Turn Lights ON and OFF Automatically.

Do you hate coming home to a dark house, or a house with no outside lights on? Sure you do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the lights turn on right before you pull up? You bet it would. This would make it easier and safer to walk from your car to your house, and also less frustrating to unlock your front door. You can install different fixtures that have built in timers, motion sensors, or darkness sensors, but this can be an expensive task that is beyond the technical ability of most folks. You could also replace light switches in your home with fancy timers and digital switches, but once again, this can be very expensive, and quite possibly, more suited for a professional electrician. Beyond that, many homes are not able to be retrofitted with these devices, so they would require a much more expensive rewire and replacement. There is an easier and less expensive way to have lights turn on automatically, and it is a device that anyone can install in just seconds. Of course, programming will take another couple minutes, but you can fully automate any light inside or outside of your home in under five minutes with the AutoChron.

You don’t have to be lazy to want automated lighting for your home. It can be a great thing for the lazy or forgetful people out there, but there are many benefits to automated lights beyond just saving you the energy from not having to flip the switch. It will simplify your life by eliminating mundane tasks, and will serve to make other tasks cheaper, easier, safer and less time consuming. Being lazy is not a requirement for ownership, and you don’t have to consider yourself lazy in order to have automated switches in your home. If you think about it, people that flip the same switch at the same times every single day are suckers for doing so, and you could consider them lazy for never having done something to eliminate that task from their everyday lives. If you know you are going to turn the same light on every night, and then back off at the same time a little while later, why would you want to waste your precious time and energy doing so when you could easily automate the task and have AutoChron turn your lights on and off for you.

The AutoChron will do much more than just give you a clearly lit path from your car to your front door at the time you come home from work. Because it isn’t just a dumb sensor, you can set outside lights to run for a specific amount of time when AutoChron is on the job. Unlike traditional sensors that just turn lights on when it is dark ,and leave them on until the darkness goes away, the AutoChron can turn them on when it gets dark, but then back off before the sun comes up. This will leave the exterior of your house lit when you care about it, but will allow you to automatically turn lights off in order to save money too. Installing the AutoChron also adds convenience because when you set it to control your outside lights, you will never have to worry about them again. The lights will always be on when you want them to, and you will never have to remember to shut them off. You can even set up complex programs to turn a light on and off multiple times in a single day, set different times for each day of the week, or schedule on/off cycles based upon groups of days. No one will be surprised or disappointed when they come home to a dark house, and you won’t waste money unnecessarily because the lights will shut off at the time you have preset. It will be impossible to forget to turn them on at night or leave them running all day once the AutoChron is set up.

This device is not just for outside lights. It can be just as convenient to have interior lights turn on and off automatically, so there is a large number of indoor applications that can make the AutoChron even more useful. Install one inside your house to have interior lights on when you get home at night, or when you wake up in the morning.  You can wake in the morning and make coffee without stumbling, or come home from work and put your stuff down without having to fumble for the switch first. Setup the AutoChron on a switch in your kitchen, and program it to turn on one minute before your alarm goes off. This way the lights near the coffee pot will be on right before you walk into the kitchen. It can be set to turn off automatically as you leave for work, but you can also operate it manually if you want. The AutoChron can even be set for a later time on the weekend so you can sleep in without worrying about wasting electricity. Plug your coffee pot into an outlet controlled by a switch and you can even have the AutoChron turn your coffee pot on at the same time as the lights. Set one up in the entryway for your home to have that little light turn on a minute or two before you get home from work. It can illuminate the space when needed, and you won’t have to leave it on all day. This will make it easier and more pleasant to come home after a long day at work.

The AutoChron is not just for lights. It works great to switch lights on and off automatically, but you can use it to operate any appliance or device that is hooked to a standard toggle switch. It is perfect for ceiling fans, space heaters, TV, stereos and so much more. If you want to cool or warm your house over night, you don’t really need to run a fan or heater all night long in order to remain comfortable while you sleep. Set the AutoChron to turn fans and heaters off in the middle of the night to save electricity and you can still have it cool or warm as you are falling asleep, but you can save money by not having them running for a full 8-10 hours. For convenience sake, you can hook other devices up to the AutoChron too. It can control anything hooked up to a switch, so your possibilities are endless, and each of us will have our own unique uses for this clever device.

When you are away from home for extended periods of time the AutoChron can be even more useful. When on vacation, or away on business, it can turn lights on and off to give the appearance that you are still there. This can be a great deterrent for would be robbers, and will give you added piece of mind when you are gone. Set one up on multiple switches in your home to have lights turn on and off at seemingly random times. You can have one upstairs and one downstairs so that it doesn’t look staged, and you don’t have to leave the lights on all day. This will be safer and more effective because people can see lights turn on at night instead of always noticing that that one light is lit all day long. The AutoChron even has a special setting for this and it will choose random times throughout the night to turn lights on and then back off. You can set one light to stay on all night, and then set another to the random cycle for the ultimate effect. You would be surprised at what a simple but effective security measure automatic lights can be.

The AutoChron is one of those devices that is made even more great thanks to it’s simplicity. Other similar units require complex wiring or intense, whole-house programming. The AutoChron is different. It is basically a computerized timer that is hooked up to a motor able to flip a switch. Once set up, the AutoChron is literally flipping the switch up and down in order to turn lights and other appliances on or off. This is what makes it easy to operate and simple to install. It attaches right over your existing switch plate with a single screw so installation is a snap, and only takes a matter of seconds. The programming will take slightly longer, but it is very straight forward, and it comes with easy to follow instructions.

Once set up, it will recognize and remember if the switch is on or off, and it will continue to work as programmed until you tell it not to. There are on and off buttons on the face of the device so you can always turn things on and off manually in between cycles if you need to. As an added benefit, the LCD display will show the current time and room temperature as well.

No one really needs automated lighting, but once you have it, you will wonder why you ever wasted time and energy flipping the same switch over and over again. The AutoChron is the easiest way to bring advanced automation to any switch in your home. It is an independent system that will allow you to program any light to turn on and off automatically. You will love the convenience it delivers, and the electricity it will save. It can put an end to dark houses when coming home at night, and can make sure you never forget to turn your outside lights on again. Add in the security it can provide when you leave your home for long periods, and this little guy can easily pay for itself in a short amount of time. If you have a light that you find yourself turning on and off at the same time(s) every day, or if you are constantly forgetting to turn outside lights on when it’s dark, or back off when they are not needed, get an AutoChron to do the work for you. It will automate the task, and ensure that you never have to think or worry about it again.

AutoChron – Wall Switch Timer



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