Nursery Decorating Tips

1. Be sure to think SAFE! As cute as a shelf full of porcelain dolls might look above your little girl’s crib, there is a safety issue there. So, first and foremost on your mind when preparing for and decorating a nursery should be safety. Without safety it won’t matter how cute your nursery is. So, with this in mind, if you borrow or buy an old crib, playpen, or car seat, be sure that it complies with current safety standards. If you do not know, check online. Always think of your child’s safety before good looks, and your nursery will be sure to be a success!2. Use coordinating colors, pieces, and designs, but don’t buy in sets. When a decorator comes in a designs a house, it is not going to look like something you could purchase at a furniture store. Chances are they will find pieces that go well together, but that do not come in a set. You can achieve a decorator look by choosing coordinated wallpaper and fabrics for a wall hanging, quilt, and window coverings, and matching, but not just buying the entire bedroom collection. For best results, it is better to start with a color scheme, and find patterns, fabrics, and accessories that match your scheme. You will find that if the colors are right, even if the pieces do not match, they will go together nicely.

3. Proximity. Even if you do not think it is as beautiful to have a trash receptacle near the changing table, it is practical. So, when decorating your nursery, one big tip is to consider the proximity of related items. Be sure to have all the baby essentials conveniently located where you’ll use them. You won’t want to have to walk away from the infant to get some needed supplies. So, utilize shelves, baskets, and other accessories in your design to make everything conveniently located, but still nice looking. Functionality should be your main design goal, followed by aesthetics.

4. Don’t just think about baby, think about all of the uses of the room. For example, when decorating baby’s nursery, don’t forget a comfortable rocking chair with soft seat and arm cushions for those inevitable late-night feedings. Your comfort in the room is just as important as the baby’s.

5. Last but not least, think longevity. When choosing color schemes, and furniture pieces, try and find items that you will still be able to use three and five, and possibly more years down the road. Use the largest portion of your budget to purchase the staples of the room, and then get bargains, deals, discounts, and used and secondhand items for the fill ins. While baby pink and baby blue might just seem so adorable now, think about the child a few years down the road. Unless you plan to redecorate and repurchase all furniture, wall coverings, and window coverings every few years, you will want to get items that are timeless and will still be functional for the child as he or she grows older.

Decorating your nursery should be fun, so start as soon as you know you are pregnant. Collect little pieces throughout the months that will enhance the room, don’t rush it or feel like it all needs to be done in a weekend. Remember, most masterpieces take time.

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