Taking Corn Off The Cob

tool for taking corn off the cobCorn on the cob is the perfect summer treat for backyard barbecues and parties. It has a great taste and is a nice option for a fresh tasting side dish that is easy to make. People with dentures, braces, loose teeth or jaw problems can find it almost impossible to eat corn from the cob though. Also many side dishes, salads, muffins, salsas and more call for corn off the cob as well. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to take all those delicious kernels off the cob to be eaten alone or prepared into another recipe?

Well if you have tried the traditional method then you know it is pretty difficult, and the idea of canned or frozen versions can be less than appetizing. But there is a way to easily remove kernels so that you can still enjoy the freshly cooked goodness right off the cob. Instead of reaching for a can, you will be able to grill, boil, or steam your ears on the spot and then add fresh ingredients to your dish or just eat it up with some salt and butter. Either way, you will easily notice the difference that fresh ingredients make. Juicier, more tender bits will enhance any recipe, and they certainly taste better all on their own as well.

Traditional Method:

This method involves using a big knife. It works OK in the end, but can be pretty hard to do without practice. You also run into the issue of harming the kernels and only removing parts of them. This results in a bigger mess, but also a loss of flavor since the juice will be lost. With little practice, or for initial attempts, you may just end with a juicy counter and a pile of yellow colored mash. This is why a specialized tool may be a better way to go, but not everybody has one, and many of us may not perform this task often enough to justify the purchase. Other folks may just prefer a higher skill, more traditional way of approaching the task. If you want to take them off with a chef’s knife you already have, follow the instructions below for best results.


  1. To remove kernels with a knife, you will first want to make sure the corn has been cooked thoroughly. This usually takes about five minutes in boiling water.
  2. After cooking, wait until the corn is cool enough to handle.
  3. Stand the ear up on its end with the wide end at the bottom.
  4. Now take your knife and cut straight down making sure to get as close as possible to the center.
  5. Rotate as you work, and continue until all pieces have been separated and removed.
  6. Working on a cutting board will improve stability, but placing it in the center of a bowl will allow you to collect your work at the same time and also reduce the mess.
  7. A sharp blade is essential, but also adds danger. For best results, use careful motions, and apply even pressure.

The Easy Way:

If you want to reduce effort and cut the time it takes, try the Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper. This affordable kitchen gadget makes it ridiculously easy to remove kernels of corn quickly and easily. It is specially designed to cut around the kernels in order to remove as much corn as possible. As you slice them free, they are then lifted up and off as whole pieces, and they never get squeezed or smashed. You will find that it is more effective than a knife and also much faster. The super sharp blade has a unique design that perfectly conforms to the shape of the cob to get under the kernels and remove several rows all at once. You can use it on raw or cooked corn with the same great results.


  1. Simply hold your corn with one hand and swipe the Corn Zipper across the cob lengthwise to remove kernels.
  2. Start at the thicker end, and work toward the top.
  3. Press down to apply even pressure, and move the tool along the ear in one long, continuous motion.
  4. In a single pass you will completely remove several rows at once.
  5. Hold the corn over a bowl and each little kernel will drop neatly into it.

Not only is it a highly effective time saver that adds safety to the job, this tool also features a fun design that makes it pretty obvious what it is for. Despite it’s playful appearance though, this high quality kitchen gadget means business. It features Swiss design, superior craftsmanship, and incredibly sharp blades. Save time and make it easy to get your corn off the cob. Enjoy whole, plump kernels in less time for side dishes or to enhance any of your cooking.

Additional Tips:

  • When purchasing your  corn cobs for recipes, remember that one large ear  will yield about  1/2 cup of kernels.
  • If you think you have too much corn, resist the urge to store it raw. Instead, cook all of it right away and strip the kernels off the leftover ears with your Corn Zipper. You can then store the kernels more successfully. Place them in an airtight container and store in the fridge or freezer.
  • Knives make you look cool, and professional, but the Corn Zipper takes a pretty tough chore and transforms it into a quick and simple process. Zip Zip Zip and you’re done, and no sharp, exposed blades to worry about.

Corn Zipper



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