The Perfect Mop For Hardwood Floors

best mop for hardwoodYou don’t want to use any old mop to clean your hardwood floors. There are many tools and cleaning methods that can actually be harmful to wood. When repeated over time, these techniques will actually cause damage to your floors, decrease the lifespan, and cause them to look bad. You will want to take special care when cleaning wood floors if you are going to ensure that they look nice, and last for a long time. One of the most important choices you will make is the kind of mop you use.

A lot of folks think that maintaining hardwood is a real pain, but it can actually be quite easy if you go about it in the right way. The part that is a pain is the risk of damage. You never want to use too much water on wood floors, and many mops are designed to be used with ample moisture that results in puddling on the floor. This can lead to damage over time because even the best sealed floors are susceptible to rot, warping and expansion due to moisture. Certain cleaning solutions will also contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that are not good for your floors either. These cleaners can destroy the finish on your floors, and even damage the wood itself. You always have to be careful that you are using the right kind of cleaner, and the right amount. The easiest way to prevent damage when cleaning  is to eliminate the harsh cleansers, and reduce the amount of liquid applied to the surface. This is why a microfiber mop is the perfect type of mop to use on wood floors.

A microfiber mop uses very little water, and does not require any additional soaps to get your floors clean. Just get the reusable pad damp and glide it across your floors to get them super clean in a hurry. You will be removing 99% of all dirt, dust, germs and grime, and with only a tiny bit of water as the detergent. You will be using so little moisture that your floors will be completely dry, seconds after you get them clean. This means no streaking, no additional drying, and absolutely no damage to your beautiful hardwood.

Once mopping is complete simply remove the pad and throw it into the laundry. Our microfiber pads are totally reusable and can be washed hundreds of times before they need to be replaced. The advanced material is what makes them clean so well, and they will glide effortlessly across your floor. As you move,  the teeny tiny fibers will skim the surface to remove all of the dirty build-up. Microfiber has the unique ability to clean and polish at the same time, so your floors will look better than ever in very little time. Just push back and forth to remove every spec of dirt, and leave the surface naturally polished in the process.

If you have never used a microfiber mop, then you will be amazed at just how well they clean along with how ridiculously easy they are to use. The job of mopping is transformed from a dreaded chore into a quick and simple task. There is no prep work of filling buckets or sinks, and you will never have to go over your floor more than once or spend any time drying after you should already be finished. You will be able to get your floors clean in less time, and you will also save money as you use it. These tools are totally eco-friendly and don’t leave any sort of residue or film on your floors. You can feel good about kids and pets getting close to the floor, and there wont be any sticky layer that only attracts more dirt.

A Selection Of Tools

Not all are created equal, but we have thoroughly tested the performance of the ones we carry. When you get one from us, you know it will work well, last a long time, and clean effortlessly, and with no risk of damage. Other versions that look similar will have lower quality pads, or poles that are lightweight and flimsy. Ours are incredibly affordable for the quality offered, and they are guaranteed to work well on any hard floor. Quickly remove stubborn stains, or just polish and remove surface dust with ease. Continue reading to discover the options available, and use the links to get more information about any one tool.

  • 12″ Microfiber Mop
    This mop comes as a set with three pads included. There are several different materials for cleaning, so you will have one for every type of floor or job at hand. It features a smaller head, that some people find more suited to household use. The high quality pads make cleaning easy, and the advanced pivoting head ensures that no surface is out of reach. In the package, you get dusting pads, and heavy duty chenille pads. The dusting one is intended for dry use, and the other one can be used wet or dry for more of an all-purpose application. Dust mop wood floors with an incredibly gentle action, and leave no spec of dirt behind. The longer fibers spread out to suck up and lock in light debris. Use the chenille one dry for sweeping and absorbing moisture, or get it damp to deep clean. For added versatility, get the plush multipurpose pad separately to polish and shine.
  • 18″ Household Swivel Mop
    This microfiber mop comes with a two pads, and it features a larger head. The 18″ width means you can clean more surface area in less time, but it may be too large for some people’s homes. This one comes with a single multipurpose pad that can be used wet or dry for cleaning any type of hard floor, and a heavy duty chenille pad that is great for dust mopping, drying spills, or regular wet cleaning. Use it dry for dusting and light sweeping, or get it wet to deep clean those floors. It also features a swivel head and high quality microfiber pads. Wash and reuse over and over again, and easily reach any angle without straining. A simple action will safely scrub without affecting the finish, or running any risk of damage.
  • 18″ 3-In-1 Microfiber Mop
    This would be the ultimate tool for dust mopping or deep cleaning your wood floors. It offers all of the benefits of the regular, household model, but has an advanced head for improved performance. It will also be slightly more heavy duty for all components. The head on this one features a non-abrasive scrubbing edge and a squeegee edge. You can mop with this one just like normal one, but when you encounter a tough spot, just flip it to the scrubber edge to power it away. Because it is non-abrasive to delicate surfaces, it won’t harm the wood or cause any scratching. It will quickly remove any caked on dirt so that you can keep on mopping, and you will never have to bend over or strain. The squeegee edge can help to dry wet surfaces in order to prevent spotting, or damage. It also has the larger 18″ pad size, and it comes with two included with your purchase. Both can be used wet or dry, but one has integrated stripes that will give you a bit more scrubbing power and ability to lift up debris as you clean.

Whichever mop you choose, you are sure to have a quick and easy way to get those hardwood floors incredibly clean in very little time. You will be able to “go green” with a high quality tool that actually works. Pretty much anyone that uses one of these would never want to use anything else. Try for yourself and you will see just how easy it can be to clean hard wood floors.

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  1. Microfiber mops are the best when it comes to regular cleaning of wood floors. They cleanse floors better than ordinary mops. If you still haven’t got it, using an ordinary mop will still do but make sure it’s not too wet nor too dry.

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