Spotless Shower Doors In Seconds

spotless shower doorGlass shower doors look great…when they’re clean.

The tough part is keeping them that way.

Over time, the crystal clear surface will begin to cloud and crust until it’s so caked with build up that you can’t see out. You could set aside half a day to clean it once it gets to this point, or you could take a few seconds each time you shower to prevent this from happening in the first place. You don’t have to start your day on a depressing note by staring at a dirty shower door coated in white stuff, but you shouldn’t have to spend your weekend scrubbing like crazy just to have a clean surface either. Very few cleaners will remove soap scum and hard water stains easily, and most will not work at all once the grime gets thick enough. With the technique below you’ll be able to keep glass doors and other surfaces spotless without spending a bunch of time, or wasting a bunch of money on products that don’t really work.

What Makes It So Dirty?

Soap scum is one of the most common types of grime found on shower doors. It’s basically just soap, shampoo and body wash mixed with oils from your skin and other minor dirt. As you wash and rinse, it will lightly coat the surface of your shower. Because it mixes with the water, and is usually white in appearance, single layers of scum will be all but invisible to the naked eye when wet, and slightly more visible once dried in place. After several weeks of showering, the layers will begin to build up to create a thicker scum that is very visible, and often thick enough to scrape off with your fingernail. Soap scum is pretty tough to clean when it has had time to build up, but it’s actually one of the more simple layers of grime that will coat your glass door.

Hard water stains are much more difficult to get off, even if it’s a single layer. This crusty grime is created by the water spraying out of your shower head. Depending on the source of your water, and if you have a softener in place or not, you may or may not have hard water stains on your shower door. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. All water has some amount of mineral content, and calcium, lime and rust are some of the more notorious stain-causers. Water droplets act as a delivery vehicle for these little bits of minerals floating in the water, so they end up on every surface of your shower. Once the water dries, the deposit gets left behind, and remains glued in place until you clean it. Unlike the more sticky and gooey consistency of scum, hard water spots have a much harder, and more permanent feel to them. In some cases it will seem like you could scratch and scour for hours on end, without making a dent.

You’ll also find regular dirt and body grime mixed in with the soap scum and hard water, but plain old dirt is easy to remove. If you have a moist bathroom, or if it’s been a while since you last cleaned, you may also have mold and mildew to clean off. Although it’s yucky to touch, look at, and smell, it’s also pretty easy to remove. If you’re having trouble keeping your glass door clean, you can be pretty sure it is water spots, scum, or a combination of the two creating the problem.

What To Do

If your shower is really dirty, you’re going to have to give it a thorough cleaning before you can move on to the easy part, but once you get it clean, the technique below will allow you to keep it that way with very little effort. You won’t find any magical substance that allows you to get the door clean without any work, but we do have a proven technique and product that will allow you to remove the layers of soap scum and hard water in order to get the surface super clean. Once you put in the hard work to remove the years of dirt and all of the residues left by other cleansers that didn’t work, you’ll be ready to spend a few seconds each day to avoid ever having to do it again.

Crystal Clear Glass With Ease

Many people have discovered that everyday maintenance is way easier than a full cleaning, so they use squeegees and rags to dry the door and other surfaces after they shower. This is a sound practice, and one that will save time and effort without compromising cleanliness. If the water never dries in place, it will have no ability to deposit soap and minerals, so you will never get the impossible to remove build up as a result. The problem with squeegees, towels, and regular rags is that they’re not as effective as they could be. Squeegees just move water from one area to another, and most towels and rags will not have the absorption power, or cleaning ability necessary to make the job easy. Both are better than nothing, and will certainly prolong the inevitable, but a better tool will allow you to go longer between thorough cleanings, while ensuring good results.

You can easily remove moisture using a squeegee, but tiny dirt particles may be left behind, and you’ll probably have to pull water to one location, and then sop it up with something else in order to do a thorough job. Over time, these small pieces of grime will collect and build to result in a dirty surface that no squeegee will have any effect on. When using a cleaning rag, you may remove more dirt, but most will not be able to soak up enough water to do a good job. If you find a cloth that’s absorbent enough, it probably won’t be good at cleaning microscopic mineral deposits, and chances are, it will be slow to dry, and therefore, not practical on a day to day basis.

A Better Tool

What do you get when you combine the cleaning power of a good cloth and the water removal ability of a squeegee? You get something like our Super Multi Cleaning Sponge. Its a large, double thick sponge with an advanced microfiber cover. You can use it for all sorts of jobs around your home, but it’s also the perfect tool for quickly wiping down shower doors and other surfaces to prevent build up.

As you wipe, it will suck up moisture like a vacuum, but it will also remove 99% of all dirt and germs with a single pass. Instead of spreading stuff from one location to another, or leaving it behind, every bit of grime and water will be pulled up into the sponge and locked in place. The thick sponge holds an incredible amount of moisture, so you can easily dry the whole door without worry. The cover adds to it’s ability to soak up moisture, but it also provides incredible cleaning power. As an added bonus, the high quality microfiber material also has the ability to shine glass as it dries and cleans, so wiping with this sponge will not only remove every drop of moisture, it will also leave the surface totally clean, and with a finish that is crystal clear and sparkling.

Unlike squeegees, our sponge will be just as effective on uneven and bumpy surfaces as it is on smooth ones. Unlike regular rags and cloths, it will be much more absorbent, and it will dry for reuse way faster.

Instead of prolonging a thorough cleaning by a week or two, using this sponge on a daily basis can easily allow you to go a full year without the need to break out any additional tools or cleansers.

How To Use It:

Anyone can use this tool, and when you do, you can pretty much guarantee the results. A simple wiping action is all that’s required, and the material will take care of the rest for you.

  1. Simply take a dry sponge and wipe in one continuous motion.
  2. Start at the top of the door, and use a side to side, or up and down motion.
  3. Begin at one location, and then work methodically to ensure so spot gets missed.
  4. A single pass will completely dry the surface and remove all dirt in most cases. If visible moisture remains, quickly wipe the area again.
  5. Once the door is dry, continue wiping down any other surface of concern.
  6. Once finished, squeeze the sponge over the drain to release all of the water.
  7. Set aside to dry.
  8. Once dirty, simply toss in the laundry. It is totally machine washable, and durable enough to wash hundreds of times.

After about 30 seconds of work, your door will be totally dry, and completely spotless. If you continue this technique on a daily basis, you’ll never have to worry about a cloudy glass door again, and those spots that seem impossible to remove will never form in the first place.

Kick It Up A Notch

If you have really hard water, you may want to make things easier on yourself in order to prevent any possibility of build up. The sponge will take care of most situations, but some people have terribly hard water, and those folks will want to add a little insurance to the sponge method above. The same cleaner that we recommend for the initial thorough cleaning can be diluted down to make a daily maintenance spray that will cost you next to nothing. It’s totally natural, so it’s safe for stone and other sensitive surfaces, but it’s also incredible at eliminating soap scum and hard water. Simply spray it on before you wipe, and it will loosen anything that may already be hardened in place. Once it coats the grime, it will break it down, and float it off the surface so it slides off on the sponge with ease. For really hard water, use on a daily basis. For other situations, use it every other day, or once a week.

You don’t have to deal with a cloudy shower door, and you don’t have to spend hours cleaning it either. By using the right tools, and spending less than one minute a day, you can keep your glass door and every other surface super clean. Forget about toxic sprays, and tools that make the job harder than it has to be. Try our sponge, and maybe add a spray bottle of natural cleaner, and you’ll be surprised at how clean your shower stays, and how easy it will be to keep it that way.

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  1. I didn’t realize that soap scum was made up of a blend of soap, shampoo, and body wash mixed with oil and minor dirt from your skin. I would imagine that cleaning this regularly wouldn’t be hard at all, and would keep your shower looking much nicer. I have been thinking of installing a new shower screen of some sort and am trying to find all of the advice like this that I can before making a decision. Thanks for the article!

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    • Yep. The actual cleaning is simple, and well worth the effort, but the commitment is the tough part. If you can actually wipe it down every day, you’ll never have any soap scum to clean. Ever.

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  2. Awesome cleaning tips! I heard using shampoo works on glass showers as well as stuff like 409. I’ll have to pick up a squeegee the next time I have to clean!

    (0) (0)
    • Thanks for the feedback and additional tips. Although home remedies and toxic sprays often sound like a quick and simple solution, they may not work as well as expected, and may just end up making the job more difficult.

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