Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain

The lumbar area of the back is often cited as the most problematic by those that suffer from back pain. Lots of times we  just call it the lower back, but a large number of people experience at least occasional pain in this area. It can be due to sitting all day at work, driving long distances, a past injury, or an number of other similar reasons. Whatever the reason though, lower back pain can be incredibly annoying to tolerate and even harder to alleviate.

Proper support and spine positioning are two of the easiest and most effective ways of both preventing and getting rid of lower back pain. It can be very hard to accomplish this on an ongoing basis though because most chairs and seats offer inadequate support for your back. This means that every time you sit for long periods of time without correct positioning of your spine, you are actually making your condition worse. It may seem like sitting down would be a good rest, but if your lumbar area is not properly supported, you may be doing more harm than good.

The Back Saver was designed to address this issue of less than adequate lower back support in most chairs. It is a high quality, mesh-covered, metal frame that creates an incredibly lightweight and ergonomic lumbar support system. This clever device is totally portable, and can easily install on virtually any seat. Use it on your office chair at work, on your car seat, at home on the couch and more. You could even bring it with you everywhere you go and quickly move it between seats. It is made from extremely comfortable materials and provides perfect support right where you need it. The mesh material is able to gently cradle your back while remaining incredibly breathable and cool. You will be able to increase the comfort of your seat, improve circulation and promote proper posture.

The contoured design is perfectly shaped to give you the lumbar support you need. It can be easily adjusted up or down, and can even be flipped over and used upside down. Anyone should be able to create a perfect fit no matter the type of seat you are using it in, or the shape of your back. It installs in seconds using the fully adjustable strap to secure it where you need it. With improved sitting position and lumbar support, you will be able to sit longer and be more comfortable doing it. It is ideal for use while traveling, working, watching television, sewing, scrap booking, reading and more. Order two at a time for an even lower price!

Back Saver



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  1. A very good option for people who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on an ergonomic chair.

    One advantage these types of devices have over ergonomic chairs is that you can install it on any seat, anywhere. I haven't tested it, but I am sure you can even install it on a toilet seat, but hopefully it won't be needed there.

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