Remove Cat Hair From Furniture

cat sleeping on furnitureYou love your cat. Your cat loves your furniture. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily train a cat to sleep in their own bed, or clean up after themselves?

Then you could avoid the inevitable piles of fur that coat your couch or chair whenever that precious feline decides he or she is finished. Since it is nearly impossible to train a cat to do anything they don’t want to do, every pet lover is destined to deal with the problem of cleaning shedding hair off of any surface the cat decides to spend time on. This could be your sofa, a favorite chair, your bed, or a certain spot on the floor. Wherever your cat likes to sleep, or just hang out will inevitably get coated with fur. So unless you like to have it transfer to your clothes or irritate your allergies, you will have to find an efficient way to clean it.

Because these areas are usually small, it doesn’t make much sense to break out a large vacuum cleaner to tackle this job. It would be overkill as far as the actual chore goes, and because it is such a task to lug it around, it will prevent you from cleaning in the first place because it is easier to put it off. Who would want to drag a big heavy machine over to a dinky little spot, just to suck up some hair, only to have to wind the cord back up and haul it back to the closet. This is a lot of trouble for one cushion covered with hair. Beyond that, many vacuum cleaners don’t even have the ability to do a good job, especially if you are using the attachments. You will end up going over the area several times, only to be left with annoying little hairs here and there that refuse to suck up. This means that you will end up expending a bunch of effort, and you won’t even have good results to show for it.

Other smaller tools can be more practical size-wise, but the results can be just as disappointing. Some tools that work well for the job end up being expensive and annoying due to the need to purchase replacements. A standard sticky roller will remove all of the hair in most cases, but you will have to use, tear off, and throw away many sheets of sticky paper in order to get the job done in some cases, and when those sheets are gone, you get to go to the store to buy more, or you get to sit in a chair that is covered with cat fur. Neither choice sounds all that great, but this is one of the go-to tools for many people when cleaning cat hair from furniture. If you use a smaller, hand-held vacuum cleaner, it will make more sense for the size of the job when compared to a larger machine, but the performance on most dust buster style vacs is pretty pathetic. You may be able to suck up cobwebs and crumbs, but to clean an area coated with fur is a whole different story. You will have a hard time getting the area perfectly clean unless you have spent over $100 on your machine.

Because traditional tools are so frustrating, many people switch to home remedies to get the job done. One of the best ways to remove pet hair with stuff around the house, is the tape on the hand method. Sticky box tape will work the best, but any kind will give adequate results. Just wrap the tape around your hand with the sticky side up until your entire hand is covered. After this just pat or rub the area to lift up the fur. This will give you a pretty powerful tool to get the fur off, but you will most likely go through a ton of tape, which you will throw away when you are done, and the time it takes to wrap and re-wrap could get a little tedious. When in a pinch though, this can be quite effective for furniture and clothing.

4 Top Tools For Taking Cat Hair Off Furniture
There are a number of tools that do actually work for a job like this. We carry several non-traditional tools that will easily remove cat hair from furniture. For the purposes of this article, we will list five of the best ones. The following tools and techniques will enable you to quickly and completely clean your furniture and other areas. You will be able to remove all shedding fur in order to leave the area clean. Instead of a fluffy ball of fur under you bum when you are watching TV, you could have a nice clean cushion. The reason that these tools are so much better than others is due to ease-of-use and quality of performance. They have proven to get the job done well, without wasting time or effort, and without requiring you to maintain them, or purchase replacements.

Reusable Sticky Roller
This tool is highly effective for small areas of fur. Unlike regular versions though, you never have to buy replacement sticky stuff. Just rinse clean and reuse over and over again. It will last for years and remain just as effective as the day you first used it. It will be just as sticky as a regular style one, but you will never be faced with the annoyance of running out of sticky, or having to buy replacements. For couch cushions, clothing, chairs and more, just roll over the hair to pick it up and remove it from the surface you are cleaning. This roller will hold a decent amount of hair, and will leave surfaces totally clean. For larger areas, this tool can get frustrating because once it is coated, you have to rinse it clean before you can keep going. For this reason, we do have larger sizes available. The bigger the roller, the more it can hold, and the larger are it can handle. For smaller areas, it is hard to beat, so car upholstery, seats in your living room, clothing, even your cat’s bed, can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with this tool. It is one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted fur from almost any surface.

Pet Hair Brush
This amazing brush can actually be used right on dogs and cats as a grooming tool, but it is also ideal for cleaning up their fur elsewhere too. It can quickly brush hair off any surface, and will even get the pieces that are stuck in the fibers of carpet or upholstery. Surface rollers like the one above, are very good at picking up loose hair, but for high traffic areas, or when fur is on certain surface types, it can make things a little more difficult. This tool is able to lift hair up and out thanks to the flexible rubber bristles and the resulting static charge that it builds. As you use it, static will build to make the job easier. Fur will be pulled into the bristles, and it will remain charged, so it won’t fly away as you are trying to clean it. This rubber brush will allow you to quickly pile hair neatly so that it can be picked up or whisked away into a garbage can. Size of area is less of a problem with this tool because you never have to rinse or empty it. You will have to collect the hair and dispose of it in some way, so you may end up touching it as you clean unlike with the roller. The rubber bristles will form a wall as you sweep clean surfaces, and this will enable you to thoroughly clean and remove all fur. Any furniture surface can be cleaned with this tool because even though it is quite powerful, the bristles are safe for any surface, and will not cause scratches or marks.

Rubber Lint Brush
Although it is called a lint brush, it is very effective for cat hair. It is pretty similar to the brush above, but the bristles are skinnier and there are more of them. This makes it better for certain surfaces, and also more able to remove finer particles and thinner hair. If you know your cat has extremely fine hair, then this is probably the best tool for you. This one is a bit smaller than the brush above, so you would probably prefer it for areas that are smaller. As far as using it goes, the method is the same, and so are the benefits. It is also made from rubber, so you get the same static charge, and ability to lift and remove pet hair. Due to the sizer and shape, this one is a bit easier to use on clothing or the upholstery in your car. Just brush across the surface using short strokes. The hair will begin to pile and move along with the tool. It won’t float up into the air thanks to the static charge, and you will be able to get the surface very clean and fur-free. As with the brush, you are more collecting the hair than removing it, so you will need to sweep the pile into a dust pan or trash can in order to finish the job. It will only take seconds between grabbing this tool, and having a clean spot to sit.

FURemover Duo
Because the two tools above are so effective, and because they both have their own distinct advantages, this tool combines the best of both worlds. It has fatter bristles on one side, and thinner bristles on the other. Literally it has the bristles of one tool on one side and the bristles of the other tool on the opposite side. For anyone that knows they would want both, or for those that can’t decide which is better, this is the perfect choice. You can simply flip back and forth depending upon what is giving you the best results at the time. With this ultimate combination at your disposal, you will be able to clean cat hair from any place with total confidence. This combo brush will operate the same ways, and provide all of the same benefits as the others. You just get both tools in one when you choose the duo brush. Use one side directly on your pet to groom and remove loose hair, then flip it over and use the other side to take loose hair off your shirt or couch.

FURemover Mitt
So at this point, it is a given that rubber bristled tools give you an incredibly powerful weapon in the battle against shedding. The brushes above all work great, but what about those of us that don’t like dirty stuff to touch us as we clean. Or how about animal lovers that are also allergic? These folks need to clean up the hair, but they don’t want to touch it. For them a glove with rubber bristles is a great alternative. You get the power of the flexible bristles and static charge, but you don’t ever have to let the fur touch you. Beyond that, this mitt gives you a wider surface area to work with, so larger areas could be cleaned faster and easier if you are using this. The bristles are not as long, so for some jobs, it will not perform as well, but for many cases it can be and incredible effective tool. Simply slip it on and wipe away. Shorter strokes will build a stronger charge and make the job easier, and in no time you will be able to sweep away, lift up and remove tons of fur. For larger cushions on a couch, or any similar area, this can be a quick way to pick up the cat hair.

Stop struggling with frustrating methods of cat hair removal, and stop sitting on fur covered cushions. You don’t have to have cat fur all over your house just because you like them as company, and lets face it, they are never going to do what you tell them to, and they are never going to start liking baths. There are many annoying and ineffective ways to clean up shedding fur, but if you go with a better tool or way of cleaning, you will have much better results, and you will spend much less energy to achieve them. Once you are using the right tool for the job, removing cat hair from any type of furniture will be easy. You will cut down on the amount of hair that transfers to clothing, and you will ease the suffering of anyone with allergies. The surface type does not matter with any of the tools above, and the effort it takes will not be in vein because the results will be outstanding. Whether you prefer to roll it up or brush it away, you can easily take cat hair off of any couch or chair using this stuff.



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