Relieve Back Pain While Driving

If you drive long distances in your car on a regular basis, then chances are you experience lower back pain while driving. It can even happen on short trips if you have a history of back pain, or just an old, uncomfortable seat with little or no lumbar support. For people with chronic back pain, most car and truck seats do not provide adequate lower back support, and it only get worse as your vehicle ages. Decent support in this area of the back is key to preventing back pain, as well as relieving it once it occurs. Now you could go out and drop tons of money to install new seats in your car, and that would probably help, but most people would consider this to be drastic, and way too expensive of a fix.

Support Is Key

One of the most effective ways to relieve back pain while driving is to support the area affected, and do your best to sit with correct posture at all times. This can be accomplished most easily with some sort of pillow or similar device that you place behind you while sitting. Many of these specialized back pillows are quite expensive, and only some of them will actually help your situation.

Certain ones are notorious for going flat and becoming ineffective under heavy use. They lose their shape quickly, so over time they no longer offer the same level of comfort. Other ones are uncomfortable from the start, or contoured to fit someone else’s spine all together. These thick pillows are often made mostly of foam or something similar, so they can also cause heat to build up, leaving you  to decide between sweating or being in pain while driving. Just about every back support that is actually effective ends up being quite expensive, which is not the best, but most people in pain would happily pay a premium for something that really works.

Portability Is Ideal

Another situation that arises is portability. Certain back support devices are permanent installs, so they are only good for a single location. This means that if you have two or more cars, you will be forced to buy multiple devices in order to be comfortable driving every vehicle. You also may end up with a pillow that is only good for the car, and can not be used anywhere else. This aspect limits the true value of the device because even though you are properly supported while driving, you still have to worry about everywhere else you sit during the day too. This means that the pain will never go away completely because you need consistent support at all times in order to fix your posture over time, and eliminate pain as your back strengthens.

The Perfect Choice

The Back Saver is the ultimate in lumbar support, and it is ideal for use in the car, truck, van or bus. It is not like traditional back pillows and it features a truly unique design that ends up being more effective and superior to most other models. It consists of a flexible metal frame that supports a mesh pillow. This makes it totally breathable and able to contour to any body shape. Instead of a solid pillow behind your back, you have a pocket of empty space to allow air to flow freely. This means that your back will remain cool without any compromise of support. As you lean back on this lumbar support pillow, it stretches and flexes to mold to your body shape. It will perfectly hug your back to provide the exact amount of support necessary, and it will provide an equal level of support for years of use. You wont believe how comfortable it is, and how quickly your back pain melts away. You can even move the pillow up or down along your seat to get the perfect feel, or flip it upside down for a slightly different contour. It is so versatile that it can be used by just about anyone, and on virtually any chair. It has a strap in the back, so you can quickly install it on any seat, or use it without the strap if you want too.

The Back Saver is a very affordable back pillow, and it provides more comfort and support than most other options. It will promote better posture while driving, which will ease back pain recurrence over time. When you begin to sit with correct posture on a regular basis, you will find that you are more alert and happier. It will also lead to better circulation which ends up delivering more oxygen to your entire body. Once you lean back on this pillow, you will find that it is perfectly supportive and incredibly comfortable. When you install the Back Saver in your car you will increase the comfort level of your seat, and allow yourself to sit for longer periods of time without being in pain.

Whats even better is that this is more than just a back support pillow for your car. It is lightweight and extremely portable so you can bring it with you when you leave the car too. Place it on your office chair at work, or use it on the couch at home. If you are sitting down, you can be using this pillow to better support yourself in order to prevent back pain all together. As you use it, you will notice less pain over time, because your posture will improve and your back muscles will strengthen in a more correct position. This mesh back support is the easiest way to improve the comfort of any car seat, and will greatly reduce lower back strain. If you have back pain while driving, then you need this pillow. The very first time you use it, you will notice the difference, and begin wondering how you ever got along without it.

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