Sqeeze Action Ratcheting Screwdriver

ratcheting screwdriverPowerful, Precise, Dependable and Battery Free!

Are you tired of searching for battery packs only to find that they are dead? How about using a gigantic and heavy tool for a quick little job around the house? Then you need to use the PowerDriver Screwdriver. It gives you all of the convenience and power, but eliminates all of the hassle. The PowerDriver ratcheting screwdriver will impress you with its speed and power. It combines convenience, power and precision to outperform light duty battery operated drivers at a price that can’t be beat. Simply squeeze the trigger and the power is transfered into a spinning action that drives or removes fasteners. Use it for screws, nuts, bolts and more. It can even drill holes. This cool tool is perfect for all sorts of jobs around your home and is always ready to go when you need it. Since its manually operated you can be extremely precise and ensure no mess and no mistakes. With a top speed of up to 350 RPM, the PowerDriver can make quick work of any project. It can also deliver up to 140in lbs of torque. Use the squeeze lever, or twist the tool to use it like a traditional ratchet action driver. Save time and money with this convenient and easy-to-use tool. This makes a great gift too! More Info