Better Heads LLC Launches New String Trimmer Head Technology

pivotrimMost Americans have spent at least a few frustrating hours attempting to use a string trimmer to groom those areas of the lawn that mowers just won’t get. The difficulty of winding spools and the all-to-often broken trimmer line have plagued these weekend warriors for decades. Better Heads LLC, a new player in the aftermarket trimmer head industry, has recently introduced the PIVOTRIM – the “next generation” in user-friendly string trimmer head design.The patented technology was unveiled to retailers last May at the 2006 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas and was met with rave reviews. Less than 9 months later, the PIVOTRIM is available on the shelves of over 3000 locations in the US including Wal-Mart and other local hardware stores.

The new PIVOTRIM replacement head, designed to fit all gas-powered trimmers, incorporates a simple yet highly effective pivot design that eliminates broken lines. The father & son team of Dave and Mike Watts from Pearland, TX developed this product after years of frustration with current tools for trimming their lawns.

“Once we had a working prototype we knew that this technology would make people’s lives better. We quit our jobs, mortgaged our houses, and began work on bringing this solution to the market,” says Dave, VP of Operations. “We ran the PIVOTRIM head along a chain link fence and the lines would not break off. We tested every other head on the market with the same line and every one would end up breaking in just a matter of seconds.”

The difference is the pivoting attachment point for the lines. On all other trimmers the nylon string exits the head at a fixed point. During normal operation of the trimmer the line bends back and forth thousands of times, heating and weakening the nylon and eventually causing it to break. The PIVOTRIM allows the line to pivot at the attachment point when it strikes an object such as a fence, rock, or concrete.

What’s more is it there is no special line to buy and the string loads in just seconds. The PIVOTRIM holds up to 4 double lines, installs quickly with no tools, and can easily run for 4-6 hours without changing lines. And it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

About Better Heads LLC:

Better Heads LLC is an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and accessories located in Pearland, Texas with distribution to over 3000 stores in the US.

PivoTrim Trimmer Head



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