The Perfect Way To Store And Protect Christmas Ornaments

ornament storageTired of broken bits of glass and unorganized clutter? Want to store more ornaments without taking up more space in your attic, basement or garage?

Then ditch the plastic tubs, toss out the flimsy cardboard boxes, and switch to a storage solution that’s better. Instead of sifting through a messy bin to find your favorite one, you could have each ornament neatly organized, and easy to locate. Not only will you improve your ability to find what you’re looking for, you’ll also protect against damage, and allow yourself to keep more ornaments in a smaller location. Your garage and basement will be less cluttered, and you’ll have less to take out next year when it’s time to decorate.

Most of us acquire new things to hang on the tree each year, and this results in a mish-mash of boxes, in a variety of sizes. When you try to pack them all up to store for next season, they never seem to fit right inside your bins, and you have to be extra careful to avoid busting the thin plastic lids, or crushing the delicate cardboard. No matter how hard you try, there is always unused space, and you always leave some ornaments with less than stellar protection. Once you get your plastic totes loaded up, you’ll have used nearly twice the space that is necessary, so it will be tough to transport, and a burden to stow away.

A Better Option

Our ornament storage box can hold an incredible number of glass and plastic decorations, and it will keep them highly visible, protected from harm, and easy to store. You can even label the outside to categorize your decor, and know what’s inside without opening it.

What Is It

It’s a reinforced fabric crate that has four internal layers. Each layer is then divided into 16 sections so you can hold and protect up to 64 ornaments in the 13″ x 13″ cube. It folds flat when not in use, and it has a label window at the front to indicate the type of decor you have inside. Handles on the sides make it easy to carry, and a double zipper closure provides easy access to the stuff inside. Thanks to the thick cardboard dividers, and the thick inner core of the fabric shell, each ornament stored inside will be shielded from damage, and because you won’t need the original boxes anymore, you’ll be able to hold more ornaments in a much smaller space.

How To Use It

This storage box is incredibly simple to use. It will come flat, and it can always be stored that way when empty, but to begin using it to alleviate holiday clean-up headaches, just follow the easy steps below.

  1. Unfold and open the main crate.
  2. Take one of the layer dividers and place at the base of the box.
  3. Take six of the cardboard divider pieces, and connect to make a grid. You should create (16) 3″ squares when finished.
  4. Once divided into sections fill the first layer with ornaments.
  5. Add another layer divider on top, then section and add more ornaments.
  6. Continue until you have four layers in total, and up to 64 ornaments inside.
  7. For larger pieces remove one or more dividers to create larger sections.
  8. When removing, take out one by one, or pick up entire layers at once.
  9. Close with the zipper at the top, and carry with the handles at the side.
  10. To label contents, add a slip of paper behind the plastic window at the front.

Product Features

  • 64 ornament capacity.
  • Compact, 13″ x 13″ footprint.
  • Durable materials with reinforced walls.
  • Portable design.
  • Four protected layers.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Protected window for labeling what’s inside.

Stop searching for that heirloom bobble that’s supposed to go at the top of your tree, and don’t spend another minute sweeping up glass shards due to accidental damage. Make decorating and cleaning up a much easier task, and reduce clutter at the same time. This handy little box will eliminate messy totes full of half-empty boxes, and it will reduce the amount of space you need to store stuff when your not using it. You won’t get to reuse the retail packaging for yet another year, but you will gain the piece of mind that every decoration will be safe from harm, and easy to locate next year.

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