The Easy Way To Clean Your Windshield

Introducing the Windshield Master. This handy little tool is the quickest and easiest way to clean any windshield. It is similar to the Windshield Wonder that has been advertised on TV, but ours has a lower price tag and ships for free at any quantity. If you are tired of bending and contorting your body to clean those hard-to-reach areas of your car, then this is the perfect device for you. It features a 16″ long handle that collapses for easy storage at home or in your glove compartment. Together with the pivoting head it allows you to easily reach the most awkward places and get into each and every corner. The advanced microfiber pad makes cleaning easy and no additional chemicals or sprays are necessary. Just use water to get your windshield super clean, streak-free and shiny.

You will be amazed at how quickly you are able to clean and just how easy it is. Simply spray the pad or the glass with water, and a then wipe away for an incredibly clean surface. It is perfectly designed for washing windshields, but also works great for the rear window, and all of the side windows too. You can even use it to clean your dashboard and many other surfaces in your vehicle as well. It will never scratch, streak or spot any surface. Take it inside your house and it can be used for all of your windows and mirrors as well as shower doors and just about any other smooth shiny surface you can find. Use it wet or dry to clean all types of things.When you are done the pads are totally machine washable too. Just throw them in the wash to reuse over and over. There is nothing more to buy ever. Each pad can be machine washed hundreds of times.

Get the job done in just minutes, and do it without all of that bending, stretching and straining. No more contorting your body into awkward positions just to get that last little corner of your windshield or rear window clean. This incredible tool is guaranteed to save you time, and will achieve professional looking results in less time than paper towels and window cleaner. Discover the fastest and most simpleway to clean your windshield and so much more. Get the Windshield Master today.

Windshield Master