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Where do you store your brooms and mops? Chances are that wherever these tools are when you are not using them is a dirty, jumbled mess of a location. We all have a certain area in our homes where we put our broom or mop when not in use, but not many of us have any way to keep things organized in that spot. It may be a dedicated broom closet, or it may be the stairwell to the basement, a hall closet, on a back porch or somewhere else that is out of the way. Everybody needs a broom and other cleaning tools, so we all need a place to store them too. If you just chuck your cleaning tools into a closet and then slam the door shut before they fall out, you are only making it harder on yourself. The tools won’t last as long due to damage, and they will only be harder to find when it’s time to clean. Also, unless you totally wash off your broom after use, you may have dirt from the head rubbing against the handle of other tools, or getting grime on something else that was stored clean.

The best way to make things look nice, ensure that your tools last a long time, and make it easy to find what you need quickly, is to organize your broom closet or other storage location. Even if placed in a closet carefully, when you store your broom sitting on the bristles, it will shorten it’s lifespan. As the weight of the rest of the broom presses down on the nylon bristles, it will cause them to sag and lose shape. This results in a less effective tool, and one that you have to spend money to replace sooner. If you store your mop or broom off the ground, the heads will remain untouched and unaffected for the entire time you are not using them. This simple process will make mops and brooms last way longer, but also make them easier to use while you have them. You also get the added bonus of the dirty head not touching the floor where you store them. This means that any dirt left over from cleaning stays on the broom or mop head instead of smearing onto the floor or being deposited on other tools. If the head was stored clean, it also has the reverse effect of keeping it that way until it’s next use.

A proper broom and mop storage system will not only keep your tools elevated when stored, it will also provide ample space for multiple tools to hang next to each other, neatly. You don’t want your tool holder to take up a bunch of room, but you do want to fit as much as possible, in the smallest amount of space, while still staying organized. If your broom,  mop and duster can all hang together, nicely separated, and in a clear, straight line, they will be unaffected by the storage process, and easy to find when you need them. You will eliminate the cluttered pile of tools that you have been picking through when its time to clean, and you will prevent an already annoying task like sweeping or mopping your floors from taking more time or causing you to use more effort than necessary.

Depending on how many cleaning tools you have, or where you store them, you may be better off with one type of storage solution, or another. We have easy to use storage racks for large collections or small, and holders for tight spaces or areas with more room. When you choose a broom closet storage solution from us, you know that it has been tested thoroughly, and proven to be easy to install, simple to use and high enough quality to handle abuse and last a long time. The following broom closet organization racks will help you de-clutter the spot where you store your tools, and make the area more pleasant to look at as well as easier and less risky for when you go to grab your broom. Any of these tool holders would be perfect for your broom closet, but they will also adapt nicely to any spot you store your tools.

Storage In Tight Spaces
If you slide your broom or mop between the wall and your refrigerator, or if you keep them between a shelf and a wall, the Store N Slide is the perfect rack for you to organize your tool storage space. Anyone that keeps their broom in a skinny area where they are just sort of shoved in there and supported upright by the two sides of the space would be a perfect candidate for one of these racks. They can hold up to five tools, and the entire unit will slide in and out of the space. It is mounted on a sturdy rail, so you can slide it  into the storage slot when loaded and not in use, or slide it out to retrieve tools for cleaning. When all the way in, it will be virtually invisible, and then when all the way out, the full rack will be accessible and fully visible.  This allows you to store more tools in a tighter space, but also allows you the ability to see what you have when you need it, and then make it go away when its not important. It will prevent your tools from leaning, rubbing or scraping against shelving, walls or appliances, and it will also keep them from falling over and becoming impossible to retrieve. You will not have to worry about marking up things as you attempt to place tools in such a tight area, and you will be able to fit more items in a smaller space because you can slide the rack out into full view in order to load or unload.

Regular Sized Storage Areas
For regular broom closets, stairwells and other areas where space is not a problem, the main thing to concern yourself with is how many tools you have to store. The 5-Tool Magic Holder and the 3-Tool Magic Holder are perfect racks for areas like this, but obviously one holds up to three tools, and the other will store up to 5. Depending upon how many you use, you may want one over the other. They are identical in function and materials, so capacity will be the only difference between the two. They will mount to any wall or door, and are perfect for use inside a closet, or on a wall, out of the way. You will be able to organize up to 5 mops or brooms and keep them straight, off the ground, and neatly separated. A quick installation will have you ready to go, and the unique way in which these holders operate makes them easy to use.

All three of the tool holders mentioned above feature the easy-to-use magic holder style gripping system. There are not hooks for hanging, or latches to engage, and you don’t have to adjust the slots to account for different sizes of tools because these holders will do that for you. Fat or skinny handles will be gripped with the same quick and sturdy precision because the unique holder will adjust, on the fly, to apply just enough pressure to grip and hold all sizes of poles. Anything from dusters to brooms can be held, side by side, on a single rack. To use one, simply press the handle of your tool straight into the slot and then release. The downward pressure caused by gravity will engage the holding mechanism and the device will instantly grip onto the pole, and hold it there securely. Pulling the tool down or out will not make it budge, but if you lift up and out, it will slip from the holder easily. In this way, these racks offer an incredibly versatile storage solution, and a quick and easy way to organize mops and brooms. Your tools will be straight and separated when stored so you will be able to take them in or out fast when it is time to clean.

Make your broom, mop and other cleaning tools last longer. Bring proper organization to your storage area to make cleaning tasks quicker and easier. Your tools will be easier to find, and more simple to put away when you are done. You will be able to maximize your storage space while still keeping things organized and tidy. Because your tools won’t be piled on top of each other, or resting on the parts that do the cleaning, they will last longer due to lack of damage, and function better because they will hold their shape longer and will not collect dirt between uses. Why waste money by replacing tools sooner than necessary, and why cause yourself more stress over household cleaning by making tools hard to find and difficult to use due to the way you store them. Organize your cleaning tools to eliminate clutter and clean that closet.

If you are looking for something even more beefy for your larger tools in the garage, basement or shed, then these racks would be a little light duty. They are perfect for household tools, but for shovels, rakes, sledge hammers and other similar tools, you will want something a little bit beefier. The Monkey Bar Tool Storage Rack offers industrial strength materials and a lifetime warranty. It can hold up to 200 pounds of tools and it doesn’t flinch when layering on several at a time. If your tools in the basement, shed or garage are as messy and disorganized as your mops and brooms in the house, then you will want to take a look at this durable storage solution as well.

Slide N Store

5-Tool Magic Holder

3-Tool Magic Holder

Monkey Bar Yard Tool Rack – Small



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