The Best Way To Cook Crispy Bacon In Your Microwave

Microwave Bacon CookerAre you looking for a faster and easier way to enjoy your favorite breakfast meat? Well, you have come to the right place. Chances are, you have tried other methods already, and have not been happy with the results. The good news is that you don’t have to tip a waitress or slave over a hot stove in order to enjoy crispy bacon strips with your eggs in the morning. The bad news is that putting a piece of paper towel in your microwave, or cooking on a plate alone, is not going to give you the tasty results you desire. It is quite possible to make edible strips in your microwave that are actually crispy, but not all racks are created equal, and you will probably need one to get the job done.

Microwaves are notorious for cooking rubbery food, heating it with uneven results, or making it impossible to get something that is crispy. These characteristics alone will have many people think about putting bacon in there, and then quickly deciding that it would be a waste. You may think it is impossible to avoid the frying pan when cooking bacon, but with the right tool anything is possible. You can enjoy the delicious taste any time you crave it when it does not take a bunch of time to cook, or create a huge mess to clean up afterward. This is why many people enjoy the convenience of tossing it in the microwave, but often those same people are settling for mediocre results just to save time. By using a high quality rack designed specifically for this purpose, you can easily cut in half the time it takes, and also reduce the amount of mess, but not at all compromise taste or consistency. You can end up with a finished product that is tender and juicy, or crisp and crunchy depending upon your taste, and you will not have to wait for a pan to heat up, or hand wash it after you are done. You will be able to heat up a single serving, or cook an entire package just as easy, and when you are finished, the whole thing is dishwasher safe, so washing after use is a snap.

The obvious reasons to  use your microwave instead of the stove top when cooking bacon are speed and convenience. You can cook the meat in less time, it does not create a bunch of dishes to wash later, and there will be no splatters or other messes on your stove or counter after you finish. The less obvious reason is the health benefit. Sure bacon is pretty bad for you due to the high fat content,  but we could make it a little less detrimental to our systems if we didn’t cook it in the grease. Bacon can taste just as good without having to bathe in grease , and it will be slightly healthier because all of the fat that would have been absorbed and then consumed will never touch the strips, so it will never make it to your body. Just because bacon is written off as an unhealthy luxury food does not mean that you can’t take simple steps to make it just a little lighter on your system. If you have a high quality bacon cooking rack to work with, it is easy to quickly cook crispy bacon right in your microwave, and all of the fat can drip down to collect in the tray beneath the meat instead of surrounding it, and absorbing in as you cook.

We’re glad you asked. We do not carry the only microwave bacon cooker out there, but we do have the one that we think works the best. If you take a look at the other options available, you will notice that most of them are nothing more than glorified trays. Using one of these is a slight step up from paper towel on a plate because they do elevate the pieces slightly, but they are pretty mediocre when compared to the rack that we sell. There is usually some wavy ridges built into the surface of these trays, and they will lift up the bacon a little bit in order to help the heat flow freely, and hopefully cook all sides evenly. The strips will not elevate enough to prevent them from cooking in grease, but do to the increased heat circulation, it should improve cooking quality over that of a regular plate with paper towel on it. The non-tray options out there are few, but these should work a bit better, and that is why they cost more money. These racks will do a better job of elevating the meat, and will actually keep them above the grease while cooking, but the capacity is pretty small, and the pieces are kind of just hung over a support, so they can slide down, fall off, stick together and do other annoying stuff to affect cooking quality.

The rack that we sell will cook anywhere from 1-12 strips at a time, and you can even stack two racks in order to double the capacity during the same cooking cycle. The unique design of our bacon cooker elevates and separates each strip, and then secures them in place as well. They will cook well above the grease that is collected in the tray underneath, and each strip will align and stay in place perfectly straight, and horizontal. There will be no restriction to air flow, so heat will distribute evenly, and easily get to all sides of the food. You can vary cooking time depending upon how you like your bacon, but crispy results are easily attainable thanks to  the clever and effective design. There is no way for bacon to slip and slide or touch the grease in any way, and it will be much more difficult to end up with poorly cooked meat, or certain pieces that are cold or rubbery. In less time than it takes you to fry an egg, you can easily cook scrumptious strips to go with it. You don’t need to settle for less than perfect taste or crispiness in order to cook your bacon in the microwave. This convenient rack offers one of the best ways to ensure great results, and it is incredibly easy to use. Stop wasting money on restaurant meals, and don’t continue saving your bacon for special occasions. Discover this simple way to edible results, and enjoy it any day of the week.

Using this clever contraption is simple. From the look of it, you can tell that the thicker plastic and sturdy construction will keep it usable for years and ensure that wear and tear from daily use does not affect performance. It can be used for a single portion, or up to 12 strips with a single rack. To cook up to 24 pieces at the same time, use two racks, and stack one on top of the other. This will allow double the capacity without worrying that some people will have to eat cold food. To use the rack, it is as easy as loading it up and then popping it in the microwave.

To load it, take one piece at a time, and insert it into one of the slots. There are twelve slots total per rack, and you can fill as many as you want without any difference in cook quality. Once you have the number in there that you want, take the securing skewer and insert in it’s slot, perpendicular to the meat. This will hold the meat so it can’t move, and ensure better results when compared to other racks and trays. After the two skewers have been inserted, simply place the whole tray in your microwave and cook for up to 13 minutes. Total time will vary depending upon the power of your oven, the number and thickness of strips, and the desired consistency of the finished product. The first time you use it, it may require some experimenting to discover the best time for your tastes, but after that, each subsequent use should be pretty straight forward. After your meat id fully cooked, simply lift up on the skewers to remove all of your perfectly cooked bacon in one step. Because it never cooked in grease, you will not have to let it soak on a pad of paper towel, and because the whole thing is dishwasher safe, your clean up process will be quick and simple. Just dispose of the grease in the tray and then pop into the dishwasher for cleaning later on.

If you are already making bacon in the microwave, but you are looking for an easier way to end up with better results, then this device is for you. If you are just pondering the idea, and have never tried, this is a perfect place to start. Anyone looking to try this cooking technique for the first time, or those that wish they could improve upon what they are already doing can benefit from this affordable gadget. It is so simple and easy to use that anyone can feel confident preparing a gourmet breakfast. Eliminate dangerous splatters of grease, reduce mess and make each bite just a little less unhealthy. This is a fast and effective way to cook bacon in your microwave and actually be happy with the results.

Microwave Bacon Cooking Rack



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