Organize Your Broom Closet

Most of us just quickly open the door, chuck in the broom, and then slam the door shut before everything falls out. But wouldn’t it be nice if the broom closet was actually organized. Sure it would. It would be easier to find what you are looking for in the first place, and when the cleaning is done, you won’t have to worry about the contents of your closet attacking you when you go to put your broom away.

The Magic Holder is a great way to get started with your broom closet organization. It won’t do the job for you, but it is a pretty cool way to keep some of your large cleaning tools up, organized, and out of the way. It is available in two sizes, the 3-slot and the 5-slot, so you can choose the right one for your specific needs. It is perfect for use in a broom closet, but would also work great mounted on the wall in your stairwell, basement, garage, or tool shed. The advanced design allows it to automatically adjust to the thickness of whatever tool you place in it. It will grab tight and hold on to tools and equipment of varying sizes without any sort of adjustment or special handling. Just stick the handle in a slot and let the tool fall. The Magic holder will grip it so that only lifting up and out will allow the tool to be removed.

You will be amazed at how much room is cleared out once you have all of your brooms, mops and other tools arranged neatly in a line on the wall. No longer will you have to be afraid to open that broom closet door because everything will be securely organized and easily found. This will also end up cutting the time you spend cleaning, and prolong the life of your tools. The heads of mops and brooms can get malformed and ruined when set on the floor or mashed into a closet, so keeping them elevated and free from clutter will actually make them last longer and work better while you have them.

The Magic Holder’s usefulness expands well beyond the broom closet too. Because it is so versatile, and automatically adjusts to account for differing thicknesses of handles, it can be used to hold more than just brooms and mops. Use it in your garage for sports equipment like tennis rackets, hockey sticks and baseball bats, or mount it in the tool shed to hang shovels, rakes, hoes and other gardening equipment. The possibilities are endless. Basically if it fits in the slot, the Magic Holder will hold it. Buy just one to organize your broom closet, or get several to organize stuff all over your home!

3 Tool Magic Holder

5 Tool Magic Holder

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