The Perfect Towel Bar For Glass Shower Doors

towel bar shower doorOne of the most convenient places is nearly impossible to work with. Your shower door is one of the closest locations to hang a towel, but it is one of the most underutilized surfaces in the bathroom due to the material. Attaching a bar to glass can be a tricky proposition, but if you had one there, you could easily grab a towel without dripping on the floor, or touching cold tiles. If you are forced to hang it in another location, you increase risk and hassle unless you decide to toss it on the floor while you wash. If you do this, you will not only have to bend down to get it after you shower, you will also have to dry your clean body with possibly dirty material.

Available Solutions

If you use a regular towel holder, you will have to drill holes, and drive screws. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is pretty dangerous, and if you get out your drill, you are basically asking to be standing over a fresh pile of broken glass. It is super easy to damage the material, and shattering it completely would be a pretty expensive mistake. Even if you were successful, bars intended for a wall, will not mount right to your glass door because the back side is not taken into consideration. Those pokey screws will be pretty dangerous, and the overall look will not be professional in nature. For this reason, a model with suction cup attachments is often recommended as a good alternative. If you have followed a similar suggestion and tried to use one of these, then you know that most are pretty inadequate. It is common for them to slide down when weight is applied, or fall off completely for no reason at all.

You could give up on the idea of using the glass surface, and go with other options like over the door units, stand alone hooks, or a bar mounted to the wall. These will certainly work, but they negate the convenience that comes from having a clean towel close, and some people may have run out of room in other places. Bathrooms are compact, so if you don’t have an open spot on your walls, a glass shower door may be the only option you have left. If this is the case in your home, we have a product that is the perfect solution to this problem. It is similar to suction models because it doesn’t require tools or hardware, but this one actually works. It will grip without slipping, and it will hold more than ten pounds.
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A Better Option

It looks like it uses traditional suction cups, but the attachment method is way stronger and longer lasting. Our friction mount towel bar uses a more advanced technology that looks better and has the feel of a more permanent solution. It mounts flush to the wall without sticking out or flopping around, and once in place, it will feel like it is held on with cement, or screwed in place. It works amazingly well on glass, but you can also affix it to fiberglass, acrylic, mirrors, glossy tiles and more. Despite the incredibly strong hold, it is just as reusable and re-positionable as a suction product, so you can move it around, or take it down as many times as you want. It does not use any glue or adhesive to stay in place so it has no ability to harm the surface, or leave any residue. When in place, it will provide a lasting hold that will easily support a wet towel. The wide 18″ span allows for plenty of room for a single bath towel, or multiple hand towels.

How It Works

It’s a little bit like suction, but it improves on the concept, and actually uses friction to create a stronger bond. Unlike bulky cups that never stick all the way, and always eventually fail, the mounting brackets on this bar are more like a vinyl cling. The thinner material lays completely flush against the surface, and you are able to push out all of the air to create a remarkably powerful bond between the circle and the surface you are mounting it to. Pull out and it won’t budge. Push down and it won’t slide. Lift up gently on the outer edge to peel it free, and it will lift off easily while leaving no marks. This bar uses two brackets, one on each end, for support. At the center of each friction circle is a mounting post. Because the bar can only attach in one direction, no amount of downward pressure will ever disconnect the two parts once it is installed.

How To Use It

Using this thing is super simple. You definitely want to make sure that the surface is clean before you start, but tools and hardware are not needed. Any dirt or residues on the surface can cause problems, and lead to a faulty install, so clean thoroughly with a good natural cleaner that does not leave behind film. Once the surface is prepped, it will only take a matter of seconds to hang this bad boy up. An included template will help you get the spacing right without a tape measure, but you may want to use a level to make sure you put it on there straight.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Select the perfect spot. Make sure it is reachable, but also not problematic when the door opens. Clean this surface.
  2. Determine location for brackets by utilizing the included template.
  3. Apply each bracket by peeling off the backing and pressing it into place. This bar uses two brackets, one on each end.
  4. To ensure a good grip, apply firm pressure when pressing it on, and then smooth out any air bubbles. Use a finger to push them toward the outside edge.
  5. Once in place, press firmly a second time at the center post to make sure it is all the way on, and all air is removed. Remove any remaining air.
  6. To attach the bar, simply position it above the brackets, and then slide it down into place.
  7. To remove or re-position, slide the bar up and off the brackets. Then peel off circles to remove them. To place in new location, repeat the steps above.


Because this barĀ  uses the friction mount brackets, it is easy to remove, and initial placement is not that important. If it is slightly out of reach, or if it hits the when you open the door, simply peel it off, and reinstall it in a better spot. It works on either side of the door. Use it on the outside to hang your towel, or install on the inside to hang washcloths in a convenient location. Water and temperature do not affect the hold, so you can use it on either side without worry. For the ultimate in convenience, get one for both sides and really maximize storage space and convenience. There never seems to be enough space it tiny bathrooms. This modular towel bar works in multiple locations, so it is a great accessory to increase storage and improve organization in any bathroom.


Perfect for glass doors, but also ideal for other locations too. This bar will attach to almost any bathroom surface so if you need one in another spot, it will probably work there also. It can stick to a mirror to hang hand towels, or it can attach to a fiberglass shower for storing washcloths. Any smooth or shiny surface is perfectly compatible with this product, any it comes with adapter sheets to convert a few materials that aren’t.

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