Paint Without The Wait!

painters pyramidThe Painter’s Pyramid

Do you love painting, but hate waiting for things to dry before you can paint the reverse side. Then You need the Painter’s Pyramid. This incredible little device makes painting faster and more efficient because you don’t have to wait before moving on to paint the back or sides of an object. With this great little device you can paint and stain almost anything in half the time. Doors, shelves, drawers, canvas and more can be supported by these little pyramids. They elevate the piece off the ground so it is easy to paint the sides and you don’t run the risk of contaminating the brush or having the painted piece stick to the floor when dry. Just paint the top surface and then flip it over. The rounded corners make minimal contact and won’t stick. You never have to touch up your work when you use these and they will stand up to any paint, stain, or solvent. Get the Painter’s Pyramid today and make the chore of painting easier. They even have holes in the side so you can attach them to a work table or saw horses for stability and versatility. Get 10 of these for one low price. So simple, yet so useful. The perfect tool for any painter, crafter or artist.

Painter’s Pyramid