A Rubber Floor Squeegee and Broom In One.

Floor Squeegee & Broom In OneLooking for a good tool to dry a cement floor, patio or parking garage? Then chances are you have discovered the wide range of options available, and you are wondering which one will be best for you. Most of the version out there are simple variations on the same concept, and few are anything more than a flexible rubber blade attached to a long pole. This gives you the floor squeegee you are after, and should get the job done, but how many times will you realistically be performing this same task. Usually a tool like this is employed under rare circumstances like heavy rain, large spills, or occasional flooding, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could put your money towards something a bit more useful and still get the job done? Of course it would. That is why we would suggest our more versatile option that comes in three sizes and is actually a powerful broom and floor squeegee in one.

What Is It?

The name pretty much says it all. A floor squeegee is nearly identical to the ones used for windows, but they will come in larger sizes, and will usually be attached to long poles that may or may not extend. Intended to be used like a push broom, they make it easy to push liquid across a floor to a drain or dry the entire surface after it has been cleaned. The tool usually consists of a metal frame with a thin, flexible blade attached, and a pole will screw into the head to enable use while standing. They are typically used in places where floors get wet regularly, and are great for quickly cleaning up messes or eliminating moisture. It will look much like a mop or a broom, but with a more simplified head.

Where They Are Used:

Typically found in supermarkets, gymnasiums, cafeterias, hospitals and parking garages, but also great for homeowners with wet basements, or puddly patios. You could spend all day wiping with a rag or trying some other futile method, but when you need to move a lot of water, there are few other alternatives that will work quite as well. If heavy rain fills your garage, or leaves puddles in your driveway, use one to quickly move it into your lawn, or direct it all to a drain. If you need to completely eliminate water, but don’t have a drain, gather it all to one area and then use a shammy to soak it all up instead. These long tools save time and eliminate most or all of the need to get down on your hands and knees.  If you are cleaning a driveway or concrete patio, use one for the finishing touches, and to speed through steps by aiding in the rinsing process.

Dry a sidewalk in front of your house, or keep the concrete around your pool dry and slip free by quickly whisking the water away to eliminate puddling. When a sump pump fails, or your walk out basement lets in water during a storm, use one to dry the floor and save you belongings. Older cellars are notorious for getting flooded with standing water, but even new, dry ones can be problematic when accidents happen or pipes burst. Professional maintenance work is often aided by the use of a floor squeegee because they can reduce effort and improve results when working with large floors. Due to the long reach, and similarity to window cleaning tools, one with a longer handle will allow for similar applications like washing windows or skylights that are hard to reach.

What Makes Ours Different:

Well for starters, it is not really a squeegee. It will work just as well, and in most cases last longer, but technically these are brooms with a secondary blade as an added benefit. Flip to one side and you have a professional quality blade fro drying any surface, and flip back to the other side and you have a powerful broom head that can perform other floor cleaning tasks. Instead of limiting you to a single job, our tool is a scrub brush, broom and squeegee in one, and because it is made entirely from super durable rubber, it is not affected by moisture or cleaning chemicals, and it will last for a long time. The flexible rubber bristles are amazing at sweeping up fine particles, but they can also double as a scrub brush when you add soap and water.

Now you can clean a cement floor and dry it with one convenient tool. Use the bristles to remove stubborn dirt and then dry it quickly with the flexible rubber blade on the back side. Use dry for regular sweeping or moisture removal and the natural rubber will conform to uneven surfaces to make the job easy. Similar techniques allow you to wash high windows, scrub vinyl siding, clean a boat or RV and so much more. You could spend more for a tool that will do less, but why would you. Our affordable rubber floor squeegee and brooms in one come in three different sizes and offer unmatched bang for your buck. With commercial grade materials and a pole that telescopes to the perfect length, it would be difficult to find a more useful tool for this type of job.

Choosing The Right Tool:

Although traditional ones are very similar, there will be slight variations in overall design that may affect your decision. Most people would agree that a more versatile tool is a better choice overall, but some will need the specific characteristics offered by a more specialized version. If you are opting for one of our tools, then size is the only thing to consider, but if you prefer a more standard option then you will weigh other factors like materials and shape variation. Our broom combo tools only come with a straight blade, but other tools offer a slightly curved variety that can help in some situations. When you order from us, each size will come with a commercial grade handle made from steel and is adjustable for length, while other models offer straight poles made from wood or other metals.

Smaller squeegees are best used on kitchen floors or in the bathroom, while larger models are better suited for larger rooms and outdoor areas. When working in corners, or trying to get around objects, a smaller size will be best, and a slight curve may be helpful. When looking at larger blades, weight becomes a factor. Aluminum can offer lightweight construction without compromising too much in the way of durability, but all steel may be the more rugged option that your job requires. This goes for the blade frame as well as  the handle. Lighter material will not last as long, or provide as much pressure when working, but it can reduce strain and effort when working for long periods.

In general, our tools are very user friendly and able to get the job done. You will not notice any difference in the performance of the rubber blade, but you will notice how much more use you get out of the tool in general. Get one as an affordable option to take care of your moisture problem, but then use it on other jobs too. There is no better broom for sweeping outside, and few regular versions can match it’s ability to sweep up fine particles and other difficult messes. Add to that the ability of the flexible bristles to act as a scrub brush for cleaning and you already have one super useful item. Flip to the other side to make the blade usable and you will quickly realize that there are almost no other tools that match the ability, and the few that do, cost two or three times as much. Our tools cost less that a plain old squeegee in most cases, and they provide a whole lot more utility. Try for yourself and you will not be disappointed. After using it once, you will begin to wonder why you were ever searching for a boring old regular version in the first place.

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