What Is In This Stuff? – Quick N Brite Ingredients Explained

quick n brite ingredientsQuick N Brite is a powerful cleaner that allows you to clean all kinds of stuff without using harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. In most cases, it will even do a better job than the stinky, and more dangerous stuff you are using now. Most green cleaners are not as strong as traditional alternatives, and people end up using them to feel good and increase safety. This one is different. The superior ingredients in Quick N Brite make it one of the best natural cleaning products available, and with literally hundreds of uses, you can use it to replace nearly every other one you are using right now. Below is a list of the main ingredients in this eco-friendly cleaner along with an explanation of how they make it work so well. Quick n Brite is made from non-toxic ingredients that are totally biodegradable. It contains no known carcinogens or harmful chemicals so it is completely safe for cleaning around children, food, pets and more.

  • Coconut Oil – This ingredient is derived from alcohol that has been made from natural coconuts. You may not realize, but it is actually quite common in products like soaps, cosmetics, toothpaste, laxatives and pharmaceuticals  It will act as a surfactant similar to sodium lauryl sulfate which you may be more familiar with because it is more widely used today. This alternative is a safer and more gentle option, but it can be more expensive and harder to obtain, so you don’t see it as much. Several studies have determined that this ingredient is non-toxic and generally safe. It is one of the oldest known surfactants used, and is technically a salt that is classified as an anionic surfactant. It combines with the nonionic surfactant to increase cleaning power, and make it easier to lift stains and other dirt from the surface you are cleaning. This combination of ingredients also allows for easier cleaning across a range of temperatures, so it remains effective in hot or cold situations.
  • Nonionic Nonyl-Phenoxy-Polyethoxy-Ethanol – This is the nonionic surfactant mentioned above that works in conjunction with the coconut oil. It is totally biodegradable, and has been used for over 50 years in products like dish soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and toothpaste. Although it has a big hyphenated name, it is also considered completely harmless and safe for you and the environment. In general, ingredients like this help you penetrate oily substances as well as release the bond that dirt has with the surface you are cleaning. Essentially it will be floating the dirt up off the surface so you can easily rinse or wipe it away. This is pretty much the main active ingredient, although as previously mentioned, it is made to work even better by combining with the anionic version derived from coconut.
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate & Sodium EDTA – These water soluble salts are added to help the two surfactants above work better. They are considered sequestering agents, and will make hard water act more like soft water. Including these is like having a built in water softener, and it really helps to reduce effort and improve results when cleaning. You could just include one or the other, but the combination seems to improve ability as they are slightly different, but work well together. These are also pretty common substances that you have probably heard of before. Familiar products that include these salts are soda, cosmetics, and even sea food to prevent drying during storage or shipping.
  • Natural Kelp Alginate – Derived from the stuff that grows in the ocean, this is actually a very common additive that many of us consume on a regular basis. It is generally used as a thickening agent, and that is how it is used here as well. Fast food restaurants will often use this stuff to make their milkshakes thicker and more desirable. Kelp Alginate is a natural bio-polymer that is classified as an anti-re-deposition agent, so it also prevents the surface from being recontaminated.
  • Dye – Not really necessary for actual cleaning power, but it does give Quick N Brite a lovely pink coloring. This coloration makes it easier to tell when you are done rinsing or wiping up after cleaning, and it also helps to let you know you have the right mixture when diluting the cleaner to make an all purpose spray or window cleaner.
  • Water – We all know what this stuff is, but you may not realize it is included. This ingredient helps to mix everything together, and although it is not key to cleaning ability, it is necessary to create this powerful natural cleaner.

A simple list of basic ingredients combines to create one powerful cleaner. Because each component is so gentle and non-toxic, it is safe and effective on a wide range of jobs. You can apply it to any surface that is safe to get wet with water, and it will work to remove tough dirt like grease, oil, tar, blood, grass stains, soot and more. Use it as a clothing stain remover, a carpet shampoo solution, a de-greaser for your kitchen, a powerful option for cleaning pet stains and so much more. Get it because of the biodegradable formulation that is free of any toxic or harsh chemicals, but continue using it for job after job as you find out just how powerful it is.

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