Top 5 Tools To Combat Shedding

What Are The Best Cleaning Tools To Keep Your Home Free of Pet Hair?

If you have a pet, chances are you love it. What is hard to love though,  is all of the cleaning that inevitably comes along with owning one. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird, a bunny or a ferret, they all make their own brand of mess, and they each give us reason after reason to keep good cleaning tools on hand. One of the most constant, and most highly annoying messes that our beloved pets create for us comes from shedding. Some of them will lose hair all year long, and others will keep it closely in tune with weather changes, but they all shed at one point or another. With some pets spending most time indoors nowadays, there are plenty of critters that will be dropping fur on a year round basis. Whatever the reason or frequency though, it can be a lot of work to clean up, and it is one of those jobs that can be difficult to do well.

If just left alone, fur and hair from shedding dogs and cats will pile up, or blow around to cause allergic reactions and make your home unsightly. For people with hard floors it can be more noticeable, and a bit easier to clean thoroughly. For those with carpeting, it can camouflage longer, and it can be hard to tell if it is all the way removed when you try to clean it. Dark or light coloring to your dog or cat can make the fur more or less visible, but just because you can’t see it does not mean it is not there. And if it is there, it will need to be cleaned if you want your home to be sanitary and allergy free. You will find that different tools and techniques may be more effective depending on floor or animal type, but there are other tools that will work for all surfaces and fur types with consistent results across a multitude of messes. Just because you already own a vacuum cleaner does not mean it is the best choice for cleaning up hair on your floor. There are more effective tools available that will remove a larger amount or fur, in less time,and without using any electricity or requiring fancy attachments or special skills.

Some types of dogs will shed at a much slower rate than others, but these breeds usually require regular trimming to prevent long hair or matting. There are very few domesticated animals that don’t shed at one time or another, and those that seem to be shed free are usually of the high maintenance variety and will require a regular trip to the groomers. Unless your pet is completely hairless, you will inevitably find little balls of fur and piles of hair slowly accumulating around your home. You could brush regularly to slow the mess making, but it would be crazy to think that this would eliminate all shedding in your house. No amount of bathing or brushing will stop the fur from hitting your floors completely, but it can certainly be useful to slow it down. Perfect diet, vitamins & supplements, and daily grooming will achieve a happy and healthy companion, but it will not keep your carpet or hardwood free of hair forever.

Since there is not much you can do to prevent shedding completely, a quick and painless clean up method is key to keeping the love strong between you and your pet. The perfect tool will be easy to use, high quality, long lasting and most importantly, effective. There is no reason to use a tool that will only cause frustration or produce mediocre results. Let’s be honest, if the fur is still going to be left on the floor, then there is no sense in making the effort in the first place. We all lead very busy lives, and we would prefer a clean, fur-free environment, so cleaning tools that work quickly and easily are integral to success in this area. Because some people prefer certain tools over others, and because pet hair can be found on so many different surfaces, there is probably not a single tool that is best to deal with shedding. It can be on carpet, tile, stairs, clothing, furniture, upholstery, drapes and so much more. For this reason it would be impossible to recommend just one tool for every job. Keep reading to discover the top 5 cleaning tools for waging war on the shedders  in your home. The following arsenal would have anyone prepared to keep every surface in their home free of pet hair. You may not need all five, but getting at least one will make your home cleaner while saving you time and energy.

1. Rubber Broom
For taking fur off floors there is nothing better than a rubber broom. They are widely used by hair salons, barber shops, dog groomers and kennel operators because there is no better tool for sweeping fur. They work great on regular hard floors like hardwood and linoleum, but are also ideal for more difficult surfaces like tile, concrete and carpet. On hard floors a rubber broom will remove fine pet hair in a single swipe. On carpeting, it is able to pull up fur from an area that has just been vacuumed. These funny looking brooms are the easiest and most efficient way to clear any floor of unwanted pet hair.

The secret to the power of the rubber broom is in the solid, natural rubber head. The pliable bristles are able to conform to any surface and form a solid wall of sweeping power so you can clear an entire area of floor with a single pass. You also build a static charge when you sweep with these brooms. This charge will make sweeping hair even easier because it acts like a fur magnet by pulling it in towards the broom. It will remain close, and pile neatly as you sweep, and will never float or fly away as you work. These brooms make it quick and easy to gather hair, and the pile stays charged and still so it is easy to pick up after cleaning. When working with carpet, a rubber broom will perform great, and is able to pull up fur from deep in the nap. By using short strokes, a strong charge will build to pull up the hair. It even acts as a carpet rake at the same time, so your rug will look refreshed and newer after you finish. This tool is safe for any surface, and will never scratch or mark any floor you use it on. It is able to thoroughly clean any type of  flooring with little effort, and will ensure your hardwood, tile, marble or area rug is completely free of pet hair. Because there are all kinds of floors, and applications, we carry three different sizes of brooms. Use the following links to see more details, and chose the one that is right for you: 12″ Household Rubber Broom, 13.5″ Commercial Rubber Broom, and 18″ Outdoor Rubber Broom.

2. Rubber Brush
This tool basically puts the power and ability of a rubber broom into the palm of your hand. It  is also nice because it is a dual purpose grooming and cleaning brush in one. It can be used right on your pet for brushing and grooming, and it also works great  as a cleaning tool too. Since it is smaller and handheld, it is perfect for things like carpeted stairs, upholstered furniture, your dog’s bed and more. It is highly effective on all surfaces, and does a great job removing fur and hair. It is made entirely from natural rubber, and this is what makes it so great at what it does. When using it on your dog or cat to brush, it remains gentle and effective at the same time. The flexible bristles will bend to conform to the shape of their body and massage as you brush instead of irritate. As you groom, a static charge will build to pull out loose hair like a magnet. Your pet will enjoy the feel, and you will enjoy the results. When using this brush to clean surfaces in your home, it will build the same charge as you work. On hard surfaces this will help collect the hair and also prevent it from floating or flying away. Your job will be easier, there will be less risk of allergies, and you will not be forced to chase balls of fur around to collect them. When cleaning things with carpet or upholstery, the static charge will help you clean as it pulls from deep in the nap and refreshes the finish as you use it. The Sweepa Rubber Brush is an ideal hand tool for cleaning up after a shedding dog or cat, but is also great as a grooming tool too. You can even use it in the tub with shampoo for scrubbing and cleaning at bath time.

3. Rubber Lint Brush
This one is similar to the regular rubber brush, but it has much finer bristles and no handle. These two properties make it useful for different surfaces, but not as well suited as a grooming brush. What it is great for is clothing, car interiors and furniture. The finer bristles are much better suited for taking pet hair off your clothes quickly, or cleaning furniture fast and easy. You would use this one on smaller areas and/or finer hair and fur. It is also good for lint on clothing and upholstery because it can quickly remove fine particles from any surface. Because this tool is also made from solid rubber, it also builds the same static charge as you work. For pet hair and shedding fur, this is a really nice feature to have. The charge does part of the work for you, helps to remove way more hair, and causes it to stay piled instead of floating away. This is way more effective than disposable rollers, or small vacuums, and it never needs to be replaced or plugged in. When it gets dirty, you can even wash it with soap and water to make it completely clean again. The Sweepa Rubber Lint Brush is an ideal tool for any home with pets because it can be grabbed quickly to brush that yellow fur of your nice black pants before leaving the house for work. It can be easily tossed in a glove compartment or desk drawer, and also works great for your car seat or desk chair too.

4. FURemover Duo
Since the rubber brush and lint brush are both pretty awesome, this tool is a combination of both. It literally is a rubber lint brush on one side and a regular rubber brush on the other. It gives you the power of both tools in one convenient package. It won’t offer quite the same surface area or bristle length, but it does have the fine rubber bristles on one side, and the fatter  bristles on the other. The FURemover Duo will allow you to tackle certain jobs with one side, and then flip it over to continue on to another surface without slowing down. For certain people, this can be a real time saver, since you won’t have to stop to switch or search for another tool. Because they are all manufactured by the same company, these three tools all offer similar quality, and longevity. For certain people, fur, or surfaces, one bristle width may produce better results than another. For those of you that know you want both, or that really can’t decide, the duo brush makes it easy because it offers a little bit of both. This rubber brush is a great tool because it offers versatility and cleaning power in a nice compact package that saves space and makes storage easy.

5. Washable Lint Roller
Many people prefer to use a sticky roller or lint roller to quickly pick up hair from bathroom floors, couch cushions and clothing. This is because a roller like this offers a quick method of removing lots of hair. Simply scope out the shedding, bust out the roller and the area is clean before you know it. If you are using a regular style roller to clean hair from your clothes, or remove shedding fur from the seat in your car then you will want to also purchase stock in the company that manufactures the replacement sheets. It does not take long to completely coat a roller which is good because you know the hair has been picked up, but bad because it will already be time to switch to a fresh sheet. For this reason, the sticky roller method can be quite convenient, but also very expensive. This is why a washable lint roller is a much better choice. They offer the same level of sticky, but there are never any refills or replacements to purchase ever! This type of roller can be rinsed clean under the faucet and then reused over an over again. You can de-shed your entire home for years and years before you would ever have to replace it. For this reason, when using a washable roller, you retain all of the quickness and easiness, but also eliminate the high cost. Because the roller will still coat quickly, this tool is best used for smaller areas and quick jobs. They are available in several sizes, so depending upon where you plan to use it, or how often, you may prefer one size over the other.

If you are a pet lover, the mini size lint roller  is perfect to carry with you at all times to stay looking your best with fur-free clothing always. Simply stash it in your purse, briefcase or glove box to quickly pop it out, flip open the cover and take the pet hair of your shirt, blouse or suit jacket. The regular sized roller is great for all around use, but too big to carry in your pocket. Keep this one in the laundry room, or in a drawer in your kitchen. Quickly pull it out to clean clothing before you leave the house, or take Fido’s fur of the couch before your guests arrive. Two larger sized rollers are better suited for large areas, and because they have more surface area, they will be able to pick up more hair. Use the big ones to take fur of drapes, bedspreads, furniture or kitchen and bathroom floors. They are sticky enough to pick up tons of hair, but gentle enough for use on any surface. Simply roll up some fur, rinse it clean and then let it dry for later use. For many people, a washable lint roller is a favorite tool to keep their home fur free because they offer one of the quickest and easiest ways to pick it up. To read more details about the features and benefits offered by the different size rollers we carry, click the following links: Mini Washable Lint Roller, Regular Washable Lint Roller, Large Washable Lint Roller & Jumbo Washable Sticky Roller. For lower pricing when purchasing several sizes at once, check out the combo packs: Washable Lint roller Set & Deluxe Sticky Roller Set

If you want to keep your pet and also keep your home clean and fur free, then you need to have good tools on your side. There are many available, but none will offer the results and versatility of the tools listed above. By choosing one or more of these, you will make it easier to remove pet hair all over your house. If you are currently struggling with old tools that just don’t work, or are tired of using your vacuum only to find hair left behind, then it is probably time to invest in something new. All of our recommended fur fighting tools are affordable, high quality and long lasting. You are guaranteed to have something that works, and something that will last for years of regular use. Stop leaving your home with fur all over yourself or making excuses for why your home is so dirty. Breathe easier and have less allergic reactions when you stop the shedding hair problem and clean your home with a more effective tool.



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