to be cleaned before eating them, so having a convenient tool around to ensure this is done would benefit any household. This little gadget produces great  results, and it actually works so well that children are able to thoroughly clean their own apples and carrots.

This convenient scrubber sticks nicely to the side of your sink, making it always available for use. Now when you grab an apple, just give it a quick rub back and forth to remove all of that yucky wax, dirt, chemicals and whatever else might be on there. Use it to get all of the dirt off your potatoes in a snap, or to wash carrots and other such veggies.

This Fruit and Veggie Scrubber will quickly and thoroughly clean any type of fruit or vegetable. It won’t be long before it becomes your favorite new kitchen gadget that you never knew you needed. The 1000+ little scrubbing fingers do all of the work for you, as they gently scrub away contaminates. Stop eating dirty food, or at the very least, make the chore of washing your produce more efficient, and less time consuming. The 19 super strong suction cups allow you to securely install this device on any sink type. It works well on the side or the bottom, and is fully dishwasher safe for when it needs cleaning. Discover the world of one-handed, super fast fruit cleaning.

Fruit and Vegetable Scrubber



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  1. wow!!! very unique scrubber.. at least it will surely help our fruit and veggies more clean.

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