PLASMACAR Nominated For Two Toy of the Year Awards

PlaSmart’s PLASMACAR , the toy industry’s leading ride-on Kid-powered toy, is nominated for both the Outdoor Toy of the Year and Specialty Toy of the Year awards by the Toy Industry Association, Inc. (TIA). The Sixth Annual T.O.T.Y.s (Toy Of The Year) are the “Oscars” of the Toy Industry.

“The PLASMACAR creates an environment of imagination for ages 3 and up” says Tim Kimber, President of PlaSmart.

“The innovative design uses a child’s own strength to power the PLASMACAR by simply turning the steering wheel right and left”.

“Pretending finally becomes reality with attractive colors and comfortable design” says Kimber.

A child controls his own world on a PLASMACAR. Speeding down his own freeway, flying through his own sky, safely stopping without effort, a child builds confidence in his own actions, builds muscle and strength, and improves his coordination and sense of responsibility.

Gliding without batteries, gears, or pedals without exceeding 6 mph/10kmh, ridden indoors or out, the PLASMACAR is easy to use by riders of 100 kilograms on a smooth surface, 55 kilograms on rougher terrain.

PlaSmart (pronounced Play-smart), is an industry leader in providing safe and durable innovative toys to children. The award-winning PLASMACAR ride-on toy is available in toy stores across North America for $69.95 MSRP.

For more information contact:
Timothy Kimber, President
Phone: 613-862-9370

About the Toy Industry Association (TIA) –
Since 1916, the TIA’s 500 members speak as the authoritative voice of the North American toy industry, and include manufacturers and importers, sales reps, licensors, marketing and promotion firms, safety and/or communications consultants and related associations and trade publications. TIA also owns and operates the American International Toy Fair™

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