The Best Fruit and Vegetable Peelers

Looking for the best peeler that money can buy. Well….don’t plan on spending too much. If you are looking for an easy to use tool for skinning fruits and vegetables, then you know that the options are many and the variety is ample. There are all sorts of tools out there that claim to do the job well, but if you have used several of these options in the past, you have probably realized that all peelers are not created equal. You can find one for pretty cheap almost anywhere, but if you want a tool that claims superiority, you usually are looking at a much larger price tag. With vegetable peelers, it is not always a case of “you get what you pay for” because spending a lot does not guarantee quality, and keeping it frugal may just be a better way to go.

What Makes A Good Peeler?
The main characteristics most people look for when choosing a fruit or vegetable peeler is functionality. We all want a tool that just works. It should be easy to use, and it should produce good results without requiring special skill, extra time or too much effort. You want a peeler that is sharp without being dangerous, and you want it to work on more than just one type of food. Beyond the ability to remove skin with precision, you will also want a tool that is comfortable to hold as well. Many vegetable peelers are small or skinny contraptions that can be difficult to grasp, and painful to use for extended periods of time. In order to be the best peeler, it would have to work well, but also be easy to handle and effortless to hold through the entire peeling process. If you do find a tool that fits both of these categories, you will also be hoping that this great discovery and amazingly functional tool is also long lasting. Longevity is not always thought of at the time of purchase, but it becomes very important once you take the peeler home. It would be incredibly frustrating to choose a tool that seems to work great, but then have the blade go dull, or some other part of it break within a short amount of time.

Best Vegetable PeelerEnter The Star Peeler
This amazing tool looks quite simple, but most people that have used one will agree that it is the best fruit and vegetable peeler that money can buy. It is not an expensive tool, but it is worth every penny. For about the same price as a regular style peeler you might find at the store, you could have a higher quality tool that will be easier to use and longer lasting. This vegetable peeler is the original Swiss designed peeler, and it is still made in Switzerland using high quality materials and superior construction techniques. Several other companies have copied the design in recent history because it has proven to be the most comfortable and functional shape for peeling fruits and vegetables. What has not been copied are the superior materials, and surgical grade blade. This is why the original is still the best, and just because something has a similar style, does not mean it will work as well, or produce the same results.

The original Star peeler has been around for many years, and it is an amazing all around peeling tool. Due to extreme popularity there are now several other versions available too. These other peeling tools will feature the same base design as the original, but the blades will differ to offer some distinct advantages and benefits in certain areas. The original will still be the best if you only want one tool for all your fruit and vegetable peeling needs, but the more specialized peeling tools are better for their specific tasks, and offer a greater variety of ability when preparing foods.

Original Star Peeler
The shape of this peeler is unique, but that is just the beginning. Tungsten Steel is used for the blade in order to create an edge that is ridiculously sharp. Because it is made from this material, it will slide through hard vegetables like a hot knife through butter to remove skin with little effort. The great thing about the Tungsten Steel when compared to other blade materials is not only the improved sharpness, but also it’s ability to stay that way. You can use one of these peelers for ten years and it will still be just as sharp as the day you bought it because it will not get dull over time like regular blades do. Thanks to the sturdy materials that the rest of the peeler is made from, it will also prevent breakage or wear in order to provide a very long lasting device that will remain useful for many years.

The wide shape of this peeler makes it comfortable to hold for any amount of time, and easy to grip for those with arthritis. It does not take a lot of strength to handle, and you don’t need to apply a bunch of pressure when using it. Because of the design, it is also just as easily used by right or left handed people. It is not any different or more difficult to use with one hand or the other, so anyone can peel just as easily without requiring a specialized tool. Because the body is made from stainless steel,  it is sturdy, but also lightweight and long lasting. An integrated scooper will make it easy to quickly dig out imperfections as you peel so that you don’t waste time, and your food ends up looking perfect. Use this part down the length of a carrot to cut julienne strips as well. This original version Star Peeler is good for use on almost any type of fruit or vegetable. It will work on hard or soft foods, and will peel fuzzy or waxy skins with ease. Glide the peeler across the surface to just peel with a standard thickness, or add a little pressure to take off more skin, or to remove thin slices.

Stainless Steel Star Peeler
This version is identical to the original version with just one exception. Instead of the Tungsten Steel blade, it has one made from stainless steel. This design difference will add convenience to the tool, but you will give up a bit to get it. Because the blade is not Tungsten Steel, it will not be quite as sharp or long lasting. It will still outperform other stainless steel peelers due to higher quality stainless and better manufacturing procedures, but if you compare the two Star Peelers, the Tungsten Steel Original will always be sharper. What makes this version so convenient is that you will have the ability to wash it in the dishwasher without worry.

With the Tungsten blade, there is a possibility of rust over time, so you always need to make sure the blade is dry after washing, and you may need to oil it occasionally in order to add protection. With the stainless blade, you can toss the peeler in the dishwasher and not worry at all. It will not rust, and there would be no periodic maintenance needed. Professional chefs would probably opt for the original version due to the improved performance, but regular folks might prefer the stainless one because it does not need any special attention. Both tools will offer the best in all around peeling ability, so it will really come down to individual preference on the blade type to determine which one is best for you. A sharper blade will offer better performance and easier slicing, but for someone that only does it occasionally, a more convenient tool may be the better choice.

Because the blade will not be quite as sharp as it is with the original, you may find that this stainless steel vegetable peeler does not offer the same all-around style capabilities. Waxy or fuzzy skins may be a bit more difficult to work with, and soft fruits could be problematic as well. For easy peeling on these types of food, a serrated blade can make the job easy while still retaining convenience in clean up.

Serrated Star Peeler
In order to make peeling slippery, soft or fuzzy foods easy, a serrated vegetable peeler is the perfect tool. This one has the same base design just like all the other Star Peelers, but the blade is quite different. It is made from stainless steel, so it is easy to clean, and requires no maintenance, but if you look at it, the edge is not smooth. Unlike the two, more regular style peelers above, this one has little teeth all along the edge of the blade. This design change makes all the difference when working with soft fruits or waxy vegetables. Instead of slipping or smashing, you will be able to glide right through to remove peels easy. These extra little teeth give you better grip when dealing with waxy surfaces, and they dig in slightly when peeling fuzzy skins on softer fruits. This added ability will make peeling these difficult foods just as easy as any other. The Serrated Star Peeler is the best tool for taking skin off tomatoes, kiwi, peaches, peppers and more. You can use the original version and achieve great results, but if you want a fruit and vegetable peeler that is dishwasher safe and  super easy to use on notoriously hard to peel foods, this one is a great choice.

A serrated peeler is preferred by some people for all of their food peeling needs, but they are really intended as a specialized tool. For any food that you are in fear of smooshing because it is too soft, or annoyed due to slippage because it is too waxy, the little teeth on this style peeler will offer a great solution. You will be able to work just as quickly with these foods, and get professional quality results by choosing a better tool. Dig in and grip food gently, in order to remove as little or as much skin as you want, without wasting food, or harming it by using too much effort and elbow grease.

Julienne Star Peeler
Cutting carrots for a salad, or preparing other julienne vegetables for ingredients or garnish can be a pain. Many people will take an enormous amount of time to do this by hand with a knife, and others will use expensive mandolin slicers to automate the task, and speed up the process. When julienneing vegetables in moderate or small quantities, a vegetable peeler might be the only tool you need. This is the final version of Star Peeler that we carry. It is not all that useful for regular skin removal, but it is very handy as an additional tool in your fruit and veggie prep arsenal. Instead of chopping with a knife tediously, or breaking out some large contraption, you can quickly shred vegetables in thick strips to add them anywhere. This is ideal for salads and stir fries, but has many other applications too. This tool looks just like all of the other ones, but it has large teeth across the blade. Instead of just taking off the outer layer, this one will completely cut the whole piece of food in order to reduce it to a pile of shreds.

The pointy blade is made from stainless steel so you can also throw this one in the dishwasher when dirty. This means cleaning up will be just as quick and simple as it is to use this tool when preparing food. Simply run it along the length of harder vegetables to quickly and easily prepare julienne strips. It does not require intense pressure or effort, and you will get beautifully uniform results each and every time. Just continue to peel down the length just like you would with a regular style tool. Using it will be just as easy, but the results will be quite different. In no time this amazing Julienne Vegetable Peeler will give you a nice fresh pile of shredded carrots, cucumbers or zucchini.

If you are not sure which peeler is best, or if you know you want several, there is a set of three that you can get to save money or the need to decide. The Star Trilogy set contains the three stainless steel peelers, but not the original one with the Tungsten blade. It is a great set to get if you need all new peeling tools in your kitchen or to give as a gift for a new home owner. It offers three of the best peeling tools in one package, and all for a great price.

Anyone that has these tools at their disposal will never dread or worry about peeling again. Not that vegetable peelers are that exciting, but using a good one can make a huge difference. Most people do not even realize what a difference a good quality peeler can make. We have all used run of the mill tools, and those things get the job done, but it can be an entirely different experience when you are working with the best tool available. You will glide through food instead of struggle, and you complete the job quickly and effortlessly instead of wasting time and getting frustrated. If you have a good fruit and vegetable peeler you will no longer mind your kids asking to have the skins removed, or waste money purchasing prepared food direct from the store. Take care of the job yourself to eat fresher food, save money, and get better results.

Original Star Peeler

Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler

Serrated Vegetable Peeler

Julienne Vegetable Peeler

Star Trilogy – Three Peeler Set



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