Stop Your Cutting Board From Sliding

GrabbersDon’t you just hate it when your cutting board won’t sit still? Of course you do. It’s pretty darn annoying, and it makes cooking that much more difficult. If you spend enough money, you could get a fancy new one with non-slip feet, but what about the ones you already own? Most of us have several cutting boards at home, but chances are, very few are the kind that will stay in place while you are chopping or slicing. Before you go out and purchase something new in order to prevent slippage and the headache to follow, continue reading to discover a quick, simple and inexpensive way to keep that board where you put it.

You do not need to go through a complicated process, or permanently attach anything. This method will not ruin your board, and it is safe and effective on glass, wood, plastic, stone or any other material. Instead of things sliding away as soon as you apply some force, everything will remain firmly planted to the counter, right where you want it. Your cuts will be more precise, and any chopping task will take less time, while causing less frustration. You could glue something grippy onto the bottom, or place your board on some sort of mat. You could also get little rubber feet or something and install with screws, but these methods are guaranteed to take more time and effort to employ, and there would be no assurance that they would actually work. Grabbers are handy little devices that work perfect for this task and hundreds others. They do not need to install permanently onto the cutting board, they can be ready to go in just seconds, and the best part is – they work amazingly well to hold the board in place while you prepare your food.

There are many factors that can lead to your chopping block slipping around. Most have a smooth bottom by design which is great to make them sit flush on the counter, and prevent any rocking or tipping, but not so ideal when you apply force, or work on a more slippery surface. Some counter tops like stainless, or polished granite have a very slick surface. These materials and other similar ones will cause more trouble than others. When you begin to work, and apply force, that force can cause things to slide forward and get away from you. Also, some foods like potatoes, will stick to the board itself. When this takes place, a board may slide even if the counter or table is not of the slippery variety. The only way to prevent sliding while you work is to increase friction or add grip to the underside of your board. As mentioned earlier, some more expensive cutting boards will have similar features built in, but a package of Grabbers will offer a low cost way for you to add something similar to the ones you have already.

Essentially these little helpers are sturdy, triangular shaped pieces of plastic with a rubberized exterior. The rubber part is textured to increase grip, and they are coated on both sides. When you place them on a table or counter, the resulting friction and grip will keep them in place. As you set something on top, that item will also remain securely in place, and immobile. Grabbers were originally designed for jobs like wood working, crafting, painting and staining, and they work great for that, but they also are well suited for similar style tasks like this one.   They adhere to any surface safely, and they gently grab, and then hold secure anything you put on top. The same powerful grip that will keep a cabinet door in place while you are sanding, will certainly prevent movement when you are chopping potatoes.

Using these little guys is incredibly simple. You basically just place them down on your work surface, and then put the board you want to remain still directly on top. For best results, you will want to place one triangle at each corner of your cutting board, close to the outer edge. This will ensure stability and also provide maximum grip. Once the board is on top, you will be able to slice and dice away without any worry of things trying to run away.  It is not an adhesive or glue of any kind, so despite how well it sticks to both surfaces, it will not leave behind any residue or anything else permanent. When you are done working they can be tossed in the junk drawer for cooking later on, or one of the many other jobs they can help with.

Instead of wasting a bunch of time re-positioning your work surface or getting hot with frustration, try this simple technique to keep your food directly in front of you, and right where you want it. Get them to prevent movement while chopping, but then find a whole host of other tasks that they also simplify as you have them on hand. These little guys are guaranteed to keep your cutting board in place, and when it no longer moves, your job will be easier and less time consuming. Professional chefs, or anyone that cooks frequently would greatly benefit from these handy tools. Don’t spend another minute just dealing with the problem, get some Grabbers and then wonder why you didn’t try them sooner.


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