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If you are like most people these days, then you have numerous electronic devices all over your home. Most of us have at least one TV, one computer, and various other appliances and electronics all over our homes, garages and offices. Some of us will even have multiples of each one, and the really cool people out there probably have a flat screen and computer in each room of their home. All of this stuff is great, but the main downside to having all of these fun toys is the mess of cords on the back side. Many times when you look under a desk, or behind the TV stand, all you can see is a colorful bunch of tangled cords and cables. This is not only ugly, but also dangerous, and difficult to deal with. The last thing you want to do is leave a heap of cords, all waded up and sitting atop your power strip, or a jumble of wires sticking out into a pathway for someone to trip on. Not to mention the pain in the neck it is to tell which cord goes with what whenever you need to fix or replace one of these items. These stacks of messy cords are also a magnet for dust bunnies and other floating combustibles in your home, so getting them straightened up can prevent a possible fire, or at the very least allow you to clean and remove dust and dirt more easily to keep the area looking good.

The easiest way to avoid hassle, prevent accidents and keep everything nice and neat is to get organized. This seems like a pretty easy concept, but for most of us there is never enough time, the mess is too far gone, organization devices are too expensive or ineffective, or the whole task seems like too much work. It doesn’t matter how long you have been living unorganized and allowing your cords and wires to twist and tangle all throughout your space because getting things tidy can actually be a quick and simple task. This is another case of having the perfect tool for the job makes it exponentially easier. Since there are so many little do-dads available for this sort of task, it is helpful to choose the right thing the first time around.

BongoTies are a tool so simple, they verge on genius. There is no other cord storage or cable management device that works as well, or is as versatile and easy to apply. With these little cord ties, you can bundle cords together, fix them to other objects, shorten the length with a partial bundle, and generally clean up and organize any mess involving cable, cords and wires. Anything smaller than 5″ in diameter can be wrapped and organized using a Bongo Tie, and anything larger than that, you can wrap up by connecting several together. This means that one cord could be secured to a desk leg to keep it in place, two or three cords could be bundled together to consolidate space, a single cord that is too long could be bundled on itself, and you can even use them to string cords and wires from rafters or through your basement.

These are just a few of the many ways that you could use BongoTies to organize and eliminate clutter. You can probably picture right away where you would place them and which annoying cable is first on your hit list. With such a versatile and reusable design, you are sure to find all kinds of other ways to use these. They will hold just as well as plastic zip ties, but they are totally movable and reusable. One tie can stay in place indefinitely, or be removed and replaced over and over again. Since they are stretchy, it does not matter what type of cord or wire you need to organize. They will conform to any shape, and can stretch to accommodate any size. Simply wrap one around anything, and secure it in place.

Turn the space under your desk into a pristine, mess-free zone. Most of us have anywhere from 3 to what seems like 300 cords running from our desktop computers to power strips, printers, modems, scanners, monitors and more. In several years from now, these will all probably be wireless, or we will all have computers implanted in our brains, but for now, most of us are stuck with the cordage. When left unattended, they can make a real mess and make the whole area look unprofessional and dirty. If it is a home office then you will also have a hazard that is not safe for kids, and a cluttered office that makes you less productive. A handful of Bongo Ties will make quick work of a job like this, and it is way more secure and permanent than devices that work using sticky things. Plus you wont be left with stick residue if you decide to move them or they fail like you would with tape or Velcro versions. They are an affordable choice over more fancy plastic strips and clips, but will work just as well in most cases, and even better in others.

Claim the space behind your TV again. Just by organizing and bundling the cords together in masses by device type, you  will create a much less cluttered environment behind you set, but with Bongo Ties you can take it a step further. From there, you can either combine bundles together, or fix cords to the legs and underneath of your TV stand. Keep working until everything is secure, and all of your wires are practically invisible. A huge pile of cords can easily be minimized using these little wraps. This will make adding that new Blu Ray player easier, and if anything decides to break, you will not have to waste time untangling cords just to unplug or rewire a device. All of these things in your entertainment center generate heat, so you don’t want to add to the problem by keeping the cords in a stack on the floor. A more organized approach will make things safer, cleaner and easier to work with. Hey, you could even take it one step further and add labels to the ties, or even write names of devices on the bands themselves.

BongoTies are the easiest and most convenient cord management tool available. They are so easy to use, they work just about anywhere, and they can have a whole area of your home or office free of cord jumbles in just a few minutes. The best thing about them though, is that you don’t have to use them just for organizing the cords for your computer or entertainment electronics. They work great for on the spot style jobs and organizing everywhere. Snap one on a cabinet to baby-proof it on the fly when the niece or nephew drop by. Take one out to the garage to secure the extension cord bundle you have just hanging there, or use a few to stick that power strip right where you need it. You can also wrap one around your cordless drill to hold extra bits and/or screws under the band as you work. Wrap up the cords for all of your other power tools while you are at it to keep them tidy and taking up less space, attach sports equipment together for storage, hang a tarp or banner, secure items to rafters or other places, wrap up automotive tools, keep some in your trunk for emergencies, or even bundle a folding chair that has lost it’s bag. The possibilities are endless, and if you have these little guys on hand you will constantly be finding a new use for them. Get some to organize your cords, but use them, and keep them around for everything else. This is an affordable way to gain more space and reduce messiness anywhere.

Using a BongoTie to organize electronics cords is easy. Basically they are just a thick, natural rubber band with a “bongo” affixed to the end. This wooden bongo is the part that secures the wrap and keeps it in place. In order to bundle things together, simply wrap the tie around and then take the non-bongo end and wrap it over the bongo end. The little piece of wood will keep the band secure, but easy to remove and reuse if you want to. Since it is a high quality band, you can stretch and reuse these over and over, and they will keep a strong hold for a long long time if left in the same place. If you want to attach one to an extension cord to use as a bundling device that stays with the cord, simply lay the cord over the tie. Take the bongo side a stick it over the extension cord and  through the loop on the opposite side of the tie. Then just pull it tight, and it will stay there. Now when you wind your cord for storage, you can easily keep it in a nice neat roll by just bongo-ing it up. You can connect many ties together for larger objects by using the same method.

These are the easiest way to organize computer and electronic cords because they make it simple to produce results fast. You can stop procrastinating because you can wrap up your whole entertainment center in literally minutes. Reduce clutter, prevent overheating, and create an area that is much nicer to look at. They work on any cords or wires you have. It does not matter if they are flat or round, fat or skinny. Red wires, blue ones, electricity, Ethernet, anything. They can be a permanent solution or a temporary one, whichever you choose. The minute you SNAP on a Bongo Tie you realize that you’ve discovered the very best way to organize computer cables, extension cords, photo and A/V cables, tools, camping gear, sports equipment and more. Any type of wiring can be straightened and made better using these ties. With such affordable pricing and versatility, it is hard to come up with a reason not to try them.

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