Never Lose Your Lighter Again!

lighter holderGotta light? Of course you do.

You’re super smart so you have one always at the ready thanks to your Lighter Holder.

Lighter Holder?! What the what?!

Yeah that’s right. All the cool kids are sporting Lighter Holders these days. Why you ask? Because they all know about the wicked buzz kill created by an endless search for a lost lighter. No longer will they be like other suckers out there that dig through pockets, or dump out purses just to find the tiny lighter at the bottom. If someone says “hey bro, you gotta light?” they are able to whip one out within seconds, instead of minutes later, or not at all. When clipped to a set of keys, dangling from a bag, or connected right to a belt loop, these young champions of ingenuity can produce the needed flame without any effort or investigation necessary. Within seconds, the lighter can be located, retrieved, and then used without all of the typical hassle. A Lighter Holder is a simple device that solves an ages old problem, and it may even score you some cool points, or create a new friendship in the process.

How Does It Work?

Glad you asked. The clever design allows for simple operation, and a fail-proof grip on your lighter. It’s made from a solid piece of high quality stainless steel, and it’s also manufactured in the USA so you know the quality is good. The durable device will never wear out, bend or break, and the lightweight, yet sturdy material ensures that it doesn’t add bulk either. It has a carabiner clip at the end to allow for attachment, and it has a tension holster on the other side for your lighter. It’s specifically designed for use with mini Bic lighters so use those for best results, and don’t complain to us if you can’t get it to work with other ones. You were warned. When paired with the intended flame-makers, the fit will be snug, and slipping and falling out will be impossible. The low profile holder will easily connect to your key chain by using the clip and hook, but you can also hang it on just about anything else. Try it on zippers, straps, hooks, rings and more to always have a lighter in a location convenient to you.

When To Use It

Perfect for the youngsters that frequent clubs and concerts, but also great for us older folks too. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone that smokes on a regular basis, but it’s also nice to add to camping, hiking or survival gear. As an outdoors-y style tool it can become indispensable as you always have fire at the ready, and you can easily keep it in a dry and convenient location. Connect to a backpack when you go hiking, clip onto your BBQ scraper for lighting fires prior to cooking, attach to your camp stove to fire it up first thing in the morning, or secure inside a boat or vehicle to use in an emergency. This product was probably designed with the cool kids in mind, but there are many uses relevant to us boring old people too. Get one to make fun times less frustrating, but don’t forget about the more responsible activities it can facilitate as well.

Double Duty

Because a super convenient lighter holder wouldn’t be good enough for some of you hard-to-please folks out there, this one also does something else quite useful. When the clip is open, you can crack open a cold brew with ease because it acts as a bottle opener. Just line it up and flip off the cap to any beer or soda bottle without any effort required. This one tool can get the party started by lifting the cap off the first round of beers, and it can keep the party going by providing a light to anyone on board once the buzz kicks in.

How To Use It

Honestly, a monkey could use this thing, but we’ll provide instructions and tips below for anyone saying to themselves right now “hey monkeys are pretty smart”, and also for those that want to maximize longevity and value for this device.

  1. The most important thing is to use a compatible lighter. Others may work just fine, but this is designed for use with Bic Mini lighters.
  2. The connection method works on tension. To install your lighter, you need to slide it under the tension bar, and then push it all the way in.
  3. Once in place, it will remain securely held until you pull it out. Removal works the same, but in an opposite direction, so pull out to remove.
  4. Pressing upward on the tension bar as you slide the lighter in or out can make it easier.
  5. To attach holder to other objects just use the hook. Press with your thumb to open the hook, then connect. Press back until you hear it click to close shut.
  6. Operating the lighter does not require removal from the holster.
  7. To use as a bottle opener, just flip open the clip, and press onto the cap of your bottle. Rotate upwards to remove.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t fumble around in your pants only to discover that you, in fact, do not have a lighter. Don’t stack the wood for your fire only to discover that your matches are soggy, and no other option is available for miles. Don’t get stranded on your next hike without the essential life saving ability of fire. And don’t waste money on inferior alternatives that are more gimmicky, more breakable, or more prone to wearing out. This amazing little contraption will secure your lighter without fail, and allow you to keep it right where you need it.

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