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plate topperWhether it is a single portion saved until someone gets home from work, or a full plate of leftovers that will be saved for days, we all need an easy way to keep cooked food fresh until later. Plastic containers work well if you don’t want to know what’s inside, and plastic wrap is nice if you like visible food that is also smashed. If you go the storage container route, your dinner will still look the same when you attempt to eat it, but you will have to switch back to a plate to heat it up, and you will end up using three separate dishes to eat a single meal. Plastic wrap allows you to keep using the same plate, but it can become costly and wasteful because you can never reuse it. The PlateTopper is a great alternative to clear film or Tupperware, and it will save you time, money, effort and dishes while allowing you to keep food more fresh and easier to re-heat.

What Is It?

Glad you asked! The name pretty much says it all because the Plate Topper is basically a lid for your dinner plate. In a matter of seconds, you can transform any regular dish into an air tight storage container. Simply place over the top of your food and press down to lock it in place. It will cover food without ruining it, and it will keep it fresh by locking out exterior factors. It’s totally refrigerator and freezer safe, so store your food almost anywhere until you are ready to eat it. It’s also safe for the microwave, and it makes the perfect splatter guard when reheating your food. Just break the seal, and heat like normal. It will prevent any mess from sauces that splatter, and it will help retain the moisture in your food so it won’t dry out like it usually does. Have several plates of food to keep? This sturdy storage solution is also stack-able, so pile one on top of the other to save room.

How does it Work?

A sturdy plastic shell is completely see-through to keep everything inside visible. It’s constructed from a high quality plastic that is BPA free and dishwasher safe. On the top side there is a convenient handle to make it easy to put on, take off, or re-position. Around the outside¬†of the shell, there is a colorful border made from high quality silicone. This is the material that grips your plate, and creates the seal. At one point on the outer ring, there is a pull tab that allows you to quickly and easily break the seal. When pressed into place, the lid will hold on so tight that you can actually lift the plate by using the handle at the top. This isn’t the safest thing to do, but it does demonstrate just how well it will contain your leftovers. Similar to an oversize suction cup, the Plate Topper will stick in place, and hold strong until you remove it. When covering your food, it will seal in freshness better than most storage containers, and way better than plastic wrap. It offers a cheaper, easier and less messy way to save any food for later.

How To Use It

It certainly isn’t rocket science, so anyone can use this clever product to keep food fresh for any amount of time. Follow the instructions below for best results.

  1. For storage, use on a 9″ plate or something similar. To ensure a good seal, clear the area where the silicone will touch, and make sure it is free of any food.
  2. Position over your food, and press straight down to create a secure lid.
  3. To remove the lid, pull the tab to release the seal, and then lift off.
  4. Totally dishwasher safe for cleaning.
  5. For use as a splatter guard in the microwave, place over your food, but do not press to seal in place.
  6. Heat food like normal and it will catch splatters and retain moisture.

What Else Can It Do

It’s perfect for keeping a plate of food looking freshly cooked for hours, but beyond making someone happy when they get home from a long day, you can also use it for other stuff. See the list below to get started, but be sure to add a comment if you have other uses not listed.

  • Cooking Cover – Use in your microwave to keep it cleaner, and make reheated food taste better.
  • Fruit Preserver – Lock in or out gasses that cause browning. Make bananas and other fruits last longer.
  • Baked Goods Keeper – Seal cookies and other sweets under the air tight dome to keep them soft and moist longer.
  • Food Stacker – Running out of room? Place foods on plates and stack for storage. The hard shell is flat on top to make it easy.
  • Food Warmer¬†– Keep the lid on after you remove food from the microwave and it will retain heat much longer than normal.

Plate Topper



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