A Soap Dish That Installs Anywhere

griipa soap dish Suction is for suckers. Using anywhere in the title may be a bit of an overstatement, but this incredible product will stick to a wide variety of surfaces, and it will adhere way better than other options. The attachment method looks like a suction cup, but it is far less bulky and substantially more grippy. Instead of sliding down overnight, or peeling off under weight, this dish will act like it is cemented in place. After you install it, you can bump it, knock it, load it up and it will stay fixed in place without budging. If you have ever tried to attach a soap dish to your wall without the use of tools, hardware or glue, then you know the options are limited. If you are tired of the frustration and lack luster results provided by suction products, then continue reading to find out how a friction mount soap dish could be the answer you are looking for.

What Is It

It all starts with a simple, modern design that blends with nearly any decor. This white, plastic dish has a lip on the outer rim to prevent sliding, and it has holes in the base to promote drying. Those features make it an adequate soap storage spot, but the way in which it attaches to your shower, is what raises it to the level of amazing. Instead of screws, glues or cups you have to lick, this dish uses a friction mount bracket that works way better. You won’t need tools, and there are no parts included. The circular parts that sticks to the wall looks like suction, but it is thinner and more like a vinyl sticker. It will not leave any residue on the wall, or harm any surface, but the thinner material will create more friction as it hugs the wall more efficiently. Push up down or sideways and it will not move.

Stack up to ten pounds on top and it will hold steady without drooping or sliding. It is the perfect product to allow you to have a soap dish right where you need it. Make up for inadequate stalls, or allow someone to reach without bending. You can even place it on shower doors, mirror, tiles next to your sink and so much more. Once in place,it will remain unless you decide otherwise, but it is also completely reusable and re-position-able too!

What Makes It So Awesome

It does have a clean simple look that blends with any bathroom, but the way it works is what makes it so great. It really does feel like it’s permanently in place once you get it installed. Other similar options force you to rely on bulky suction cups, or something sticky, and they will never hold as well, or last as long. This dish mounts on almost any flat surface, and it sticks completely flush. It will not wobble or slide, and it will stay cemented in place for as long as you want. If you decide to take it down, or move locations, it will only taker a second, and there will never be any residue, marks or holes left behind. Stick to a glass door, attach to a shower wall, hang on a mirror and so much more. It gives you the ability to mount a soap holder right where you need it, and you won’t need any tools to install it.

Friction Mount

The secret is in the bracket that mounts to the wall. It is circular in shape, and it looks a lot like a suction cup, but the material is much thinner, and the overall design is a bit more advanced. When you press it against the wall, it will adhere more like a sticker, but there is no actual sticky stuff involved. Once you press out all of the air bubbles, friction against the surface increases greatly, and not only holds it on the wall, but also completely immobilizes it. You can run into it by accident, or put the heaviest bar of soap imaginable on top, and it will not budge at all. Other options will flop off when your not looking, or slide slowly as you shower. This one will look and act like it is screwed in place, but you will not need any hardware, and you will not be limited to surfaces that accept screws.

Easy Installation

If you have a few seconds free, and absolutely no skill as far as home improvement goes, then you have everything necessary to mount this holder. It is as easy as choosing the ideal spot, making sure it is clean, and then pressing it in place. Anyone can have it operational in one or two minutes, but follow these instructions for best results.

  1. Select a location and then clean  it. Removing dirt improve adhesion, and guarantee longevity.
  2. Most installs will be straight forward. Some surfaces will require the adapter sheet. If necessary, peel off backing and apply it first. Press on and push out any air bubbles.
  3. To mount the dish, remove the backing from the circular bracket.
  4. Apply direct pressure and press in place.
  5. Massage visible air bubbles toward the outside to remove them.
  6. Press firmly once more, and remove any remaining air bubbles.
  7. Attach soap dish to mounting bracket by sliding into place. Position above the circle, and then slide down onto center post.
  8. To remove or re-position, slide dish up and off bracket and then peel off circle to remove it. To place in new location, repeat steps above.

Compatible Surfaces

  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Glossy Tile
  • Acrylic
  • Fiberglass
  • Porcelain
  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel (with adapter)
  • Matte Tile (with adapter)
  • Any other smooth, shiny surface not listed.

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