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long hair on carpetQUESTION:

FAQ talks about sweeping up pet hair. What about long human hair in carpets. It ruins roller heads on vacuum cleaners.


Absolutely. Our rubber broom is great for any kind of hair, and it works on virtually any surface. Use it on long or short hair, and it doesn’t matter if it comes form humans or animals. Quickly collect it on tile, linoleum, marble, hardwood and even carpeting. You can use it to gather long strands in your kitchen and  bathroom. The unique design combines with the high quality materials and construction to literally pull it up and out of the fibers. Vacuum cleaners have trouble sucking it up in the first place, and as you have noticed, if it can pull it up, much will get wound up and stuck in the rollers. Most of us would prefer to avoid tipping the vacuum over to cut the long hairs free, and this broom will help you do it. Even if you have the best vacuum available, this tool will be able to find remaining locks right after cleaning because they all leave some behind.

Why Does It Work So Well?

Folks who run beauty salons, barber shops and kennels love these for cleaning up hair, and so do professional groomers. This is based on how well they work but also how long they last. When you sweep on any surface type, the rubber bristles will form a solid wall, and will build a slight static charge. This helps to collect the hairs, but it also prevents them from flying around. As you continue working, a pile will form in front off the bristles, and you will be able to build and control it as you move along the floor. On carpet and throw rugs, the bristles take it one step further by digging down to clean deep within the fibers. When you use the right technique, you will be able to lift up hair that your vacuum misses. Long human hair, or shorter pet fur will be cleaned and eliminated just the same.

Instructions For Use:

  • If you are trying to remove long hair in your carpet you would want to use short deliberate strokes. Longer, more regular style sweeping will still collect some, but for a better charge, and deeper clean, keep the movements short and firm.
  • Hold like a regular broom, but do not push. Use it by pulling it towards yourself. You can push dirt on a hard flooring surface, but when using on any type of rug, you really need to pull.
  • As you sweep with short strokes you will see the hair begin to pull up and pile.
  • A static charge will build to help pull it out of the fibers and keep it close at the same time, This results in fast cleaning and a neat pile to scoop when finished. The Sweepa Rubber Broom works so well that you can actually pull out hair that even the best vacuums leave behind.
  • Move backward across you floor, and continue in  a straight line until you finish that area. Go back to where you began, move over making sure to overlap slightly and then sweep you next piece of floor. THis will ensure total coverage, and allow you to clean thoroughly.
  • Once you have finished the whole area, knock the broom head on the floor to release the charge and then sweep into a dust pan for disposal.
  • If dirty, the rubber head can be washed with soap or water to keep it sanitary.

Perfect for high traffic areas, or the spot where your dog likes to sleep, but also quick enough to do larger areas too. It is way more convenient when cleaning hair off of your stairs, and would even work to eliminate hair from non-floor surfaces like couches, pet beds and more. If you are tired of your vacuum getting loud as the hair slows the roller, or if you can’t stand the smell of heating hair as the motor gets hot with friction, a rubber broom can do a better job and prevent those things from taking place. The best part about it though is that it will also outperform your regular broom for normal tasks too. Use it on any hard surface to thoroughly clean with less effort, and eliminate dust and dirt faster than ever. Get one to make cleaning long locks a simple task, but also use it to replace your regular broom to make every other floor cleaning job easier too. It even doubles as a scrub brush, snow brush, squeegee and more. It is also virtually indestructible and it doesn’t ware out. This high quality tool will last for years, and it will easily solve your human shedding problem.

Rubber Broom

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  1. A rubber broom seems to be just the right solution to the problem of long hair in the rugs. I'm intrigued that the way it works is to create static electrical charge with short strokes. That static pulls the hair up and out of the rug. Great for long folks with long haired pets & people in the house.

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  2. I have a Sweepa and absolutely love it. Can I replace the head only since the handle is still good?

    (1) (1)
    • You sure can! We don't have an option to purchase just the head on our website, but if you call us at 800-724-6693 M-F 9am-5pm, we would be happy to help.

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    • Absolutely! Professional house cleaners, hair salons, dog kennels and groomers all agree that this is the best broom available. It will outperform and outlast virtually any other broom on the market.

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