How To Remove a Blood Stain

A blood stain can be just about the worst type of stain to remove. Once dried, the blood almost cements itself to fabric. Washed in blood stains can be even more daunting as they can appear to be a lost cause. If you get a blood stain on your clothes, furniture or carpet, don’t worry because it can be removed. Accidents happen and a blood stain is incredibly common, but many people end up trashing the stained item instead of cleaning it. I am happy to say that there is a solution and blood stains can be cleaned.

The unique make-up of blood is what makes it so hard to clean. It is a protein based stain that is organic by nature. Two main components are what make blood such a tricky stain. The protein called hemoglobin, which is a binding element, and iron, which gives blood its red color. When this protein is exposed to air and dries on clothing or other fibers, it actually binds to the material as it dries. The iron, which turns to a more brownish-red color, remains trapped in the hemoglobin, giving you a dark red stain that seems impossible to remove.

Cleaning a Blood Stain

If warm or hot water is applied to the area, it will cause the protein to fix itself even stronger to the fibers. This is why you should always use cold water when working with a blood stain. To completely remove it, you need a cleaner that will break apart the protein component of the blood, so that it will release the iron, and come clean. Quick’n Brite is the perfect cleaner for removing blood stains. It is an enzyme cleaner, so it’s specialty is breaking apart organic stains. The enzymes in Quick’n Brite will actually break the bond between the hemoglobin and the fibers, allowing you to completely remove the blood stain. This all-natural cleaner is completely non-toxic and biodegradable. It also contains no chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining any fabrics.

Blood Stains On Clothing

  • To clean stains on clothing, rinse the garment in cold water first.
  • Then apply Quick’n Brite Paste, full strength directly to the stain.
  • Fold the material in on itself, trapping the cleaner and stain between the layers of fabric.
  • Rub the fabric together briskly until the stain loosens.
  • Once the stain begins to lift out of the material, wipe clean with a dry terry cloth towel, or put the clothing into the wash for cleaning.
  • For really tough blood stains, or ones that have been washed in, use Quick’n Brite and soak the garment overnight. Use 3/4 cup of Quick’n Brite for every one gallon of water, and let it sit for 8 hours or so, for washing the next day.

Blood Stains On Floors, Carpet Or Upholstery

  • To clean a blood stain on furniture or carpets or anywhere else, simply use a slightly different method.
  • Lightly wet the affected area, making sure to blot or otherwise remove excess blood.
  • Take some Quick’n Brite and use it full strength directly on the stain.
  • Work the cleaner in using your fingernail, a toothbrush, or something similar.
  • Use an up and down, then left and right motion.
  • You will instantly begin to see the stain lifting from the material.
  • Once the stain is loose, take a dry terry cloth towel and wipe the area clean.
  • The blood stain will transfer itself onto the towel and your carpet, furniture, etc. will be completely clean.
  • Depending on the degree and age of the blood stain in question, you may have to repeat this process for best results.

There is no blood stain too tough for Quick’n Brite, and it comes with a full money back guarantee. Quick’n Brite is truly the only cleaner you need. It works great for removing blood stains, but it also has hundreds of other uses for all over your home. It’s a fantastic cleaner and it’s environmentally friendly. What more could you ask for?

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