Top 12 Places to Find Germs

This is a great list of the most germ ridden places and things. Some of these are a little surprising, but for the most part it seems you will find the most germs in high-traffic, public places. It is important to prevent prolonged contact with these germs in order to remain healthy. This list was originally reported in Health Magazine and can be seen in full detail there. Here is the list:

  1. Your kitchen sink
  2. Airplane bathrooms
  3. A load of wet laundry
  4. Public drinking fountains
  5. Shopping cart handles
  6. ATM buttons
  7. Your handbag
  8. Playgrounds
  9. Mats and machines at health clubs
  10. Your bathtub
  11. Your office phone
  12. The hotel-room remote control

This list really makes me want to wash my hands more frequently, dry my laundry immediately, clean my whole house and stop working out at the gym. Germs can be gross, but you can take some simple steps to prevent them from ruining your day. With flu season just around the corner, washing your hands can greatly reduce your risks of getting sick. Cleaning with microfiber can be a quick and easy way to remove germs from your house. It is important to be aware, but not afraid of these germy places.



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