Save Money On Your Heating Bill

The easiest way to save money on your heating bill is to use it less. But this can pose a real problem for those of us that like to stay warm. So in order to remain comfortable and use the furnace less you will need to warm yourself by other means. There are a number of ways to go about this, but one of the easiest ways is with a thick, cozy set of bed sheets to keep you nice and toasty all night long.

Our Royal Crown Fleece Sheets are perfect for cold winter nights thanks to  their warm fluffy texture. They feel extremely soft to the touch, and feature a plush, brushed fleece finish. They are the ultimate in warmth and comfort with a softness level you have to feel to believe. Staying asleep will be easy when you slip into these thick cozy sheets. They will keep you warm all night long so you won’t need the heat on. They are incredibly cuddly, so they are perfect for colder temperatures, but are also great for anyone that is interested in a ridiculously comfortable bed.  They have a deep, plushy pile that makes them super warm, yet almost weightless against your body. These sheets are very durable, low stretch and sewn with deep pockets to accommodate almost any bed type. Because these sheets are made from microfiber, they are uniquely able to pull moisture and humidity away from your body, assuring you a good night’s sleep in any temperature or season. Wrap yourself in fuzzy warmth when you make your bed with these sheets. Turn your furnace down before you hit the sack, and relax in warm comfort all night long. You will save money and get a better night’s sleep. What more could you ask for.

Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Machine wash gentle, tumble dry. Available in twelve great colors at an incredibly low price.

These fleece sheets will easily outperform flannel, cotton jersey or other similar styles of bed sheets. Find similar sets at department stores locally for more than twice the price. Once you snuggle into a set of these wonderful fleece bed sheets, you’ll never go back to anything else. Save on your heating bill by switching to a warmer, more comfortable set of sheets.

Fleece Bed Sheets