Practical Function Meets Form In the Handiest of Kitchen Tools

Every type of pasta can be measured, stirred and served with one tool. The Spaghetti Measure. Not a mere spaghetti spoon, the Spaghetti Measure is a multi-functional kitchen tool that makes preparing pasta of any shape a joy.

Au Contraire! SPAGHETTI MEASURE is an efficient tool and measure in one.

The Spaghetti Measure is a terrific tool and great value for pasta lovers and families alike. With today’s emphasis on healthy eating married with portion awareness, Spaghetti Measure combines the best of all worlds. Designed with serving measures in the handle for both adult and child portions, this innovative tool also embraces preparation through its combed edge to gently yet efficiently enable the cook to lift pasta of any type from the pan or pot for serving. In addition, the spoon bowl has drainage holes for efficient draining of cooking liquid. The drainage holes facilitate optimum serving with a minimum of heat loss during transfer of pasta to plate as so often occurs when one uses a colander to drain pasta.

Good design only enhances the experience of Spaghetti Measure in the kitchen. It is the tool to turn to every time whether the pasta is spaghetti, linguine, shells, macaroni, fuseli or penne. The Spaghetti Measure is also just the right size for the job. Not too large or bulky, its ergonomically designed handle is substantial without being too heavy or bulky even for petite cooks yet “meaty” enough for large hands. The soft TPR overmold on the handle extends the ergonomics without detracting from the elegance of the tool. Made of durable nylon to be safe with any cookware, the Spaghetti Measure is heat-resistant in boiling water yet should never be placed under a broiler or over direct flame.

The Spaghetti Measure comes in two great color combos – Jet Black Body with Cool Lavender TPR and the popular Jet Black Body with Red Hot TPR which is always in fashion. Dishwasher safe, it stores easily in a drawer or hanging in every chef or home cook’s kitchen.


  • Simply a gotta have it product for pasta lovers and families everywhere.
  • Outstanding value and functionality – constructed of durable, food safe and approved Nylon with function-enhancing TPR overmolded accents on the handle.
  • Excellent size and “hand feel” – not bulky or fussy.
  • Two fashionable combos for color in the kitchen – Jet Black Body with Cool Lavender TPR and the popular Jet Black Body with Red Hot TPR.
  • Dishwasher safe, easy store in drawer or hanging on a kitchen hook.

Spaghetti Measure



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