No More Wet or Dirty Towels On The Floor

The Snail Towel HolderDon’t you just hate it when you are fresh out of the shower, and you reach for a towel, only to find a soggy, mildew scented pile on the floor? Or how about when you are cooking in the kitchen, and you reach for a towel with freshly washed hands, only to find it has slipped on the floor, and is now covered in dirt? Traditional towel hooks and bars are notorious for failing on the job, and for this reason, many of us just deal with wet or dirty towels. If you choose a better tool to hang and hold your towels, then you will ensure that they are always right where you left them the next time they are needed. Bath towels will dry thoroughly, and kitchen towels will stay up off the ground to prevent contamination when you are preparing food.


Hooks are great. They allow you to hang up towels quickly and easily, and they don’t take up a lot of room. Installing one in a preferred location is usually easy, and you can have a way to hang towels when not in use in order to let them dry, and remain free of dirt. The problem with hooks is that they are not very secure. When towels absorb moisture and become wet, they also greatly increase their weight. More weight, in turn, increases downward pressure on the hook, and eventually will cause your towel to slip free, and fall on the floor.  Towel bars work a little bit better as far as keeping things secure and in the place that you left them, but they take up much more room, and a bar is still prone to slippage  Unless the fabric is evenly distributed over the bar, your slippery and heavy towel can slide down and plop on the floor. The Snail Towel Holder offers a better solution. It is as compact as a regular hook, but way more secure. It provides an attractive way to store bath towels in the bathroom, hand towels in the kitchen and more.


The Snail Towel Holders are similar to traditional hooks, but instead of just resting over a single point, your towel is securely gripped by the patented design. A sort of pinching action takes place in order to hold on tight, but it does not make the towel any more difficult to retrieve. Simply pull straight down and the towel will slip right out whenever you need to use it. When hanging one up, the technique is slightly different, but no more time consuming or difficult. You will grab with two hands, and insert up and around to create a tight grip. It is called the snail because of the shape. The actual “hook” potion resembles the shell of a snail, and it is that part that makes this holder so unique. Operation is simple, and it does a way better job. When you use these advanced hooks to hang your towels, you will never have to worry about finding them on the floor again because it will be impossible for it to slip out, or fall due to increased weight. Each one of these powerful hooks can hold more than ten pounds without breaking a sweat, and once a towel is in place, it will take you removing it, to set it free.


The design of these hooks is brilliantly simple. There are no fancy parts, or complicated construction with this product. The design is elegantly simplistic, yet highly efficient. Made from a single, sturdy piece of stainless steel, and then formed into shape, the solid design can not fail, or wear out with time. They will work just as good several years down the line as they did when brand new. The materials give these hooks strength, but also make them look good, and compliment any decor. Once formed to shape, the high quality metal is given an attractive finish, and the end result is a high class towel hook that works great in almost any room of your home. Place them in the bathroom for  bath towels, use one in the kitchen to hold hand towels and washcloths, or place one next to the utility sink in your laundry room to keep things within reach there. The installation is quick and easy, and you can literally place one almost anywhere.


  • Each hook will come with industrial strength adhesive pre-installed on the back. Use adhesive alone, two screws alone or a combination to mount the holder.
  • For perfect placement, and ideal alignment, it is always best to measure distances accurately, and ensure level placement before securing your towel hooks in place.
  •  To install one using the backing, simply peel it away, and stick the hook in place. Ensure alignment prior to pressing, and press firmly to secure once in place.  This works great for smooth, hard surfaces, and will offer a permanent install with no hardware or tools required.
  •  If you would like to install on a textured surface, or one where you are concerned about using the adhesive, then just use a couple of screws and attach using the pre-drilled holes in the hook.
  • You can always use a combination of both techniques for the ultimate install, but one or the other is usually sufficient.
  • Installs in seconds, and ready to use right away.

In the bathroom, they work great placed right on tiles, fiberglass, marble, on the back of the door, or right on the wall. Use for towels, bathrobes, bath mitts, scrub brushes and more. Hang anything you use regularly, and it will remain held securely until you need it. Because the design of this hook actually grips the item being hung, instead of just balancing it on a single small point of contact, you never have to worry about things slipping or falling, and you never have to worry about wet or dirty towels on the floor.


These are ideal towel hooks, and will outperform what you are using now in order to prevent droppage, and keep your bath towels in better condition. This will allow you to use each one longer, and prevent yucky stuff like mildew growth, or the gathering of dirt from falling on the floor. Once you start using these for towels, you will quickly realize that they are pretty well suited for hanging all kinds of stuff. You will want one in every room of your house, and will probably end up installing a few in the garage and basement too. Secure work rags, gloves, aprons, mitts, clothing, tools and more using a Snail Towel Holder. Quickly install one inside a kitchen cabinet to hold hand towels, pot holders, aprons or anything else. You could have one right next to the stove or on the wall next to your garbage can. Because they are so sturdy and versatile, you can use them almost anywhere and they will do a better job than the standard hook or peg you are using now.

Instead of getting a new towel all of the time, drying off with a damp one, or wiping your hands only to find floor particles on your freshly washed fingers, try a better way to hang things up, and discover one of the most attractive and secure way to store towels and other stuff when you are not using it. Based upon versatility and security alone, the snail is easily onr of the best ways to hold a towel when you’re not using it.

The Snail Towel Holders



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