Remove Makeup Without The Remover

Microfiber WashclothNo remover? That’s not possible without scrubbing away with face wash or some other kind of soap though right? Wrong. It is quite possible to quickly and easily remove any type of face makeup without using any soap or chemical, and without rubbing your face to the point of abrasion. It does not matter if it mascara, eye shadow, cover up, blush or anything else. Even the sticky, caked layers from a special night out on the town can be quickly cleaned without resorting to anything expensive, or posing any risk to your skin due to overuse of harsh chemicals which are inevitably absorbed as you wipe. Most women just default to the cleanser or makeup remover that works best for them, but there is another option available that most people are not even aware of.

If you wear makeup on a regular basis, it is important to remove it at the end of the day. If left on there over night, or for several days at a time, you can begin to develop problems. We all love how it enhances our looks when properly applied, but all of this can be in vane if you don’t also take care of your skin. When cleansing is neglected, your eyes can become irritated, infections can develop, rashes can form on more sensitive people, and acne will probably become a problem as well. To avoid dirty oily skin, or compounded problems due to the length of time you leave your mascara on, simply choose an effective method, and opt for regular cleanings that involve complete removal. Skin is a porous layer, and it loves to breathe, so once clean, always allow it to remain naked for as long as possible before reapplying cosmetics.

If asked how to do it, most women will say that a bottle of makeup remover is how you remove face makeup. Duh. The product name says it all, and why would you try anything else when the writing on the bottle is telling you what you should use? So to get the job done, you need to first have some of this magical liquid on hand, and if you don’t, it means a trip to the store in order to get your face clean. Many of us would prefer not to pay the price, and it can be a real annoyance when you run out, and have no other options that you are aware of. If you do have some left in the cupboard, then using it is pretty simple. Take one of those little pads, or use something else like a cotton ball, Q-Tip, or tissue. Saturate whatever you are using with the cleanser, and then apply to your face where the makeup is. Press and hold for a second, and then wipe clean. You may have to go over the same are more than once to completely remove all color, and it could take several cotton balls as you begin to dispose of the dirty ones. Not all of these products are created equal, and it seems like the better the results, the higher the price tag. Most will also include stuff that many might want to avoid touching their skin, but these things seem key to the functionality of the product. You will be hard pressed to find an effective version that does not contain alcohol, solvents, preservatives and other chemicals. These can be detrimental over the long term, and for people with sensitive skin, it can be harmful after just one use.

If you run out of remover, and have not yet opted for the much easier method described below, here are some ways you can accomplish the task with stuff you may have lying around the house. If you would prefer to skip to a fast and effective method that does not require chemicals or re-buying any bottles of expensive liquid, then scroll down to the simply good method below.

  1. Vaseline: Most of us have a tub of this somewhere in the house, and it can work with a little bit of effort. Because it is greasy and slippery by nature, it is able to mix with your eye shadow or anything else in order to make it lift off of your skin easier. It is in no way a cleaner, so this technique may only work for areas with less applied, or after several attempts. That being said, it does work, and can be something to try when all else fails, or when nothing else is available. To remove face makeup with Vaseline  use a Q-Tip. Dip it in to pick up a small amount, and then wipe where the color is. It will transfer onto the cotton tip, and leave your skin cleaner. You will definitely need more than one swab, and it will most likely take more than a single try. You also will need to wash the greasy residue off your skin after you finish because if absorbed, it can cause problems because it is so oily.
  2. Baby Oil: This is another product that a lot of us will have on hand. It works in the same way that the Vaseline does, but since it is much thinner in consistency, it should be easier to work with, and will most likely produce slightly better results overall. You can apply it with a Q-Tip or cotton ball, and it should be sufficient to remove caked on stuff that your regular face wash would just leave behind. To use this method simply saturate the cotton, whether it be ball or swab, and then apply to your face making sure not to get it in your eyes. This is made easier if you work from the inside to the outside, so try to be methodical for best results. The oil will allow the dark color to slide off you face, and it will transfer to the cotton. Some oil will remain on your skin with this technique  so it may be a good idea to use soap or another wash to clean that off after you finish with the makeup removal.
  3. Other Methods: You can certainly try and use a regular bar of soap, or your favorite acne fighting face wash, but these are not really designed to remove cosmetics, and are more suited to cleaning dirt and oil off your skin. Depending upon the amount and type of product you have applied to your face, you may be able to get good results in some cases, but as an overall solution, these do not work that well. In a pinch though, anything is better than nothing, and they should work if enough effort is used.

All of these techniques are quite viable, and will work just fine to take makeup off your eyes, but some of you might be interested in a faster and easier way to do it that will also save you money and prevent oil or chemicals from touching your skin unnecessarily.  Our method does just that. You will be able to completely remove all traces of color, and it will take you less time and effort. You will not ever have to worry about running out, or going to the store to buy more because there are no re-purchases necessary for this method. You will not have to use any soap, or resort to harsh chemicals or oily substances. Your skin will be cleaner than ever, and you will gain the added benefit of gently exfoliating it as you take the makeup off. When you use this method, you can even toss out your face wash, because the same technique that will completely remove heavy layers of dark color from any part of your face can also  be an effective way to wash the parts that were not made up.

Our microfiber washcloths are ideal for washing your face, and they will allow you to deep clean your skin and exfoliate it at the same time. Every last bit of dirt and makeup can be removed in one easy step, and there are no additional soaps or cleansers necessary. Your skin will be healthier and younger looking because you will be able to get it cleaner, and when you do it, you will not be introducing any harmful, foreign substances that may affect your complexion.  Because you will be exfoliating as you clean, any dead skin will come off with the dirt in order to reveal fresh, young looking skin from underneath.

Yes. We knew you were going to say that. Of course you do. Most traditional cloths are made from cotton and do not have anything close to the advanced surface and superior material that our washcloths posses.  You could wipe and scrub all day with the washcloth you have now, and it will maybe smudge and smear your mascara, and probably leave your skin red, but it will never clean and exfoliate the way that this one does. Fancy beauty stores sell similar products for a ton of money, and in many cases the material is actually inferior in comparison.  Ours are high quality, and have proven performance, so you are guaranteed effectiveness, and ensured an easy method to get the job done quickly.

They are not magical, although after using one you may begin to call it a miracle cloth. The results are pretty amazing, and it can be unbelievable to realize that remover and other cleansers are just not necessary. It is not like you will be giving up speed or cleanliness just to save a buck, or avoid chemicals either. You will actually be using a better method that also has those other benefits as part of the package.

The secret to these cloths is in the material. We source the highest quality microfiber, direct from Korea, and it is superior in quality and functionality to virtually all others. You could probably find a similar looking washcloth somewhere else, but to match the quality would be difficult, and it might be impossible. You can tell, just by looking that the advanced waffle weave patterning on our cloth is different from other versions. Once you hold it though, you will notice even more differences. It will be softer, thicker, and slightly heavier weight overall. The advanced fibers, and the way in which the cloth is constructed are what give it all of it’s power. This is why picking up a similar looking cloth at a local store may not be the best choice. Our affordable price tag makes it easy for anyone to own a safe and effective way to quickly wash their face, and because the material has been thoroughly tested, and proven to work, you can be sure that when you get it, your search will be over.

The teeny tiny fibers are very different from cotton, and can actually clean 99% of all dirt or makeup from your skin with just water as a cleanser. That’s right. Just water. You don’t need remover, you don’t need soap, and you don’t need expensive face wash. Just by adding water, you will give this cloth the power necessary to thoroughly clean your face. It is super gentle, but sufficiently abrasive at the same time. People with sensitive skin will not find it rough feeling, and it will not irritate their skin. Despite the fact that it does not feel like a scrubber, it is able to deep clean skin and exfoliate at the same time. Those tiny fibers will gently skim the surface of your skin  and they will lift up and lock in any dirt or grime they encounter. A simple wipe will give you the scrubbing power necessary to take off dark, sticky, caked on mascara, and leave your face looking fresh and rejuvenated.  It is totally washable so once it gets too dirty, just toss it in the laundry to use over and over again. This will save you tons of money over a lifetime, but it also adds the convenience of never worrying about running out of whatever you are using now.

Using this cloth to remove makeup is so simple. Use it at the sink, or in the shower to not only remove makeup, but also for general face washing. To clean with it, simply get wet with warm water and then wring out a bit. You do not need to add soap or anything else because performance will be outstanding without it, but if you feel like you need to it would be just fine to use anything you like without harming overall usage of the cloth. Once it is wet, simply start wiping to remove makeup. It will always be easiest to work from the middle of your face out, and you will want to be careful not to wipe into your eyes. A single pass is usually enough to reveal a clean surface, but it may take two depending upon the type of cosmetic, how long it has been on, or how much you applied in the first place. As you wipe, the dark and colorful stuff will transfer onto the cloth as it is completely removed from he surface of your skin. As an added bonus, the cloth will also remove all dirt at the same time, and also eliminate dead skin cells as it gently exfoliates while you wash.

It is not treated with any chemicals, and there is nothing secret or special hidden inside. The high quality fabric, superior construction, and unique weave are what allow it to work. Because the fibers are so effective, you can really use it alone to do an amazing job after a night on the town. You will save time because there is only a single step involved, and you will save money because a single cloth can be washed hundreds of times before you would ever need to replace it. After using it for a short period, your skin will say thank you by looking cleaner, younger and more evenly toned due to the minimal impact that this cloth provides. You will prevent the introduction of unwanted chemicals, and you will not have to worry about running out of your favorite product. For a quick, easy and highly effective way to remove makeup or just generally get your face clean, our microfiber washcloths are hard to beat.

Microfiber Washcloths



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