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There may come a day soon when all consumer transactions originate from some digital wallet built right into your phone, and you may also get some sort of ID chip embedded into your skin, but for right now, most of us still carry identification and money cards or cash if we are going to buy stuff away from home. You’re going to bring your phone with you no matter what, but who said you need all that other crap. Sure, a drivers license or debit card might be needed as well, but who needs every single credit card, business card, note, coupon or picture each time you leave the house? When taking a walk, going for a run, working out at the gym, taking a trip to the beach or just running a quick errand, all that stuff is really not necessary. All you need is one or two essentials, so why do we all lug around heavy purses or stuff big fat wallets in our pockets? It wasn’t true just a few years ago, but today most people can hardly live without their phone, and never leave home without it. For this reason, it is way more practical and efficient to combine the two, and make your life easier. When you turn your phone into a wallet, it can hold the stuff you need and keep you connected at the same time. Not only will this reduce the bulk, and prevent you from carrying so much stuff, it will also allow you to leave home faster, and ensure you have everything you need in one convenient package.

How To Do It

You probably don’t want to get out the duct tape and strap your phone to your wallet, and no matter how hard you shove, it is not going to fit inside. Likewise, gluing a regular wallet to the back of your mobile device is not going to work that well either. Folded paper or hand sewn pouches may work to keep things compact, but they would never offer the durability, security and longevity necessary to make it a viable option. Unless you have some sort of manufacturing facility at your disposal, then you probably will have to purchase something in order to add this convenience to you life. Although there are probably several ways to do it, the Smart Pocket is the perfect product to quickly and easily transform your phone into something more useful. Other similar options may work as well, but few are as affordable, and many are much more bulky.

What Is It?

The Smart Pocket is essentially a little pouch that has an adhesive backing. You can stick it to any phone, and it even works on cases or protective coverings. The size is perfect for the cards we all carry regularly, but it can also work for other stuff too. High quality materials make it look good when attached, and remain durable for as long as you have it on there. The softer suede-like material on the interior will keep things clean and  free of scratches as it provides a bit of friction to hold stuff inside. The outer layer is made from an incredibly stretchy material to hold tight to whatever is in there. It will expand to make it easy to slide things in, and then contract to keep them secure no matter where your phone goes. You can hold a single card or several, and they will remain snug inside your pocket or anywhere else. Guys like it because they do not need a wallet in one pocket and a phone in the other, and gals dig it because they can carry a smaller purse, reduce bulk in their big one, or even go without if the occasion calls for it.


Transforming your phone is easy when you have the Smart Pocket. It does not require any special skill, and you do not need to break out the sewing machine or any rolls of tape. It will work on pretty much any phone as long as it is bigger that an ID card, and most are. If you have a hard case on there already it will attach to that, but it can also stick to the factory surface or a plastic layer you have applied. The adhesive backing will hold strong, but can also be removed without residue if you decide to take it off, or get a new device.

  • Choose the location where you will put the pouch. The back of your phone will obviously be the best, but anyone wanting to make things difficult on themselves could put it over the screen as well.
  • Prior to installation, you will want to clean the area completely. If you are unaware of the correct and safe way to do this, then check out the following tip. How to clean your phone. Getting the dirt off will ensure that it sticks on all the way. If there are little particles underneath, or even greasy smudges, it will not hold as tight, or remain connected like it should.
  • Once clean, remove the backing to the adhesive on the reverse side of the pouch. The entire rear of the pocket is sticky, so carefully remove the covering, making sure to not touch it with your fingers.
  • Once the backing is removed, center over the spot you want it stuck to without touching your phone.
  • Once lined up correctly, press down. You only get one chance with this, so make sure to eyeball your location prior to putting it on.
  • After it is on, press firmly all over to ensure a good bond.
  • The adhesive will bond immediately, and it will be ready for action right away. Simply slip cards and other stuff inside, and be on your way.

What Else Can I Use It For?

This thing is ideal for combing your phone and wallet Voltron style into something way more powerful and useful, but it is actually more versatile than that. Not only can you use it to keep your drivers license and credit cards right on your phone, you could also use it for a gym membership, house key, memory card, spare battery or any number of other things. Add one to your MP3 player to hold ear buds when not in use, or stick it to your tablet to keep a cleaning cloth always at your disposal. None of us would buy pants without a pocket because of how darn useful they are. Your phone won’t look silly without one like your jeans might, but it can add the same level of usefulness. There are probably hundreds of uses for this handy addition, and application is not restricted to cell phones only. Stick one to any of your electronic devices to make it even better. Smart phones will be smarter, and other electronics will be able to hold onto the accessories you always use anyways.

Take a single key when walking with your kids around the block, or head out to the gym with just the stuff you need. Nobody is going to leave their phone at the house, but when you think about it, leaving behind your wallet or purse is quite possible. With the reduced use of cash when buying things, most of us only need one or two cards at any time. With this being the case, it almost seems silly to shove so much useless stuff in a pocket and carry it around all day. Keep things simple when heading out to the beach, or squeeze into those skinny jeans and still have what you need. The Smart Pocket is one of the best ways to turn your phone into a wallet, and it is super easy to use. Thanks to the high quality materials, the usefulness will last, and your items will remain snugly secured. The only thing you will have to worry about is losing your phone and credit cards at the same time.

Smart Pocket



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