The Ultimate Halloween Decoration

Check out this super cool Halloween decoration that will definitely make friends and family jealous. It is extremely unique and pretty darn spooky. You can almost guarantee that no one else on your block will have the same thing. Stand out and create a truly stunning Halloween display with this Jack-O-Lantern.

The Pumpkin Mist is a misting fountain and would be perfect for inside your house, on your front porch, or peeking out a window. No matter where you place it, this Jack-O-Lantern is sure to draw attention. It is illuminated from the inside by a ring of 12 LED lights. It shines brightly and has the ability to change colors. You can even set it to stay on a single color too or operate with no lights at all. But what’s even better is the misting part. Once activated, mist starts to form inside the pumpkin and then flows out of the mouth. An endless stream of thick billowy smoke will pour from the front of this pumpkin for a truly amazing effect. It is both spooky and fascinating at the same time. Simply fill the pumpkin with water, plug it in and turn it on. That’s all there is to it.

The mist created looks like fog or smoke, but it is nothing more than natural water vapor. There are no chemicals or dry ice involved. As long as there is water inside, this scary little fellow will keep pumping out mist. Just think of how all those trick-or-treaters will react. This awesome decoration will be a favorite of children and adults alike. Set up is simple too because there is nothing to put together. You only have to fill it with enough water and plug the unit into a standard outlet. The lights on this unit are totally controllable and it has 16 different lighting modes. An inline control unit allows you to turn the pumpkin on and off, change lighting modes and adjust the mist volume.  Improve your Halloween display with this pumpkin mister. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Pumpkin Mist



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  1. This is such a neat Halloween decor. With this, your guests will be amazed. It’ll definitely stand out at any Halloween party.

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