Sweep And Mop At The Same Time

sweep and mopAsk anybody how to mop a floor the correct way, and they will probably tell you how important it is to sweep first. In most cases this is very true, and good advise to follow. The problem is that none of us have extra time on our hands, so none of us really care to spend the little time we do have, going over a floor twice. If you’ve ever tried to skip the sweeping, and then proceed to clean with a regular mop, you know what a mess it can make. Regular sponge mops, string versions, and even microfiber flat ones, can’t handle loose debris, so if you don’t pick it up first, you will end up pushing it around, or saturating it to create mud. There is a tool that can do both jobs at once, so continue reading to learn about a powerful tool that will save you time and effort without compromising cleanliness.

Why Sweep

It seems obvious, but some of you novices may not get it yet. Kitchens and bathrooms get coated with crumbs, hair, pet fur, regular dirt and unknown grime. If you don’t sweep it up before you mop, then it can cause real problems that will make your job more difficult, and could end up damaging your floors. Course particles can be pushed across the surface to make marks or cause scratching. Softer ones can turn to mud with added moisture, and then smear from one side of the floor to the other. Human and pet hair will usually just glue in place and stay there to annoy you, and make it seem like you never even cleaned your floors. If you go over tile, linoleum, hardwood and other surfaces with a broom first, you eliminate the debris, and allow the mop to clean only the stuff it’s designed for. Surface grime and light staining can be easily mopped up when there’s nothing in the way, so if you use a broom first, good results are much easier to come by.

A Better Way

If you’re super lazy, or just crunched for time like everyone else, you may want to try our PVA  Mop. With this tool, you can literally skip the sweeping, and still get outstanding results on any type of floor. The special design will allow you to pick up loose debris and scrub the surface clean at the same time. That means going over the floor once, and finishing the job in half the time. No dust pans to worry about, no bristles to annoy you, and no trips back and forth to retrieve, and put away a series of tools. This one tool can thoroughly clean any type of hard floor in one quick and efficient step. Use it on tile, linoleum, cement, wood, marble, stone or anything else and the results will be the same. Quick results, easy operation, and outstanding cleaning power.

How It Works

It may look like a regular squeeze action sponge mop, but it’s far from ordinary. It does have a built in wringer to eliminate moisture, and rinse out dirt easily, but the head isn’t made from a regular cellulose sponge. Take a look at the picture above, and notice the ridges that run down the length of the head. Those integrated ridges aid in scrubbing, but they also sweep up debris as you move across the floor. Once the dirt is released from your floor, it’s sort of sucked up, and held within the groove until you rinse or wring to dispose of it. Because it’s lifted up off the surface, you don’t have any of the problems that are common with other tools that just push it around. Push and pull over the surface, and the soft sponge will wash every inch, and when you encounter hair, crumbs or other dirt, you can move right through it to lift it up, and wash underneath.

PVA Material

The mop head on this tool is technically a sponge, but it’s probably way different than what you’re used to. It doesn’t have little holes in it, and it has way more cleaning power, but that’s just the beginning. When wet, the material is smooth and squishy, but when it dries, it becomes rock hard. If you compare it to traditional versions, it will be more absorbent and more sanitary overall. Soak up tons of  liquid to dry floors quickly, or hold more cleaning solution to mop a larger area in less time. Because it won’t stay wet, or lock in bacteria and other yucky stuff after you’re done, it won’t stink or grow mildew like regular tools do. The added ridges create a gentle scrubbing ability, and they also lock in any loose debris you mop over. Because the material won’t deteriorate, or rip with regular use, each head will last longer, and clean better with each use. It easily conforms to uneven surfaces, and dips down into cracks and crevices, so surfaces like tile and stone come clean with little effort. The material is compatible with any type of soap or chemical, so you can use whatever you like best.

How To Use It

Cleaning a floor is pretty simple when you have this tool, and you will use it like any other mop that’s similar. It has a built in wringer on the handle, and you just press it forward to contract the rollers, and squeeze out everything being stored. The main difference is in the head material because it will be more durable, and it will act like a broom and mop in one. When used correctly, it can save you time and energy while getting your linoleum cleaner than ever. For best results, follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. Before you begin, make sure the sponge is wet. If not properly soaked, it will not squeeze, and attempting to do so may break the handle.
  2. Soak for 2-3 minutes to get it ready for cleaning.
  3. Fill a bucket or sink with hot water and your cleaning solution of choice.
  4. To mop, dip the head into your soap to saturate. Wring out more or less depending upon floor type, preference and other factors.
  5. Clean floors by using a back and forth motion where you are pushing the tool away from you, and then pulling it back.
  6. As you move it will pick up crumbs and other loose dirt, and also wash the surface at the same time.
  7. Once the sponge is dirty, or full of debris, wring out by pressing down on the handle to release the dirty water and grime.
  8. Dip into clean soapy water, and repeat steps above to continue cleaning.
  9. Hang when not in use, and allow head to dry.

Stop spending more time than you need to, but don’t settle for gross looking floors either. Try this tool instead of the mop and broom combo you’re using now, and you might be surprised by how quickly and easily you can clean your floors. It’s not magical, so if your bathroom or kitchen is completely covered with dirt and hair, you will want to use a broom first, but for regular use on most people’s floors, it can be used to sweep and mop at the same time. Thanks to the powerful cleaning head, and the simple squeeze action wringer built into the handle, anyone will be able to use it for a simple and effective way to remove any kind of dirt from tile, stone, cement, linoleum and more.

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