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Are you sick of reloading your gas trimmer over and over again when you need to trim around sidewalks and fences? Of course you are. It’s pretty annoying, and even with practice, it can take as long to add line as it does to whack the weeds in the first place. It doesn’t really matter which type of factory trimmer head you have because they all seem to lead to frustration and wasted time when it comes time to add more string. If you would prefer to save that time for a nice cold beer or more minutes out by the grill, then keep reading to find out how you can drastically reduce the amount of line you go through when trimming grass and weeds in your yard.


Trimmer line breaks off when it meets too much resistance. This could be a large rock, chain link fence or even the cement or asphalt of your driveway. All line will wear down as you plow through thick patches of weeds, but with green stuff alone the amount should be very minimal. It is the hard stuff that shortens it quickly, or breaks it off to cause you to slow down, and reload mid-trim. Regular factory heads do not have any ability to limit resistance, so when you try to get that perfect edge, it may cost you big bucks in replacement line, and gallons of sweat as you struggle to load it in. Because you don’t get to choose where the weeds grow, you are almost forced to cut right up against rocks and metal, and this is guaranteed to wear down your string. For regular homeowners this may mean loading each time you trim, but for professional landscapers it can be a whole lot worse.


When you don’t pound so hard against the stuff you are unable to cut, you will  naturally go through less line. Because a reduction of resistance has to result in less wear and breakage, this is the most simple way to prevent you from changing it or purchasing more.  The PivoTrim Replacement head facilitates this idea, and saves you tons of time and money because you will use way less line. Instead of stopping in the middle of your job to wind up more string, you will be able to wait several occasions before it would ever be necessary. Even better than that, when you do actually need to add more, it is way easier and less time consuming to do so.


The magic is in the clever design of the head. Instead of a spool that feeds out as line wears away, the PivoTrim features four line attachment locations that pivot in place. This not only reduced resistance and prevents breakage, it also allows you to reload it in seconds instead of minutes. When you add line, it is is in pre-cut lengths. Each piece goes into one of the four attachment points which are basically  a circle that spins with two little holes at the top. Bend the line in half and pull the two ends tightly into position. Now each time you run into a piece of cement, the line will sort of pivot back to spin slightly instead of wearing down or breaking off completely. Because there are four line holders, and each one inserted folds in half, you end up with eight pieces of string spinning around to whack your weeds. In most cases this is four times more spinning ends than you are used to. Despite the fact that it pivots out of the way to make it easy to trim against a fence, it does provide more than enough resistance to chop down the grass and weeds you are after.

Use less line and make it easier to cut down any amount of weeds. With the pivoting head design, you can trim edges almost anywhere without worry. Wood, metal cement and other materials will not ruin your day, or cause you more work, and you won’t need any  special tool to get the edge you want. Chop down weeds right against the fence without being careful or going slow to make sure you don’t get too close. No mater what your distance is, the weeds will fall and your line will remain long and mostly unfazed. No magical string is included with the trimmer head, so you will have to replace it eventually, but in many cases, this head has proven to make string last ten times as long or more. With the cost of replacement being what it is, the math is pretty simple. The PivoTrim will pay for itself in a short period of time just based upon the reduction in replacement costs. Add to that your reduced time in changing it, and the extra beer you will have time for, and it makes your decision pretty easy.

Get a PivoTrim today, and be amazed at how long your string lasts. It will save you money, provide more cutting strings, and make any eventual string change take less than 30 seconds. And don’t let the thought of changing heads prevent you from reaping the benefits because it could not be easier. In many cases, you onlly need a pair of pliers to do it, and it is literally a matter of loosening and tightening a single bolt. Just about anyone could remove the old head on their string trimmer, and replace it with a PivoTrim in less time than it would take them to leave it on and replace the line.

PivoTrim Trimmer Head Replacement



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