Prevent Washing Machine Vibration and Noise

Whether you have an old washer and dryer, or one of those fancy new versions, chances are that during some portion of the wash cycle, it will shake, vibrate, or just make more noise than you would like. This sort of thing can be amplified if you have a second floor laundry, annoying neighbors below you, or just a machine that is a bit past its prime. Not only is this noisy movement pretty darn unpleasant to listen to, it is also causing damage to your machine over time, and will shorten it’s lifespan. In the worst of circumstances, washing machines have been known to walk away on people. This is what happens when the vibration gets so bad that the appliance is able to relocate itself while you are not looking.

There is a very simple way to get rid of the noise, and prevent the shake rattle and roll. VibeAway pads are specifically designed to tackle this problem. They look like hockey pucks, but really just shock absorption pads made from recycled car tires. Simply place the four pads under your washing machine to prevent the transfer of vibrations. This is what causes the noise and makes your machine jump, rock and shake all over. Once you place a VibeAway pad under each foot, you will notice an immediate difference. In the middle of each pad there is a recessed section to make sure that they stay perfectly positioned under the feet of your appliance. The virtually indestructible rubber construction will basically last forever, and does a perfect job of keeping your washer quiet and stationary. Since they are made from recycled material they are also an environmentally friendly product too.

It is quite typical for washing machines and dryers to wobble, shake and move during regular cycles. Even brand new machines with all of the bells and whistles will tend to vibrate during the spin cycle at the very least. This vibration will cause wear on your machine, and the floor beneath it. It will also create noise that can be heard throughout your entire house in some cases. These pads will help to eliminate this type of action, so that you are left with less noise and a better functioning appliance. The VibeAway pads will protect your floors, reduce noise and movement, and help to increase the overall life of your washing machine or dryer. In addition to being made of recycled content, the pads absorb vibration and allow your washer to run more efficiently, so every time you use them you are extending the life of your washer and getting more use out of the resources it took to create it.


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