The Easy Way To Open Vitamin & Prescription Drug Bottles

Are you tired of struggling with those teeny tiny jars and impossible to open lids? Maybe you have arthritis or strength issues in your hands, or maybe you just want a quick and easy way to open the darn bottle without messing around with it. The Evri-Twist is the solution to these problems, and makes it super easy for anyone to quickly and easily open any medicine or vitamin bottle in just seconds. It will reduce strain, increase torque, and make it incredible easy to grip and twist off the cap.

People with arthritis have a hard time grabbing and twisting off these caps, and some elderly folks just don’t have the strength to squeeze and turn such a tiny little lid. This is why the Evri-Twist makes the chore so easy. It allows you to maintain a wide grip, holds on to the lid for you, and makes twisting a breeze because of the extra force you get from the larger turning radius. It also has built in finger grips so you can forget about your hand slipping, or having to hold on tight. Just gently apply the Evri-Twist to any medicine or vitamin bottle and press and twist to easily remove the lid.

The shape of this tool is a big reason why it works so well, but it has a lot of other great features too. This is one of those devices that is so simple and works so amazingly well, that you will be loving it and using it for years. It is fast and simple to use, and doesn’t require any special moves, or advanced processes. Its compact size makes it easy to use, and allows you to store it right in your medicine cabinet, so it will always be right there when you need it. You can use it with two hands for some increased ease in opening, but for the ultimate in low impact lid removal, try the one hand operation. An included rubber pad pops out of the device, and can be placed on the counter. This pad will grip the bottom of the jar so you don’t have to hold on to it. A similar pad is also inside the device itself. This is what grips and grabs the top of the bottle. So when used this way, you can simply place the bottle on the pad and then use the Evri-Twist to take the lid off with just one hand. Once you are finished simply pop the pad back in for storage. You can also use it with two hands if you like, but some people will not just have trouble with the lid, but also the bottle itself. For those really big bottles you will want to leave the pad in the Evri-Twist so you have the surface area you need.

Because the unit is large in diameter,  it allows you to maintain a wide, comfortable grip. It also has finger notches built in to the outside edge so your hand won’t slip. You can even skip the hand grasp, and just apply pressure with your palm to totally avoid grabbing anything at all. The rubbery interior of this device will grip the lid for you just so long as you apply enough downward pressure. Simply place a flat palm on the top of the Evri-Twist, lean on it a little, and then turn to remove the lid. The Evri-Twist will work equally well on child-proof and non child-proof containers, and allows you to keep child-safe containers in your home for safety purposes without worrying about the trouble you might have opening them.

In order to protect small children, and keep them from opening or accidentally tampering with medicine and vitamins, the lids are often incredibly hard to open. The cap may just be difficult to twist, or it might require you to push down and turn the lid at the same time. This is great for the safety of children, but can be extremely frustrating and difficult for people with arthritis, reduced grip strength, general muscle weakness, cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) of the upper extremities, cerebral palsy (CP), muscular dystrophy (MD), and other disabilities. These people have more trouble gripping and twisting these small pill bottle caps than the rest of us, and they are often the ones that take the most pills too. Discover a quick, easy and strain-free way to get at those pills.

Evri-Twist Medicine Bottle Opener



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  1. Wow! what a great invention, i have always had problems opening my vitamin bottles but i’m gonna try this out and see if it can make my life a little bit easier. Thanks for the tip!

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