The Ultimate Crumb Sweeper

Messes come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes you have a little job that calls for a smaller tool. You don’t always want to pull out a huge vacuum cleaner in order to sweep up a handful of crumbs. This is a real pain and can lead to putting off the whole chore because it seems like too big of a deal. That is why it is so handy to have a smaller cleaning tool available for all of those little messes that occur. Whether you are cleaning you car seats, removing dirt and crumbs from a counter top, sweeping off a tablecloth, or just cleaning your furniture, a small sweeper can often be the perfect tool. Our Fluppi Handy Sweeper is the perfect tool to use in these instances. It is able to quickly and efficiently remove dirt, crumbs and small debris from virtually any surface. You are able to quickly clean up small messes and be done with them in less time than it would take to pull out that large clunky vacuum and set it up.


Simply roll the sweeper over your mess and the little chunks are automatically picked up and stowed inside the tool. Our Handy Sweeper features a roller on the bottom side that is covered with nylon bristles. As you push and pull this sweeper over your mess, all of the little pieces will be brushed up and locked in. It only takes a single pass to clean virtually any surface. This great sweeper features a clear case on one side and a color on the other. This way you can see the stuff you are sweeping up, and you will know right away when it is full. The wide body of this tool makes it comfortable to hold and increases it’s capacity so it can really hold a large load of dirt for such a small tool. Once the Handy Sweeper is full of dirt and crumbs, simply pop it apart to empty it in the trash. Thanks to the great design and materials, you can even wash the whole thing if it gets too dirty. Hand wash with soap and water or place in the dishwasher on the top rack for cleaning.

Our Handy Sweeper is incredibly durable, lightweight, never needs batteries, and is designed to last a lifetime. You will love how easy it is to use, and how convenient it will be. This is the perfect little tool to use for all sorts of chores. It is such a quick cleaning solution you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Use it in the living room to pick up dog hair and cookie crumbs off your couch. Take it out in the garage to pick up spilled nuts and bolts. It works great for detailing the inside of your vehicle too. Use it on your seats to clean them quickly and efficiently. It even works great for your entry way to quickly sweep up tracked in gravel and dirt. Like to eat in bed? well then this little crumb sweeper will be your new best friend. Any stray pieces that get dropped can be quickly collected with little effort.

The Fluppi Handy Sweeper is so small, portable, and convenient that it makes the perfect travel companion. Take one with you anywhere and be ready to quickly and easily clean up most debris from all fabric surfaces. Just run it over the surface to be cleaned and the Fluppi Handy Sweeper picks the mess up. It works in both directions, so you can clean any mess in half the time. This amazing tool has proven indispensable for the car, home or office. It has been used by restaurants to speed up table clean up, by pool halls to care for billiard tables, by homeowners for quick carpet and furniture clean ups, and by car, boat, and RV owners for a take-anywhere clean up tool. It makes a wonderful gift for a new home owner or your favorite traveler. Once you own one, you will find and endless number of ways to use it. It is the fast and easy way to tackle all of those smaller sized messes around your home, office, garage and vehicle.

Crumb Sweeper




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  1. I’m looking for an item to get bird seed off the furniture. My bird sits next to me on the sofa, and bird seed seems to follow him wherever he goes. Will this item work, and how do I order it, and what is the cost?

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    • That is a perfect use for this tool! It will most certainly work great to pick up every little piece of seed and allow you to keep your couch clean again. You can even reuse the seed by collecting it, and then dumping it back into the cage if you wanted to. The clear side of the sweeper allows you to see exactly what you have swept up so you will know if it is all seed, or if there is other crumbs and dirt mixed in. Simply run the brush back and forth across your couch and over the seed to quickly clean it up. The current price of this crumb sweeper is $6.49 for one, or as low as $4.49 if you buy several. Shipping is free on any quantity. To place an order, just follow this link:

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