The Ultimate Potato Peeler

Ultimate Potato PeelerVegetable peelers come in all shapes and sizes, and prices vary widely between the different options. Some of us care about paying a low price, but most of us just want something that works. The good news is that it is quite possible to get a high quality tool and also be frugal with your funds. You don’t have to compromise comfort, sharpness, speed or convenience, and you certainly do not have to shell out top dollar to have the ultimate potato peeler in your kitchen drawer. Stop struggling with that old, dull mess you have now, and don’t waste another minute feverishly removing teeny strips with your old-school style peeler. Read on to discover how affordable it can be to acquire a high quality tool that will last for years, and make peeling potatoes and other veggies easier than ever, all while adding comfort and convenience to the task.

In order to quickly remove skin from potatoes, you need a blade that is sharp. Dull blades will skim over the top, get caught on each peel, or will  rip and chew away at your veggie, only to produce lack luster results that you had to work too hard to achieve. You can assume that the higher the price tag, the easier the tool will be to use, but this is definitely not the case. Just because you paid a bunch of money does not guarantee that the blade will be sharp, or even functional on all foods. Most peelers have blades that are made from metals that can not possibly be all that sharp. Add to that, the fact that many of them take it one step further to use metal that may be sharp initially, but dulls quickly with use. If you have ever tried to sharpen a tool like this, then you know it is pretty close to impossible to accomplish. This is why it is important to get a potato peeler with a good blade when new, but also one made from material that will remain effective over time, without the need for sharpening. If you are using a super sharp peeler, then each stroke will be effortless as the skin removes quickly. Instead of straining and struggling, you will be able to slip across the surface with ease, and remove skin like a hot knife through butter. The Star Peeler is just such a tool, with just such a blade, and it is widely regarded as the best potato peeler that money can buy.

Instead of a stainless steel blade for convenience sake, it has a Tungsten Steel one for usage sake. It is not as dishwasher friendly due to the material, but as long as you dry it off after washing, and apply the occasional oil, you will never have to worry about rusting, and the tool will remain useful for 20 or more years on average. Tungsten steel is a higher grade of steel that is harder, and able to be made sharper when compared to stainless. Because of the material, you will get a sharper blade right off the bat, but also one that does not dull or require sharpening down the road, even with everyday use. Instead of spending a bunch of time and effort to peel your spuds when preparing mashed potatoes, you will be able to complete the job in way less time, and using only minimal effort. The incredibly sharp blade will do the work for you, so even skimming across the surface with minimal pressure applied will produce the results you want.

Because it is also a large blade, and has a horizontal orientation that will run perpendicular with your food, it will remove larger pieces of skin with each pass. Instead of working hard to peel away skinny little strips, you will love how easy it is to use no strength, and remove larger chunks. Another added benefit of this sharper blade is that slight variations in pressure will easily increase, or decrease the thickness of your peel. In this way it is easy to take away just the outer coating without wasting actual food, but you can also take it in the opposite direction, and apply more pressure to remove what is more like a slice because it is so thick. For this reason, you will have complete control over the tool, and the end result you are working to produce.

If you are preparing a large meal, or have several items to peel for another reason, then comfort is important. Also, those with arthritis, strength issues, or other problems with their hands and/or wrists require a tool that is comfortable and able to be used without trouble. The shape of this potato peeler makes for one comfortable tool. Instead of a slim stick of a tool that can be tedious to hold, this one features a wide comfortable handle. Almost anyone one can hold it comfortably, and due to the shape, it will not cause strain, even with prolonged usage. Because you need very little effort to peel with it, The Star Peeler also does not require the user to hold on tight, or keep a strong grip as they work. A loose, comfortable grasp is all that is necessary, so it is quite friendly to almost any type of user. As an added bonus, this design that provides extreme comfort also allows the tool to be used by right or left handed people just as easily. Using either hand will produce the same results,  and there is nothing about the design that would make it more difficult for a left handed person  to use with their natural side. For quick, one veggie jobs, or full bags of potatoes this peeler will provide a comfortable and easy to use option. This makes it a favorite of homeowners, but also a go-to choice for professional kitchens and catering operations.

As if using this peeler was not easy and convenient enough, there are a couple other features that make it one of the great ones. The entire handle is made from stainless steel. Other peelers in this price-range save money on material costs, and compromise quality by including a plastic handle. This is a weak spot in the design, that most likely will not stand the test of time. Plastic fades with washings, breaks easily, and can even stain or pick up smells from the food you work with. Metal will be more sturdy, it is much more difficult to damage or break, and you can almost guarantee it will last much longer than any plastic counterpart. With the stainless steel body, you get something that looks great, but is also lightweight and super durable. It will not crack or break in the drawer, and time will not cause it to change in appearance or become less sturdy.  Of course with those lower quality peelers, the blade won’t stay sharp for very long, so a tough handle seems sort of silly from a design stand point anyway. Because you know the blade on this potato peeler will remain sharp for many years, it is important, and nice to know, that it is made from a material that will last.

On the top part of the metal handle, up near the blade, you will also notice a triangular shaped metal thing sticking out. This is quite useful for quickly removing the imperfections, and “eyes” commonly encountered when peeling potatoes. When you come across a brown spot, simply flip the tool to the side, and dig it out with ease. It is not really sharp to the touch in a way that would be dangerous, but it is made from metal, so anything yucky encountered while peeling can be removed and disposed of easily. If you press down and apply a little bit of pressure, this same part can cut out long strips from any vegetable you are working with. It is almost like a julienne cut, so it could be used for a single portion of fries, but is also useful for other small jobs like prepping some carrots for the top of a salad.

If you are looking for the ultimate potato peeler, then look no further. This one offers the ultimate in sharpness, comfort and usability.  It would be hard to find one that works better, and if you did, it probably would not last as long. Many people come to us after owning one of these for 25 years or more in order to buy another one. The most common reason for these types of reorders are not due to a dull blade or peeler that broke, but more often in relation to a “mysterious disappearance” or someone purchasing one as a gift for family and friends. If you hate peeling vegetables, or if you have tried several types of peelers only to decide that they are all useless garbage, give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed. It is definitely one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to peel a potato, and it will last for many years of happy use. Any kitchen that lacks one now, would be better off with one in the drawer. It is nearly unmatched for performance, and is quite affordable for the quality offered.

Star Potato Peeler



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