The Best Snow Brush You’ve Never Used

snow broomWhat is the best snow brush to use under any conditions?

A Rubber Broom.

That’s Right. The best broom for indoors also makes the best snow brush for use outside with any amount of snowfall. Some of the same qualities that make it great for sweeping, also make it great for snow removal. Clear several inches off your vehicle, or utilize the long reach to clear build up off roof tops and gutters. The all natural rubber bristles are incredibly durable, yet they won’t harm your car’s paint. It will never scratch the surface, and because the bristles are rubber, they won’t freeze together either. The rubber broom will always be ready to go when you need it. The pliable rubber will conform to your car’s surface and will easily remove snow in less time than traditional brushes because it completely clears each section with a single pass. Flip it over to use the squeegee side on your windows. This will remove every spec of snow and any residual moisture, so you will have great visibility without residual spotting. The rubber head on our broom will outperform regular snow brushes every time.

Telescoping Handle

One of the biggest advantages of the rubber broom is the telescoping pole. Not only is it made from super-sturdy steel but you can also adjust it to the exact length you need. Shorten it all the way for storage in your back seat or trunk, or use it collapsed for smaller cars, or parts that are close. Extend it to the full length for large vehicles or just to clear more snow with less trips around the car. Get the whole roof from a single position, and easily reach you windshield or other hard-to-reach areas. People with trucks and vans love to use the rubber broom for a snow brush because it provides a reach of more than six feet so you can actually remove the pile from the top without trouble. The extending handle is also ideal for clearing areas on your house that are up high, and it works perfectly to knock down icicles as well. Reach back and pull snow from your shingles, or use the squeegee side to push it off a deck or patio.
long reach snow brush

Rubber Bristles

One of the most annoying things about regular tools is the nylon bristles. They are weak and ineffective in general, but when caked with snow and ice, they become even more useless in a hurry. Once you have a matted mess of stuck together strands, it is nearly impossible to get the snow off, and in order to do it, you typically need to brush several times in each spot. The rubber bristles on this tool will never freeze or stick together, and they will never lose shape or decrease in ability. Because they are made out of rubber that is similar to that of car tires, they will not be affected by dropping temperatures or piles of white stuff.

One side of the head will have these flexible bristles, and the other side will have a single rubber blade that is equally pliable. Use one side or the other depending upon preference and surface type, and completely clear any area in half the time you are used to. As you move across any surface, the rubber will conform to uneven surfaces and provide enough resistance to move a large amount no matter how wet it is. Instead of skimming over the top, or brushing through with little effect, the powerful rubber head will grab everything in one pass, and leave your car snow-free in a matter of seconds. Despite how well it works, you run no risk to the finish because the tough material is also incredibly gentle and safe to use.


Many of us are probably used to getting a new snow brush every year. This can become expensive and inconvenient, and when you choose a better option, you will eliminate this need. Constant use will make other bristles flare and lose shape. When this happens, you are left with a sad looking tool that no longer works. The nearly indestructible head on this brush will never lose shape or become flared and useless, so you will be able to keep using it for many years without replacement. This will save you money, but it will also prevent you from having to run out after the first snow with everyone else. Use and abuse the material and it will retain all functionality without trouble.

When the shape of last years tool is not the culprit, then it is usually the handle or pole it is attached to. In order to keep the cost down, you end up buying a cheaper tool that has aluminum or plastic for the handle. This seems great when you are saving at the register, but it can quickly turn into a problem when something bends or breaks. Our telescoping handle is more versatile in the first place, but it is also constructed from strong steel to prevent wear. It gives you commercial strength without a high price tag and will last just as long as the head.

Stop freezing your face off. Get your car snow free in less time with this amazing tool. It may be the best snow brush available because it lasts longer and works better than pretty much any other option. Sure it is designed for sweeping floors, but this only makes it more useful to you when the weather is nicer. Keep it in your garage or trunk all year long for this one job, or take advantage of it’s full potential and use it all year long. You are guaranteed to have a fast and simple way to clear your vehicle, but you can also save time and frustration by using it for standard broom type jobs as well.

See It In action

Take a look at this short demo video. It shows a minivan being cleared with ease and speed. The high roof is no problem thanks to the long handle, and wide swaths of snow can be pushed off either side while you stand in a single location. Use the tough bristles to power through any icy build up, or switch to the squeegee side to eliminate all white stuff right down to the paint or windshield. It will never make any mark or scratch, and the bristles won’t freeze together to reduce performance, or track cold stuff inside your car. Turn the head on it’s side and you can sneak into tight spaces like between windshield wipers, or swing it like a hammer to pound out road salt and ice from your wheel wells. Once finished, simply shorten the pole and toss it in your trunk or back seat.

At, we have the Sweepa Rubber Broom on sale for an incredibly low price. Order more than one to take advantage of our quantity discounts. Buy one for snow removal and get another one to replace your broom inside too!
Best Snow Brush

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  1. At this point you are probably wondering how a snow broom can reach across a car and brush the snow away from you? You will find that many of the snow brooms have a telescopic handle. This simply means that you can extend the snow broom to the length that you want. Therefore when you are brushing the snow off the car or other surfaces you can just stay on the other side of where the snow will fall.

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    • That’s right. Just push the snow away from you and watch large amounts plop on the ground on the other side of your vehicle. The squeegee on this broom really helps to remove inches of snow in just a single pass. With a full length telescoping handle it is easy to extend it to the length you need, and then collapse it down to toss it back in your car.

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  2. I want to order the best snow brush you’ll never use but do not see how to order. Please advise.
    Thank you

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