The Cool Tool With the Funny Name

Evriholder Products’ new Swooz™ Microfiber Chenille All-Purpose Flexible Cleaner is one cool tool! Whether bending to get into pesky shower stall corners or gently caressing the curves of your prized Prius, Swooz™ is one remarkable, multi-use cleaning tool.

The Swooz™ is the newest member in the FuzzyWuzzy™ family of microfiber cleaning tools including Fuzzy Wuzzy™ Kid’s Chenille Mitt, Fuzzy Wuzzy™ Chenille Duster, and the always popular Original Fuzzy Wuzzy™ microfiber mitts. The Swooz™ joins Evriholder’s outstanding line of household cleaning products including the Slipper Genie™ Family, the Hi-Reach Microfiber Kit and the Scrub N Rub microfiber & lurex scrubbers.

The Swooz™ is truly an all-purpose, flexible cleaning tool that bends and moves to conform to almost any surface shape. From dusting and polishing shelves, wood floors, and crown moldings to hard-to-reach kitchen corners … it even cleans car roofs and bumpers. The Swooz™ is a simply amazing bathtub or shower cleaning tool too! With the flexible, multi-directional, triangular shaped cleaning head, previously difficult-to-reach corners come clean in a jiff!

The Swooz™’s cleaning head is constructed of a rubber gasket which gives it the ability to bend and shape itself for maximum versatility. For even the most difficult of angles, the Swooz™ reduces the need for multiple tools for many cleaning chores around the house, garage, or office. As a member of Evriholder’s Fuzzy Wuzzy™ family – the Swooz™’s chenille microfiber cleaning head pad can be removed, washed and air dried so you can have a clean head every time. In addition, the Swooz™ can be used wet to wash, clean, and scrub with or without soap. And, it is a whiz at dry dusting and polishing multiple surfaces without chemicals. With a 5 foot telescoping silver metal pole that folds down for storage to just 3 feet, and cool head colors of Bright Green, Hot Pink and Brilliant Blue; the Swooz™ is also a smart buy.

Value is it’s middle name. The Swooz™ can be used again and again. Its washable cleaning head  is very cost-effective versus buying and using disposable cleaning products with pads which must be thrown away after
each use. The Swooz™ is an excellent value and investment that pays for itself time and again. The Swooz™ was designed to give the consumer maximum cleaning power and function.  The head literally bends to the shape you are cleaning, giving great leverage and the ability to reach in and over the surface area you desire to clean. The
chenille microfiber is machine washable and so one effective cleaner can be used for the bathtub on one occasion, then washed and used to clean crown moldings on another occasion. It is far more versatile than traditional flat head cleaners that can’t get into and around corners the way this cleaner does.


  • The Swooz™ cleaning head is constructed of a rubber gasket enabling it to bend and shape itself for maximum versatility even at previously difficult angles for complete surface cleaning
  • Can be used on wet or dry surfaces
  • Cleaning pad is constructed of microfiber chenille which attracts dust and dirt making it very effective and efficient for cleaning multiple surfaces including glass, wood, tile – even cars and windows
  • Microfiber head  is removable for washing – it’s clean and brand new every time.
  • Cleaning head  is washable in cold or lukewarm water, air dry
  • 5 foot telescoping silver metal pole folds down for storage to 3 feet
  • Excellent value  – reusable over and over unlike disposable cloths or polishers
  • Environmentally friendly – washable, reusable with no additional cleaning chemicals necessary
  • Fabulous  colors – Bright Green, Hot Pink and Brilliant Blue

Fuzzy Wuzzy Swooz



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  1. Yes, that’s a funny name …Fuzzy Wuzzy Swooz! I’ll have to try it. I’m a fan of microfiber products.

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