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Carpeting can be nice. It is soft, warm and comfortable under your feet, so many people prefer it over other options. For living rooms and bedrooms this can be a great idea, but for other areas of your home it becomes more and more risky. The great advantage with hardwood, tile and other similar flooring surfaces is that they are way easier to clean when something is spilled. Over time, anyone with carpet on their floors will get spots and other stains. If you have carpet in your dining room, bathroom or kitchen this is probably a regular occurrence for you, but even those of us that only have throw rugs, or limited wall to wall installs in living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms will get spots occasionally. If you have small children, regular get togethers, or frequent meals or snacks in front of the TV it will only compound the issue and create more frequent problems. Food, beverages, mud and other dirt will get tracked, dripped or dropped on your carpet and you will be left wondering how to clean it.

Most carpet spot cleaners you will find at the store direct you to try it on a non visible portion of your floor to make sure it will not ruin what you are trying to clean. This is due to the harsh chemicals they contain, and their general inability to work great for all types of stains, and all shades of flooring. If you get lucky and the one you choose does not bleach out or otherwise ruin your floor, you will have the chance to see if it can actually remove the spot. It will be recommended that you do not let the cleaner come in contact with your skin, and it would be a trip to the ER if you happen to ingest some, or get it in your eyes. For being such toxic and dangerous stuff, you would think that it would offer fool-proof results, but that is usually not the case. Many times, the finished product is less than impressive, and for numerous types of dirt, you will need luck or a miracle to get it out.

A great number of people will have a hard time getting any adequate results from traditional spot cleaners, and at best, they will cause the stain to fade. With a case like this, you can usually look at the floor the right way, and wonder why you wasted so much time and energy because the spot is still barely there.  In worse cases, these cleaners will discolor your carpet, or cause the spot to grow, spread or darken. If you are lucky enough to be successful on your first try, you are almost guaranteed to have a sticky residue left over, and a questionable surface when it comes to children and pets. Just like you would not want these products to touch your skin, you also would not want a baby or puppy to put their face or body in close proximity to them. The nap of the carpet is often left crusty, crunchy and hard, and the residue coating will only cause it to get re-dirty in a short amount of time. The stickiness will attract new dirt and cause future spotting and staining to occur quicker. This means that you will be forced to clean it again sooner, and all of us want to avoid that if possible. Because the area you just “cleaned” had that residue on it in the first place, it was never actually clean, it was just de-spotted and coated with a chemical covering.

For better results when you spot clean your carpet, you will want to make sure you are using a good product. All of the effort and speed in the world will not do you any good if you only have one of these do-nothing, off the shelf carpet solutions. Quick N Brite is a safer and more effective alternative to the traditional spray bottles you are using now. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, it will not ruin your carpet, it is totally safe to touch, and it produces some of the best results possible. You will be able to remove spots and stains that you never thought possible, and it will be safe and easy to do it. This stuff is incredibly powerful, and super effective, but it is also 100% safe for use around, food, kids and pets. The ingredients are not at all harmful, and you could actually ingest it if you wanted to. It does not have the best flavor, but it will cut through, break up, and remove tough staining on your carpets or area rugs.

The only spots or stains that might give you trouble when using Quick N Brite are permanent inks or dyes and rust stains. Anything else is virtually fool-proof removal with this cleaner, so use it on juice spots, pasta sauce stains, red wine spills, muddy footprints, random food spots, general dirt and grime, blood, oil, soda, pets stains – even tar or candle wax. There is almost an infinite amount of messes that can be cleaned, and you will never have to worry about harming your carpet. It won’t do the job half way and just leave you with a lighter colored spot. It will completely remove the stain, and it will leave your carpet residue free, and feeling soft and plush to the touch. It will not be sticky in order to collect new dirt, and the area that was cleaned will not be risky for kids and pets to touch. You will be amazed at how easy and safe it is, but the real benefit is how well it will work. You can even use it to finish the job that another cleaner dropped the ball on. It doesn’t matter if you have tried, unsuccessfully in the past, to remove the spot with other products, Quick N Bite will still power through the dirt, and will remove the stain along with any left over cleaner.

How To Use It:
Using this cleaner is easy, and it produces amazing results without requiring amazing amounts of effort. You do use it a bit differently that your standard cleaning sprays out there, so be sure to follow these instructions for easy to achieve results.

When using Quick N Brite to spot clean your carpet, there are two basic techniques that you will use. The size, type and age of the stain will determine which method is best, and you may need to alter these methods slightly to suit your needs, or achieve perfect results. Essentially, you can use the paste full strength, or you can use a heavy solution in a spray bottle. For really tough spots, or stubborn grime, you will always want to go with the paste, but for quick clean up of light spotting and easier to clean dirt, the spray bottle technique can’t be beat.

Spray On – Heavy Solution
To make the heavy solution, you need a standard quart size spray bottle and either liquid Quick N Brite, or the paste. If using the paste to make heavy solution, you will need to melt it down in the microwave on a low setting first. For the liquid, there is no prep. To make the spray, simply take three tablespoons of the cleaner and mix it with water into the quart spray bottle. This is plenty of cleaner for many jobs, and if you do the math on what it costs you to make that bottle of cleaner, the ones at the store become an even bigger joke in comparison.

To remove spots like tiny drops of juice or other liquids, light dirt, food spots and other run of the mill type stains, this spray bottle of heavy solution will be all that you need. For tougher jobs, or if this does not work to perfection, move on to the other method listed below. To remove any regular spot from your carpet or area rug, simply spray on the Quick N Brite and then buff out with a dry terry cloth towel. You want to make sure you are using a throw away style rag of a towel because the dirt will lift off your carpet and transfer to this towel when you rub. Depending upon the type of spot, you may need to go over it another time to make the it completely disappear. Also, for some types of dirt, letting the cleaner sit prior to rubbing out the stain can produce better results.

As you let the Quick N Brite sit on there, it will be breaking down the dirt and lifting it off the surface. This is how the cleaner works, so for certain jobs, you will want to give it 5-10 minutes to let it work in order to save yourself effort and aggravation. It would not be uncommon to let it sit for 20-30 minutes, in some cases, in order to achieve the best results, and keep reapplication and rubbing to a minimum. This is how Quick n Brite is different from other cleaners, and if you take the time to approach the spot differently, and with a better tool, it will be a breeze to deal with. For most light spotting or quick clean-ups, a spray on and wipe off technique will work great, for other set in stains or grime that is a bit tougher to remove, let it sit for a bit and it will be just as easy to remove. For some spots, when using this technique, you may have to spray and wipe twice in order to totally clean the area.

Full Strength Paste
This technique is for the hard core dirt and really tough spotting. Use this technique if the one above does not work all the way, or if you are trying to get up stuff like tar, oils, wax, gum, really dark spots and so on. When applying the paste full strength, you will be using one of the most powerful carpet spot cleaners available. You will find that there are few, if any, spots that don’t come clean, and you will be pleased at how nice your spot-free carpet looks, and how soft it is to the touch after you are done.

A terry cloth towel will be a good way to apply the paste to your stain, but you could use something like a scrub sponge or brush if you wanted to. Even your fingers are a good way to apply and work in the cleaner in order to initiate the spot removal process. Some people like to use a dry towel for application, but most find that you can get better results with a warm, damp towel when applying the cleaner. You could also use your heavy solution to treat the area first, but that is not necessary. For some jobs, or certain people it could make the whole process easier and less time consuming, so it would be something to try when developing the technique that works best for you.

To clean any tough spot on your carpet, take your damp towel and dip into the bucket to get a reasonable amount of cleaner. Quick N Brite is concentrated, so a little bit will go a long way, but you do want to make sure you are using enough to get the job done. Once you have scooped up enough, you will want to sort of rub it into the stain and then let it sit. When it is left on there, untouched, it will be working to break down and elevate the stain so that it is easy to remove. This step is very  important, and you do need to give the cleaner enough time to work in order to achieve the desired results. Depending on how old, how big, or how severe the dirt is, you will want to let it sit on there anywhere from 5-30 minutes. After it does its job by sitting,  simply come back with a dry terry cloth towel, and buff the stain out. You will see the spot transfer from the nap of your carpet and onto the towel as you rub. It will get all the way down, deep into the carpet, to completely remove every sign of the spot. If you do see some light coloration left over, just go over the area again and it will be completely gone with your second application.

You don’t have to worry about what this stuff might do to your carpet, or how it might affect you if you breathe it in. You can safely use it without gloves on, and it will never harm any surface it touches. Despite being so safe and non-toxic, it is extremely good at what it does. You will be able to remove stains and clean dirt that you never thought was possible. It will do a complete job, and will totally eliminate any signs of the spot. Once you are done cleaning, your carpet will feel softer and newer, and it will be left looking better than ever. If you compare this stuff on its performance, it outmatches virtually anything else available. When you add in how safe it is, it would be hard to find anything that comes close to being as safe and effective all at the same time.

These techniques are perfect for small areas of floor, and you can use the same methods on furniture or upholstery too. Sooner or later, every carpet will need to be thoroughly cleaned all over, so these methods will be a bit time consuming when this occurs. It would be silly to get down on your hands and knees in order to wash your entire floor, but the results would probably be great. Most of us will end up renting or purchasing a steam cleaner for a job like this in order to save time and effort. The next time you do shampoo or steam clean your carpets, don’t be fooled into thinking you have to use the stuff that is recommended, or the stuff that comes with it. Quick N Brite works just as well on your whole floor as it does for small spots. Substitute it for the liquid you are using now and you will be blown away by the difference. You will extract ridiculous amounts of dirt from your carpet, and it will look cleaner than ever. Best of all, you will be left with a fresh scent instead of a chemically one, and your rug will feel soft and fluffy instead of stiff and crunchy. For the ultimate in carpet cleaning solutions, Quick n Brite is an excellent choice. It is basically unmatched for ability, and there are not many cleaners that are more safe.

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